Zodiac MX8 Review

The Zodiac MX8 can battle any pool’s toughest debris. A dual cyclonic suction system helps the MX8 move faster and provide unbeatable vacuuming capabilities using thirty percent less flow. Because the efficient design uses less flow than other cleaners, it’s the best in class for energy savings. If you are looking for solar power and multiple speeds, the Zodiac MX8 is for you.

Its wide cleaning path collects large debris, and the maX-drive technology offers incomparable maneuverability. The MX8 will aggressively clean any pool walls and floors. The hose is easy to click and lock into place so you can attach it securely to the cleaner and provide thirty-nine feet of hose.

Zodiac MX8 Features

  • Cleans inground pools of all shapes and sizes
  • Cleans vinyl, concrete, fiberglass
  • 39’ cable
  • maX-Drive advanced dual navigation
  • Dual Cyclonic Vacuum
  • Flex-Power Turbine
  • Convertible Debris Inlet
  • X-Trax wheel design

Product Highlights

Dual Cyclonic Suction

The Zodiac MX8 suction side cleaner cleans faster and more efficiently than any other pool cleaner. It has greater vacuum power for picking up larger debris, and a wider cleaning path, so it doesn’t miss anything in its way.

Adjustable Intake

Because you can adjust the intake, the Zodiac MX8 can pick up fine dirt and sand or large leaves and other debris. The Convertible Debris Inlet allows for maximum debris consumption so that you don’t have to spend as much of your time cleaning up after your cleaner.

maX-Drive Navigation

The Zodiac MX8’s advanced 360-degree directionality gives you the best pool coverage. No hang ups and X-Trax wheel design ensure you get the best traction and precise maneuverability. The MX8 can climb walls and clean thoroughly, so you never miss any debris on the floor or at the waterline.

Twist-Lock Hose and Quick Disconnect

The Zodiac MX8’s twist-lock hose and quick disconnect give you optimum performance and reduce vacuum loss. You can easily attach and detach it from the cleaner, and it has thirty-nine feet of flexible hose.

Energy Efficient Design

The Flex Power Turbine on the Zodiac MX8 gives you efficient operation, even if your pump doesn’t have a lot of compressing power. The MX8 is the cleaner of choice for solar pumps, two-speed, and variable-speed pumps.

Wide Cleaning Path

The Zodiac MX8 can clear a wide path through all of your pool’s dirt and debris. You get a more comprehensive clean and maximum pool coverage, meaning your pool gets cleaned faster.

Reduced Energy Costs

Because the Zodiac MX8 cleans so quickly, it reduces the need for other cleaning equipment and chemicals, which reduces your environmental impact. Because it increases water circulation, reduces flow, and helps your filter run more efficiently, it decreases the use of heat pumps or solar blankets.

Optimized Flow Control

The Zodiac MX8 controls the excess water flow through the cleaner so it can perform optimally and last longer. The reduced water flow translates to increased suction and reduces strain on all of the other parts.

Pros of the Zodiac MX8

  • Energy efficient
  • Excellent cleaning capabilities
  • Can handle pools of any shape
  • Reduces your environmental impact
  • Saves you money on chemicals and other cleaners
  • Wide cleaning path
  • Quiet operation
  • Won’t get stuck
  • Excellent traction

Cons of the Zodiac MX8

  • Gets tripped up on stairs
  • Pricey unit
  • No custom controls

What Others Are Saying

Users are overwhelmingly satisfied with their experience using the Zodiac MX8 suction side cleaner. It’s a superior product to all competitors, they love how effective it is, and their pools are infinitely cleaner with this cleaner than with manually vacuuming.

Most people confirm that they save time cleaning their pool manually because the Zodiac MX8 does it all for them. It picks up leaves, twigs, dog hair, and other debris efficiently. It comes highly recommended by professional cleaners for between cleanings.

The reviews for the Zodiac MX8 are mostly good. The bad reviews target the company for cleaners that don’t work right out of the box, and that seems to be because these people got bad units or lemons. The MX8 works well and lasts. With a two year warranty, you have nothing to lose.

Is the Zodiac MX8 Suction Side Cleaner For You?

The Zodiac MX8 suction side cleaner works wonders for cleaning both small and large debris out of any inground pool. You can adjust the intake to allow for small or large pieces, the powerful suction works to reduce the strain on your pump, and the tread on the wheels will climb walls and cover the entire pool quickly and efficiently.

The great thing about the Zodiac MX8 is that you can turn it on and let it go. With a thirty-nine foot hose, you have plenty of room to clean your entire pool, providing that the hose doesn’t need to reach farther than thirty-nine feet.

