What Are the Different Types of Pool Heaters?

All swimming pool owners, especially in the northern hemisphere, need to invest in pool heater pump. The heater provides perfect temperature for swimming or just relaxing, which is perfect if you love swimming at night or have children, for example. However, this is not the only benefit you can get from installing pool heater.

Businesses with swimming pools as main facilities, such as gym, public pool, and hotel, can extend swimming season with the heater. This is also great for people who need to swim regularly regardless of temperature, such as athletes with regular training sessions.

The pool heater is also great to boost investment. A swimming pool is thought to reduce the property value in a house, but if you add a water heater, it can increase the value. This is because heater makes the pool available all year long, not just at certain times.

However, before buying pool hater, consider various types of pool heater before choosing the right one that are available in the market. Each of them has pros and cons, and will affect your budgets, investment values, and maintenance level. Here is the basic purchase guide if you are interested in buying swimming pool heater.

Electric Pool Heater Pumps

Electric heater pumps are the most practical among other types of heaters. It is easy to install and does not release exhaust particles. An electric heat pump is also a great option for long-term pool owner because it saves a lot of gas money. This heater is also silent, and many new models are user-friendly.

However, electric heat pumps are quite expensive, and you must pay for professional installation service. It does not increase temperature as quickly as a gas heater, for example, so it takes a long time to heat the water if you live in the colder area.

Recommended brands:

TropiCal Heat Pumps
This electric heater is recommended for both ground and aboveground pools, using ThermoLink Titanium Heat Exchanger for the quick heating process. If you live in a four-season country, you can use automatic defrost feature with this heater.

AquaPro ECO500
This electric heater is recommended for pool owners in warmer regions. The heater is easy to install and can stand constantly changing weathers.

AquaCal Super Quiet Ice-Breaker
The AquaCal Super Quiet Ice-Breaker can heat a cold pool, or cool down a hot pool. This heater is perfect for those who live in four-season countries, but want to use or open the pool all year long.

Solar Pool Heater

Solar pool heater is an obvious choice for clean energy. It is perfect for pool owners who live in areas with a lot of sunlight. Solar pool heater is also easy to install, and some models do not require professional services. Long-term pool owners can take advantages from this heater to save for electricity bill.

The downside of solar pool heater is its expensive installation. A proper solar heater consists of solar panels, solar collectors, series of pipes, pump, and filter, the initial cost can reach US$3,000 or US$4,000. It is also not an ideal option if you don’t get sunlight a lot.

Recommended brands:

AquaQuick SolarPro
This is a cheap solar heater for small, aboveground pool. The solar heater is easy to install and can be turned off with bypass kit during the rain to conserve the energy (bypass kit sold separately).

SmartPool Solar Heating Systems
SmartPool is a complete heating system with adapter, valve, solar panels, and solar collectors. This set is perfect for large pools, both at home and commercial property. The solar panels are available in 4×10 and 4×10 feet panel sizes.

Gas Pool Heater

Natural gas pool heater / eastonspromise.com

Gas heater combines the best parts of solar and electric heaters. It heats water quickly, but the price is slightly less expensive than the electric heater. The combination of propane and natural gas works wonderfully in cold areas, perfect if you want to enjoy your pool all year long.

While the initial cost of installation is cheap, it can cost you a lot in gas bill. Therefore, it is not ideal for people (or business owners) who use or open their pools frequently.

Recommended brands:

Hayward Universal H-series
Hayward Universal is a compact gas heater with LED control panel and easy operation, perfect for personal homes. This gas pool heater can stand salt water and lasts quite longer than some of the common gas heater models.

Jandy LXI
Jandy LXI uses digital technology in control panel display and control system. This gas heater is ideal for the pool that often has pH swings or the one with hard/salty water. The heat exchanger system uses nickel to prevent corrosion.

Lochinvar Energy Rite
Lochinvar Energy Rite is perfect for those who have a concern about emission. Using digital control system and several venting options, this heater is practical and environmentally-friendly, but still effective.

Swimming pool heater is important to keep the water in the perfect temperature. Gas, electric, and solar heaters have their own characteristics. You need to consider things such as the frequencies of pool usage, installation budgets, and monthly electricity/gas bills you can afford to pay.

There is no “best” or “worst” option for swimming pool heater, just make sure you purchase one that suits your conditions.