Pool Cleaning Equipment List

Now that you are a pool owner, the next thing you will need is cleaning equipment. Whether your new swimming pool is standard vinyl-lined or gunite and concrete, your pool needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to stay in top shape.

Basic pool care requires you to clean the surface of the water and the bottom of the pool, remove debris from skimmer baskets and pump baskets, clean the bottom and sides of the pool by brushing them, and vacuum the entire surface area of the pool.

Essentials Pool Cleaning Tools

There is basic equipment that every pool owner should have on hand for regular maintenance. Below is a list of these essential items:

  • Leaf Rake– A net with a handle that is used to scoop up leaves, bugs, and debris.
  • Pool Brush – A brush attached to a telescopic pole, used to scrub the walls of the pool.
  • Vacuum Head and Hose – Vacuum for cleaning the pool floor.
  • Pole Cleaning Pole – Used to screw the vacuum head to, and also used to attach brushes.


Pool Leaf Rakes

The pool rake is one of the most essential pieces of equipment that you will need when cleaning your pool. It is a very large, wide net on the end of a long handle.

A leaf rake is one of the most useful pieces of equipment for removing floating debris such as leaves, bugs, insects and twigs from the surface of your pool water.
Pool Brushes

The pool brush is used for brushing algae off of the walls and bottom of your swimming pool. Brushes come in various sizes, shapes, and materials depending on the surfaces you need to clean.

Pool Vacuum Head and Hose

The vacuum head is attached to the telescopic pole. It has wheels in the bottom part so that it can easily glide across the floor when cleaning. The hose is connected to either the skimmer or the suction port of your pool’s pump system.

Telescopic Pole

This pole extends from 8 feet all the way up to 18 feet in length. It allows you to clean anywhere in your pool


You’ll need a bucket or two to store your cleaning supplies and tools when scooping leaves and debris from your pool.

If you want to make the most of your time while cleaning your pool, it helps to have all the necessary equipment organized. By keeping everything in order, you won’t lose time looking for your brush or test kits.

Where to Buy Pool Cleaning Supplies?

Pool cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore or awfully expensive. You can save money while you’re DIY

You can find all these types of rakes at a local swimming pool supply store or online at one of the many websites dedicated to swimming pools.

Pool Vacuums

A pool vacuum is another essential tool for cleaning your swimming pool. There are several different types of vacuums available, including hand held and automatic models.

The hand held models are generally less expensive but require more work from you, while automatic models cost more but do all the work for you.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

There are several types of automatic pool vacuums:

Robotic cleaner: Robotic pool cleaners are completely self-contained units that run off their own pump and filter system – no need for hoses or booster pumps. They clean all swimming pools, scrubbing the bottom and sides while filtering the water.

Pressure side cleaner: Uses water pressure from the pump to propel itself around the pool, picking up debris as it goes. It requires a supplemental booster pump or a dedicated suction line to operate at full efficiency.

Suction side cleaner: It connects directly to the skimmer with its own hose. It’s powered by the suction from your existing filter system, so you don’t need an additional pump. Most popular models are low-maintenance, energy-efficient and easy to install and clean out.

Handheld cleaner: Handheld pool vacuums are best used when you need a quick spot clean or small area clean up. They do not work as well as other pool cleaners on larger areas because they don’t have the power to pick up heavier debris or large amounts of leaves.

Bonus Pool Cleaning Supply Recommendations:

After completing the cleaning of your pool, test your water chemistry.

Pool Water Testing Kits

Water testing strips: For a quick pool water-quality analysis

Liquid test kit: For a more detailed and accurate analysis of your pool’s water quality

Digital test kit: If you want to get the most accurate analysis of your pool water quality, this is the option for you.

Pool Cartridge Filter Cleaning Tool

A pool-cleaning tool attachment that transforms your garden hose into a high-pressure water cleaning machine can help make cleaning your pool filter cartridges more convenient and efficient.

Purchasing the right equipment is the key to maintaining a clean pool. These are some of the essential pieces of pool cleaning equipment you will need to keep your pool sparkling clean.

Final Thoughts

Automatic pool cleaners are great investment. They save you time, make things easier, and give you more time to do other things.

Hopefully this list has given you some ideas on what you should consider when purchasing pool cleaning equipment. With the right tools, you’ll be able to clean your pool quickly and easily. The more time you spend cleaning out your pool and maintaining water quality, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

Keeping your pool clean and the water healthy is not difficult if you have the right equipment.