If you’re looking for a robotic cleaner without a hose that is self-contained, the Zodiac isn’t for you. If you have a pool longer than thirty-nine feet, it’s also not for you, unless you want to disconnect it and reconnect it everytime you need to clean your pool.

However, as far as robotic pool cleaners go, this one is one of the best. Just turn it on and let it run. It will vacuum your entire pool while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun.

It’s no secret that the Zodiac Pool Systems’ successful release of compact advanced suction pool cleaners like the Zodiac MX6 made way for the anticipation of upgraded hardware and technology in their upcoming pool cleaners.

If you thought that the Zodiac MX6 is efficient, durable and reliable, wait until we introduce to you Zodiac MX8. How can something more compact, offer more power and a larger debris intake, yet consume less energy than other suction side pool cleaners in the market? Learn more.

In-Depth With Zodiac MX8 In-Ground Pool Cleaner

The Zodiac MX8 is known for its portability because of its lighter weight compared with other brands in its category. Portability is also enhanced with a built-in easy-grip handle that makes taking this equipment out of the pool a lot easier. It can be used directly through the pool’s skimmer or 1.5” vacuum line.

This pool cleaner is equipped with maX-drive technology which offers maximum torque and easy maneuverability. This technology, as well as its Dual Cyclonic Vacuum,  will let the pool cleaner climb up the walls and waterline of the pool, reach and clean tight surfaces and leave the pool floors spotless. You will never have to worry about your pool cleaner getting stuck in a corner because the MX8 can reverse on its own. It is designed to clean in-ground pools with all types of surfaces.

The hyper-grip traction feature on its wheels give it an efficient performance in climbing and cleaning the steps.

The build of the Zodiac MX8 exudes that it is mean machine meant for pool cleaning. It has an easy-access tab on top, two scrubbing turbines at the bottom and an adjustable debris opening that lets the MX8 take in the smallest dirt and largest leaves that can fit in its adjustable intake. It is perfect for small pools. Users are advised to practice frequent cleaning as debris may get stuck in the flex power turbine.

The energy efficiency and the low energy consumption of the Zodiac MX8 are unmatched. It is your best option if your pool pumps are solar-powered, low-speed or variable speed. The MX8 is also equipped with a flow-regulator valve that will ensure that the components of your pool cleaner are not exposed to damage that may be caused by irregular or uncontrolled flow.

New and Replacement Accessories to Buy for Your Zodiac MX8

ou will never have to experience a stuck pool cleaner because of a clogged debris chamber. And you don’t have to worry about damaged filtration pumps due to leaf damage anymore. Compact cleaners like the MX8 will definitely perform better with reinforcements like the Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister.

The leaf canister will store all leaves and debris from the pool cleaner and will keep it there so it will never reach the skimmer basket. Filling the skimmer basket with too much waste can hinder the suction capacity and strain your pump.

Zodiac MX8’s ma-X Drive Technology enables it to climb pool walls and waterline aggressively. The tracks of the MX8’s wheels are known to last for 12-18 months on regular use and it will be handy to get a spare wheel tracks because you will definitely need it in the future.

The MX8’s turbines work two ways – as a propulsion mechanism to drive debris towards the debris chamber and as scrubbing brushes. Users must anticipate normal wear and tear of these hardworking accessories in 12 to 18 months as well. The replacement comes in a pack of two so you can replace both turbines at once.

Specifications and Features:

  • ​Pool Type: In-ground

  • ​Cleaner Type: Automatic suction side

  • ​Warranty: 1-year Warranty

  • ​Pool Surfaces it can Cover: All types of pool surfaces

What’s in the box?

  • ​Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner

  • ​12 pieces of 1-meter segmented hoses

  • ​Skimmer insert, flow keep elbow

  • ​Flowkeeper valve and MX flow regulator

  • ​Manual and Quick Start Guide


  • ​Compact and lightweight

  • ​Can vacuum medium to large size debris

  • ​Adjustable debris opening

  • ​Durable and high-quality accessories

  • ​Parts are easy to find


  • ​Long leaves can entangle in the power turbine

  • ​Wear and tear of tracks for tires and the scrubbing turbine

Bottom line:

The upgraded features it can offer based on the previous success of the Zodiac MX6 make this pool cleaner an instant hit. It also works on low-energy consumption mode and can be used on solar powered, low-speed and variable speed pumps without putting excessive pressure both the filtration system and the pool cleaner itself. Its ability to reverse also guarantees to leave your pool as clean as you want it to be at a shorter period, eliminating the occurrence of a stuck pool cleaner. Whether this will be your first time to get one or you’re upgrading, the Zodiac MX8 will be a total head turner for your pool.