Polaris 9350 Sport Review

The Polaris 9350 robotic pool cleaner offers tremendous 2WD performance as it goes about cleaning your pool. With its combination of advanced engineering and bold style, this robot makes for a faster and smarter way to get your pool clean. The 9350 cleans any pool surface and is capable of scrubbing floors, walls, and steps with its pleated scrubbing brush.

This sleek and sophisticated robot pool cleaner can clean any pool up to 50’ in length. With the Polaris 9350, you’ll get a cleaner loaded with features, a compact, premium transport caddy, and a 2-year limited warranty.

Polaris 9350 Features

  • Cleans floors, walls, and waterline
  • Easy lift system
  • Rear water cleaning stream
  • ActivMotion sensor
  • Premium caddy
  • Dual-mode cleaning modes
  • 60 ft. cable for 50 ft. pools
  • Pleated brush
  • Easy clean filter canister
  • Vortex vacuum technology
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Aqua-Trax tires
  • 21 pounds

Product Highlights

Two-wheel drive efficiency

It might come as a surprise, but the Polaris 9350 is a lightweight device, which gives it the ability to navigate easily in your pool. It’s Aqua-Trax tires gives it stability and makes it even more efficient. The 9350 moves with ease on any type of surface, cleaning dirt and debris as it goes.

Vortex Vacuum Technology

Part of the appeal of the Polaris 9350 is the use of its Vortex Vacuum Technology. This innovative technology gives the robot cleaner an additional boost as it navigates throughout your swimming pool. The Vortex Vacuum Technology offers a velocity flow of nearly 60 mph, which gives the 9350 the push it needs to avoid obstacles without sacrificing suction power.

Dirt and debris don’t stand a chance with Polaris’ Vortex Vacuum Technology, which boasts four times more debris capacity, and 25% more vacuum power than other leading robot pool cleaners.

Compact alloy caddy

The caddy included with the Polaris 9350 is powder coated with a heavy gauge alloy, ensuring it will remain in good condition for a long time. Never worry about misplacing items with your robot cleaner as the 9350 caddy helps you store all your essential parts. Instead of carrying your robot pool cleaner, you just place it on the caddy and transport it to where it needs to go.

Easy Lift System for convenience

Many Polaris robot pool cleaners include its Easy Lift System. Using this technology, simply push the LIFT button on your control unit, and watch as the 9350 drives toward the surface, climbing the nearest pool wall. Once it has reached its destination, it evacuates any excess water, then waits for you to grab it.

Access filters effortlessly

Remove and clean the filters of your Polaris 9350 with minimal effort. With canisters accessible at the top of the 9350, you don’t have to mess with taking the robot apart to get to the filters. You’ll discover that you don’t have to clean out the filters as often since the 9350 provides filter canisters with four times the capacity as cleaners with similar specs.  

Dual-mode cleaning settings

The Polaris 9350 offers two settings for cleaning your pool: floor and walls cleaning, or floor-only cleaning. You’ll also notice two cycle available which allows you to set the cleaning for the appropriate amount of time. There is an hour and a half cycle, which cleans the pool in less time, but isn’t as thorough, and a two and a half hour cycle, which is more thorough, but you’ll have to wait longer to use your pool.

ActivMotion sensor

If you’re looking for a robot pool cleaner that will provide a thorough clean, you might consider choosing one with ActivMotion technology. With an ActivMotion sensor, the Polaris 9350 always knows where it is during its cleaning cycle. The robot uses an accelerometer, which helps decrease cleaning time by avoiding areas which have already been cleaned.

When the ActivMotion sensor is doing its job, the 9350 will know its position and makes adjustments if any are needed. This means you no longer have to change any settings because your pool cleaner shouldn’t get stuck while it’s cleaning.

Thorough cleaning capability

Located at the front of the 9350 are two large pleated brushes, which help the cleaner scrub up dirt and debris as it moves around the pool. These brushes clean all pool surfaces, which includes the floor, steps, walls, and tile line.

Additionally, the 9350 has its Tail Sweep Pro functionality, which is a sweep hose that blows into the corners of your pool. This helps loosen and remove dirt, while also preventing water from spraying outside your pool.

Pros of the Polaris 9350

  • Can clean any pool up to 50 ft. in length
  • Easy to assemble with no tools needed
  • Simple to transport and store
  • Climbs walls effortlessly
  • Pleated brushes stir up hard to clean dirt and debris

Cons of the Polaris 9350

  • No dirty canister indicator
  • No remote control

What Others Are Saying

Reviews for the Polaris 9350 are mixed, with half of users stating the robot pool cleaner is a great buy, and the other half complaining about various issues and problems. The most common complaint is the cord. It seems the cord becomes tangled quite often and untangling it does not correct the issue. Additionally, many users run into problems with the 9350 getting caught on the drain of their pool, which forces them to move the robot manually.

Is the Polaris 9350 A Good Fit?

The Polaris 9350 does a great job of cleaning your pool as long as you don’t mind dealing with a few issues. On the one hand, the 9350 provides a great experience with its ActivMotion sensor, which helps the robot navigate through your pool. You’ll also get a heavy-duty alloy caddy which allows you to transport and store the robot easily.

Unfortunately, the 9350 has its share of drawbacks as well. As mentioned, the cord becomes tangled quite often, and the robot gets stuck on the drain of several pools. It’s a little more expensive than other models with similar features and it doesn’t have a remote. Overall, the Polaris 9350 is a good robot pool cleaner, with a few disadvantages that may or may not be worth the hassle depending on your outlook.