Pool landscaping Ideas

A new pool is marvellous to have in hot weather. You’ve love floating in the pool in summer and have decided it is finally time to invest in a pool for your home. You’ve chosen the size, shape, pool tiles, fencing and other pool maintenance needs. Your build is now complete and you’re imagining all the gatherings you will have around the pool and the excitement to jump into the water right away.

However, once the installation has been completed, it appears very open and bare. All you currently have is your pool and a fence around it. You can’t imagine the birthdays around the pool or where you’re going to relax after a long swim. The best way to bring this area to life introducing landscaping to the space surrounding your pool. Here are the top five pool landscaping tips that will not only highlight your pool but also make it even more inviting

5 Tips & Inspiration for Your Pool Landscaping

1 Build-in Benches

Not only are built-in benches are a comfort to tired muscles when climbing out of a pool, they look great along-side your pool. Slatted teakwood is a great material that stays durable and natural-looking. Build along the perimeter of the fence line in 6-feet long sections. Leave approximately 3-feet of open space between each bench. Use a 6-feet Cantilever Patio Umbrella between each bench for shading. The pole of Cantilever patio umbrellas will sit flush against the fence line and have a hand crank for the desired angle. Select from striped or solid colors to add a playful atmosphere.

If you don’t want to commit to anything permanent, you can also opt for an outdoor poolside chair. Poolside chairs give the perfect relaxing vibe and can be great to sit in the sun, read a book or have a drink. Pool side chairs come in various colors and it won’t be hard to find one to suit your backyard.

2. Waterfalls

Waterfalls placed along one side of your pool add dimension and a beautiful focal point. Make it simple and in proportion to the length of the pool with stacked stone pavers or a solid piece of limestone or marble. How to allow the water to flow is up to you. Create pockets in different positions or make a spillway that allows water to flow in a straight line. Using a waterfall in your pool area landscaping design will deliver an artful presence plus keep conversations away from neighbors.

Top Tip: If you haven’t started the project for your new pool, you can save money on your landscaping or pool installation labor costs by planning to have a waterfall installed, while your new pool is being built.

3. Greenery

Trees, palms and tall grass add a tropical feeling to any backyard. Greenery is one of the most popular pool landscaping designs that homeowners choose to use as it can bring your space to life. Hiring a professional landscaper when merging plants is always a good idea. They will be able to tell you which plants are best to grow in your part of the country. Some popular pool-friendly and low maintenance options include palms, bamboo, hibiscus and cordyline.

Also, plants that shed leaves should be avoided so that they do not fill up the pool. Whether you are looking for a couple of accent plants along the fence line or to use as boundaries, ask a landscaper for appropriate trees and greenery.

4. Rocks and Stones

River rock is the perfect type of material to surround your swimming experience with nature and adventure. Pool and landscaping with pebbles, rocks, and stones mimic the freedom of the wilderness in letting our bodies and minds feel released. Rocks and stones are also very low maintenance but make a significant difference to how your pool looks overall.

You may choose to surround the edges of the pool with different shades of slippery stones or to place larger rocks further away. Perhaps you can designate one end of the pool with this natural scenery and use greenery or small trees along the other end. This type of atmosphere makes a profound and relaxing area for practicing medication.

5. Zen

Zen is all about bringing balance to your body and soul. Pool landscaping ideas that create an oasis of bliss and calm are becoming an item all across the country. Zen design begins with simplicity as an art form. Plenty of light and space, natural materials and sounds of the outdoors make a bare pool almost the perfect spot for meditation. However, there is much more to Zen than emptiness. Clean lines, light colors, and plants in clay pots can help to focus your mind on the beauty of the outdoor elements. Any type of flat light stone, spotted with greenery and a little bamboo brings a perfect blend for meditation.

Extra Landscaping Tips

Lighting is another way of bringing an inspiring feeling. Underwater lights or lights behind a waterfall can improve the experience of feeling the goodness of the pool water. Lighted walkways are another idea for a pleasing sight.

If you have kids, consider building a slender covered bar that houses drinks and ice for regular breaks. This is also a great place to store the radio to keep it from getting damaged from splashing water. Your pool is a wonderful place to enjoy the weather, friends, and family. Make it as aesthetic and comfortable as possible. Adding inflatable pool floats are another way to get your kids even more excited and spend hours in the pool.

Fencing is also very important, to ensure that your family and pets are safe. Choosing the right fencing can also add transform how your pool looks. Glass pool fencing is a popular option, to make your space appear larger and provide a direct viewpoint of your new pool.

Whether you’re looking for a minimal design or something more exotic, if you haven’t already, get a landscaper involved in your pool designs.