Why does my pool vacuum lose suction?

A lot of pool owners have one similar issue, like how to maintain their swimming pool. Of course, there are many options and one best typical solution is to buy pool vacuums which we can found it in the market and even online.

Nonetheless, cleaner device owners usually have complained and ask “Why does my pool vacuum lose suction?” If you are in the same situation don’t get panic instead read this article that will lead you to a better understanding.

Learning Why Does Your Pool Vacuum Lose Suction

Suction pool cleaners do all the sweeping and sucking dirt like leaves debris and some moss within the swimming pool. It has the ability to get rid of dirt in the most convenient way, though, after a year or two, some machine owners complain and wonder why pool vacuum loses suction.

With that, I experienced a few and shared here some facts that will ring you a bell.

  • Notice inconsistency after plugging the device? That indicates that there is a problem; investigate if the vacuum hoses attached in the skimmer. Cleaner tubes and skimmer should heavily bind together to ensure that no visible air leaks appear.

  • Make sure that your suction hose were clean, that there is no objects (like leaves and old debris) clog in the hose. Clogged tubes are one major reason why your pool vacuum lose suction.

  • Vacuum hose connection and length can affect its performance. If your hose length is too short with the size of the swimming pool, then suction performance will be affected. Measure your pool size so does your pool cleaner hose to avoid the problem.

  • Another factor is bubbles appearance; have you observe drinking water using straw that doesn’t go to the bottom of the drink? In a similar way, vacuum pump sucking air instead of the water, this means to say that your vacuum hose has air leaks, suction leaks are easy to repair with pool putty wherein you can find in your local stores.

  • Does your pool vacuum cleaner hose fit with the pool? Remember the fact that it should meet the “Bare floor” of your swimming pool, height matters a lot and so with vacuum specification.

  • Pool vacuum cleaners consist of a bag that stored all the dirt, if it collected some and the bag is full it will lose the suction power of your cleaner.

  • Vacuum filter is also essential to check, be sure that it’s not full of dirt or dust, you can clean it by washing the object, cleaned filters work the best is sucking dirt. You can find instructions on how to wash and clean it from your pool vacuum manual.

  • Last but not the least, check your vacuum cleaner motor, this is the head part of the device. If you do all of the above tips yet suction performance still the same, check the motor or better yet bring it on technicians that expert in this equipment.

checking filter regularly prevents pool vacuum from losing suction

Checking filter regularly prevent pool vacuum from losing suction

Indeed losing pool vacuum suction power is somewhat difficult to attend to. If this incident happens for sure you’ll get rattled and may decide to buy a new product, (sound expensive) hold it, and try resolving through applying some methods mentioned above.

These approached  is known tested, I talked with some of my friends who declare that they are still using the same pool vacuum for five years and never jump up a question of “Why does my pool vacuum lose suction?”

You will never reach this far when you are knowledgeable enough about vacuum maintenance you can also found relevant information from this website and see better results.

Choosing the Best Pool Vacuum is the Key

If we invest, we should do it wisely, we should be careful of choosing what product to buy, that’s the key  assuring of better pool vacuum quality.

Although I know that every consumer is particular with the prize, some opt with cheaper without knowing the risk, and so I suggest for you to check its feature (not only the prize) and see for its product warranty.

Now, let’s find out what suction  cleaner’s specification and see available products in the market that might fit your budget.

  • Pool suction cleaner has can to suck all dirt in-ground of your swimming pool, it also has the capacity to scrub not only the floor but also the wall
  • The designs were adapt by advance technology which is easy to maneuver, with fast and efficient suction power and equipped with brush, hose and scrubs
  • It is programmed and patterned to clean thoroughly and will remove dirt and bacteria
  • It has unstoppable suction power which can cover all in-ground swimming pool including the walls

Each product was designed User’s friendly and extraordinary to meet its consumers standard. We should know that the best attitude to avoid suction problem is proper maintenance, inspect and clean your equipment every now and then to ensure of its better performance.

If you want to look for the best pool vacuum, take a look at our ultimate buying guide here.

Why Does Your Pool Vacuum Lose Suction, Let’s Take a Short Recap

As we all know every pool vacuum cleaner has different features, with the wide variety of working ability and performance.

It is true that suction issue was very common and problems come from different reason (like what we tackle above) though, we can avoid this incident to happen if we are keen enough to understand every product specification. What  should you do prior on your purchase? See the following tips.

  • Look for the best product by means of weighting its warranty, this way you can hand it back from where you purchase it in case there is trouble
  • Manufacturers are one factor that you should be careful with, choose an item which is made by trusted producer

Now that you’ve reach the bottom of this article, what other aspects that concern you with? Remember, three words when buying any product, Warranty, Features and Manufacturer.

Having this guide will avoid you to end up asking a question why my pool vacuum lose suction. If you found this article relevant to your issue does these details, do we feed you enough information? Or, do you have something to add that will inspire others? Let share what you think.