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Swimming is considered one of the healthiest sports for us humans. It is quite obvious why – Swimming can help you maintain healthy body weight, and you will instantly feel fresher after swimming. This is the result of the coordination of your body parts while you swim. Apart from that, swimming also enhances your blood circulation.

To fully enjoy swimming, you might want to build a personal swimming pool. You don’t need to make an extraordinarily luxurious swimming pool, a simple one will do as long as it has the minimum requirements.

After building your private swimming pool, it is very important to take good care of it. Otherwise, fungus and algae buildup are likely to happen.

The water treatment of your swimming pool can be done shortly after it is ready to use. Swimming pool water treatment is highly important because it will make the water cleaner, clearer, and more comfortable to use. One of the most effective water treatment is shock treatment or pouring a high concentration of chlorine or other purifying chemical substances into the swimming pool.

One of the questions that you might as is how long after shocking pool can you swim? You’ll find the answer in this article, so keep reading.

Steps to Treat Swimming Pool Water

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Swimming pool water treatment is very important to do, and it can also help you to know of there are any leakage in your swimming pool. The functionalities of all equipment can be checked with water treatment. Curious to know the steps to treat swimming pool water?

Read below to find out. One of the steps in treating swimming pool water is the shock treatment, so you’ll definitely find the answer to “how long after shocking pool can you swim?”.

Filling the swimming pool to the maximum capacity

The first thing to do in treating the water of your swimming pool is loading the pool until it can no longer handle any additional water. The maximum capacity condition is reached when water starts to overflow from the edges of the swimming pool.

Obviously, the volume of water needed might be a little more than you imagine. To prepare for this step, it is recommended to buy several more liters of water, more than the capacity of the swimming pool.

This step needs some budget if you choose the first way. Otherwise, you can save some cost by using a water pump to fill your swimming pool. However, the latter will require more patience but it will save you some serious money. Don’t do it continuously, as it might damage your water pump. Turn on the water pump one hour at a time so it does not overheat.

Putting chlorine in the swimming pool

This step will have your question of how long after shocking pool can you swim? answered. For a small swimming pool, you will need approximately one kilogram of chlorine.


The next day, your swimming pool will look greenish or yellowish, but there’s no need to worry because it is a part of the process.

The process of we putting in chlorine into the swimming pool is the thing called shock treatment or shocking the swimming pool.

So, how long after shocking pool can you swim? Be patient because the shock treatment is only the second step in cleaning your swimming pool. There are still four more steps after the shock treatment, but you can start using it after the fourth step if it’s too much.

The shock treatment will kill all the bacteria present in your swimming pool and make it safer for you and your loved ones to swim, so never skip this crucial step.


Using Sodium Carbonate

Sodium carbonate (soda ash) and alum will help to accumulate the contaminants in your beloved swimming pool, so your pool will be easier to clean up. Contaminants will be bound around the alum, and it can be easily picked up later on.

Using Copper Sulfate

After suctioning the waste collected with alum, you can add copper sulfate to your pool to make the water look sparkling and more attractive. This step will be done in 3 to 4 days. After that, you can continue to the next step, which is the circulation process.

Circulation process

This process is carried out by suctioning some water from the pool, cleaning it in a reservoir, and returning the clean water into the swimming pool. This process can take up to 6 hours, but the results will be worth the wait. After circulation process is done, your swimming pool is ready to use.

So, how long after shocking the pool can you swim?

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Other than using chlorine to perform shock treatment in your swimming pool, there is one other type of shock treatment which does not involve chlorine. This is called shock MPS.

How long after shocking pool can you swim? The answer depends whether you are using chlorine or not. If the chlorine method is chosen, you will need to wait 12 until 24 hours before you can swim safely. If the non-chlorine shock treatment is used, you can swim immediately after the treatment is done.

Choosing one of these methods has their own advantages and disadvantages. it is more recommended to use Chlorine. Using chlorine in treating your pool is highly beneficial. It can dissolve quickly, oxidize organic contaminants, and cheaper than the non-chlorine way. How long after shocking pool can you swim? Considering the benefits of this method, it should not be a problem.

However, that is a problem because the swimming pool needs to be ready in several hours, the non-chlorine method also has its own advantages. It does not make your swimming pool emit odor, maintains the pH of water, and will not degrade swimmers’ clothes. You don’t need to wait a day to use the pool.

How long after shocking pool can you swim might or might not be important for you, so consider the best choice before treating your swimming pool. The non-chlorine method is a lot safer, but using chlorine is more effective in treating your pool.

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