Polaris 3900 Review

If you’re in the market for a premier pressure-side pool cleaner, then look no further than the Polaris 3900. This model comes with an extra-wide and very powerful system which can cycle through 40 gallons of water per minute.

It has a dual-chamber bag for collecting and storing debris along with a drive system that gives it the ability to clean just as well on inclines as it does on the bottom of your pool.

Polaris 3900 Features

  • Back-up Valve
  • All-wheel drive PosiDrive system
  • Filters up to 40 gallons per minutes
  • 5-liter dual-chambered debris bag
  • Great for in-ground pools and all surface types
  • Tailsweep Pro sweeping hose attachment
  • Includes 31-foot hose
  • Requires booster pump
  • Five-year frame warranty, one-year limited warranty

Product Highlights

31-Foot Hose

The Polaris 3900 comes with a 31-foot hose that will fit on your 1.5-inch connector. This pressure-side pool cleaner comes out of the box ready to quickly and easily attach to the return line of your in-ground pool. Since you’ll have a decent amount of length from this heavy-duty hose, you should encounter no problems with getting a clean looking pool.

Five-liter filtration super bag

Those who use the 3900 will get a five-liter, dual-chamber filter bag with the pool cleaner. A bigger bag means you have to spend less time emptying it out. Plus, the twist-release and zipper integration make cleaning it out quick and simple. The bag will filter through 40 gallons of water every minute, collecting large debris as it goes. That means all your pool filter has to deal with is fine dirt and sediment. 

Automatic backup valve technology

Even the best pool cleaners might find itself lodged in a corner every once in a while. That’s why Polaris designed a pressure-side pool cleaner that comes with an integrated backup valve. The 3900’s inline valve automatically engages in an effort to drive the water through the valve instead of the through the cleaner itself. This helps to give the3900 enough force to reverse course and change direction. 

TailSweep Pro scrubber

The 3900 is designed with a sweep hose that helps eliminate debris stuck on the surface of your pool. This is particularly helpful in tight spots like corners. TailSweep Pro is a snap-on scrubber which performs its tasks without spraying water everywhere. That means there’s less of a chance of someone getting injured by slipping and falling.

Wide Trax wheels

Three smooth Wide Trax wheels grace the sides of the Polaris 3900, which means you’re not going to get a bunch of rubber marks all over the surface of your pool. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your liner getting ripped up. However, these wheels still have enough strength to provide traction when it’s needed. 

Efficient and safe pool cleaner

You can use the Polaris 3900 with any in-ground pool surface, and the pool cleaner will work in both saltwater and chlorine pools. This pressure-side cleaner will take care of the heavy debris in your pool like twigs, pebbles, acorns, and leaves so you don’t have to mess with it. The 3900 keeps your pool looking good throughout the entire pool season.

Pros of the Polaris 3900

  • Superbag allows 3900 to collect more debris
  • Rarely gets stuck due to backup valve technology
  • TailSweep Pro cleans hard to reach places
  • Wide Trax wheels allow the 3900 to move effortlessly throughout the pool
  • Booster pump provides a superior clean
  • Climbs and cleans the walls of your pool
  • Cleans any in-ground pool surface
  • 1-year parts warranty/10-year frame warranty

Cons of the Polaris 3900

  • Could use a longer cord than the 31-footer included
  • Have to buy a booster pump for the cleaner to work
  • Pump adds to energy costs

What Others Are Saying

Unfortunately, the reviews for the Polaris 3900 are not very positive as it is not a well-liked pressure side cleaner. It’s not uncommon for a pool cleaner to have some detractors, however, it would seem that the 3900 has more naysayers than people who like the device. It seems that this pool cleaner creates frustration and aggravation for the majority of those who use it.

The most common complaint seems to be that the 3900 simply doesn’t do what it claims. It doesn’t deliver on features and many users complain that the pool cleaner simply didn’t work out of the box. If there were only a handful of complaints, we might have ignored this, but this attitude toward the Polaris 3900 seems to be the rule rather than the exception.

Other are upset that certain features don’t work the way they should or that Polaris does not provide the level of support that one would expect when purchasing an expensive piece of equipment.

There is a small subset of people that are perfectly satisfied with the way their Polaris 3900 performs. It cleans well, it does what it says, and their pools look good. The unfortunate thing is that there just aren’t that many of them who feel this way.

Should You Buy a Polaris 3900?

The Polaris 3900 sits at the top of the food chain when it comes to features available on pressure-side pool cleaners. It comes with a huge back in which to store debris and dirt, it’s easy to set up and operate, it can maneuver and clean any in-ground pool surface, and it cleans 40 gallons per minute.

Unfortunately, all these features are for naught if the pool cleaner doesn’t deliver. The overwhelming opinion seems to be that this is a device that doesn’t live up to the expectations which surround it. Plus, the fact that it’s one of the more expensive pressure-side pool cleaners on the market doesn’t help any.

If you decide to take a chance on the Polaris 3900, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. This pool cleaner is packed to the brim with features that will keep your pool looking good throughout the entire summer. However, if you value the opinions of those who are willing to leave feedback about this cleaner, you might want to look elsewhere.