How do I choose a swimsuit for my body type?

electing the right swimwear for that next pool party, swimming practice or pool exercise that you have in mind can be difficult especially that there are numerous options to choose from nowadays. To narrow down your options, it is essential to prioritize comfort, occasion, comfort level, body type and more. But where do you start? … Read more

Why do we need to shower before entering the pool?

Do you know why you should shower before you swim? Are you aware of the effects of swimming without showering? Most of the time, the familiar “Please Shower Before Entering Pool” sign in public pools is violated, and most swimmers admit that they really skip showering. If I may ask, would you still want a dip … Read more

Best Goggles For Swimming

Accessories are an important item to consider for pool fun purchases. From ​rafts to floating coolers, diving rings to fountains and lights, there are many items available to enhance your pool experience. Depending on your needs, swimming goggles are most likely on the top of that list of pool accessory necessities. So let’s take a look at the … Read more

Benefits of Cold Water Swimming

Swimming in cold water may not sound very appealing at first until you realize the incredible benefits you gain from it. There is proven research that shows taking cold showers, ice baths and submerging yourself in cold water will do amazing things for your mind and body. It can literally “change your life” according to many … Read more