Smartpool NC22 Review

Lightweight and compact, the Smartpool NC22 SmartKleen-Robotic Pool Cleaner makes it easier than ever to clean above-ground and smaller in-ground pools of any shape.

The lightweight and compact design of this robotic cleaner belies its above-average scrubbing and vacuuming power and at its price point it offers exceptional value for money.

Features at a glance

• Designed specifically for aboveground and smaller in ground pools measuring up to 14′ x 28′ with a 6′ depth
• Revolutionary lightweight design, weighing just 18 lbs
• 40′ power cord
• Extra large, machine-washable filter bag
• Scrubs and vacuums floor and lower wall of fiberglass, vinyl liner and concrete pools
• Intelligent navigation means it changes direction intuitively
• Built-in pool pump and filter prevents unnecessary wear and tear on pool’s pump and filter
• Microfilters water, which is like adding an additional filter to pool
• Quick-drain system makes it easy to remove from the pool after cleaning
• Saves electricity, chemical and backwashing costs
• Automatic shut off after 2 hours


  • Fast cleaning function
  • Smart navigation
  • Powerful scrubbing
  • Easy to use
  • Energy saving features
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Cord tangles sometimes
  • Cord is fragile
  • Not suitable for large pools

The powerful direct-drive motor of the NC22 ensures maximum vacuuming power and slip-free traction while cleaning the floor and walls of your aboveground or in-ground swimming pool.

Its intelligent navigation is something that users love. The NC22 does not need walls or steps to change its direction. Built-in smart technology helps this robotic pool cleaner change direction automatically to track and cover all dirt spots on the floor and walls so full coverage is ensured.

Although the moving power of this model is a little lower than other pool cleaners in the same category, it does not hamper the robot’s ability to climb up pool walls and suck up the debris.

An innovative mechanism added between the port and brushes gives the cleaner enhanced suction power so it can pick up even the most difficult-to-grasp items. You’ll be glad you have this particular pool cleaner if you have an acorn tree in the vicinity of the pool. Most pool cleaners struggle to pick up acorns and pine needles and sometimes just leave them lying there at the bottom of the pool but not this one. It just sucks up acorns, pine needs and anything else without a fuss as it moves along. Evidence of the enhanced suction power can be seen in the clear path it makes across the surface of the pool during its sweeps.

The wheels are solid, durable and designed with sufficient traction so that they hold on to the pool’s surfaces firmly without slipping or sliding. They only let go of the surface when you pull the cleaner out of the water.

Unique Features of the this cleaner

Flexible Design – It works on any pool surface, including fiberglass, vinyl liners and concrete. This is unlike most other devices that only work on solid, concrete surfaces. The lightweight design coupled with the enhanced suction power allows it to clean pools of all materials without damaging the surface.

Quick-Drain System – The quick-drain system allows any trapped water to flow out quickly as you lift the cleaner out of the water so you do not have to struggle with the additional weight of the water. When you need to pull it out of the water, you will only be lifting its dry weight of 18 lbs and maybe the weight of a couple ounces extra if it has picked up any acorns from the pool floor.

Automatic Shut-Off – You can put the device into the pool, plug it on and go about doing whatever else you want to. You do not have the additional headache of remembering to come back in an hour or so to shut it off. The unit automatically shuts off after two hours so you are not wasting energy unnecessarily.

Easy To Use Features
The plug-and-play design makes this device easy and stress-free for anyone to use. You just put it in the pool, plug it in and leave it. It will automatically sweep around every inch of the pool floor and the bottom portion of the walls with its intelligent navigation, picking up everything in its path with its powerful suction.

After 2 hours, its automatic shut-off gets activated and shuts the device off. All you need to do is just remove the cord and lift the unit out of the water. The quick-drain mechanism ensures that you are not lifting unnecessary weight from the water trapped in it.

Cleaning is easy too. Simply remove the filter bag, dump out the leaves and other debris and give it a quick hose-down.

Special Mention About the Cord
The cord itself is quite thin and by all reports it does not seem strong enough to take the weight of the device. Many users have complained that the cord of their unit snapped and broke while removing it from the pool. Worse still, the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this as they state quite clearly that the cord should not be tugged and pulled as a general rule.

Another issue that many users have complained about is that the cord slowly twists and turns as it sweeps the pool floor. After every use, several minutes get wasted just to untangle the cord before storing it away. Some users have resolved this issue by using the device with a tangle-free cord.

• Revolutionary compact design that is lightweight yet tough
• Quick, efficient vacuuming and brushing
• Smart navigation
• Powerful scrubbing brush sweeps all debris easily into vacuum ports
• Easy to clean and set up
• Easy to wash after use
• 2 hour automatic shut-off, which is great for smaller pools

• The cord is not tangle-free so you end up wasting too much time untangling it after every use
• The slender cord cannot take the weight of the unit and breaks while pulling it out of the water
• Sometimes the front wheels get raised in the air while the device runs only on its back wheels
• If you have a large pool, you will need to restart it after 2 hours

What Others Are Saying
Most users are happy with the purchase and find the price exceptionally pocket-friendly, especially considering its many advanced features. The biggest and apparently only issue is the quality of the cord.

Is the SmartPool SmartKleen NC22 Automatic Pool Cleaner for you?
If you are looking for a lightweight, compact pool cleaner with a powerful suction, this unit definitely fits the bill at a great price point too. However it is only worth picking up if you are prepared to invest a little more in a tangle-free cord or you are prepared to spend time untangling the cord after every use.