Polaris 360 Review

With its 360 model, Polaris has released an improved and updated version of its 280 model. This pressure side pool cleaner includes three jet nozzles, which helps the 360 operate without the need for a booster pump.

This is a significant improvement when you take the cost of a pump into consideration. The Polaris 360 can clean larger debris from your pool and store it in its filter bag until you empty it.

Polaris 360 Features

  • In-line backup valve
  • Cleans walls and floors of any size swimming pool
  • Large bottom opening
  • Filter bag removes dirt and debris before reaching your pump
  • Does not need a booster pump
  • 31-foot hose
  • Large throat inlet
  • MaxTrax wheels with excellent grip
  • One-year warranty

Product Highlights

Super efficient

The Polaris 360 sweeps, vacuums, and scrubs your pool. It will clean all surfaces of your pool no matter what shape, size, or surface. With its three-pronged approach, you know your pool is getting the thorough clean it needs. As a result, you don’t need to mess with skimming or scrubbing your pool. You can let the 360 do all the work for you.

Excellent wall climbing capability

When it comes to pool cleaning, getting those walls looking good can be tedious and arduous. Thankfully, the Polaris 360 pool cleaner has the ability to climb your walls, cleaning them as it goes. This is especially true for in-ground pools, as there is typically more wall area to clean, something you no longer have to worry about.

Extra-large debris bag

Included with the Polaris 360 is an extra-large debris bag that will easily hold the contaminants found in your pool. Whether it’s leaves, twigs, acorns, or pebbles, the 360 will have no trouble scooping it up and depositing it into its debris bag. This bag creates less stress on the internal filter on your pool, which helps to decrease wear and tear and increase life expectancy.

Easy to connect

One great feature available with the Polaris 360 pool cleaner is something it lacks. A booster pump is not required with this cleaner, which makes it easy to set up and use. Just attach it to your pool’s pump and let it run. This easy perk makes the 360 one of the most popular pool cleaners on the market.

Powerful cleaning jets

The Polaris 360 ratchets things up a notch by having three jets instead of the typical two you find on their pool cleaners. That means you’re getting even more cleaning power as the 360 moves across your pool’s floor and walls. Additionally, more jets means your water is circulating more often which helps to keep it cleaner than ever before.

Backup valve functionality

Once you have your Polaris 360 connected, you’re ready to let it work. While sharp corners on your pool might be a problem for other pool cleaners, the 360 handles these with ease. Due to its backup valve, the pool cleaner can maneuver out of tight spots. Therefore, you don’t have to mess with fishing your pool cleaner out when its stuck. Instead, just let the 360 do what it does best.

Pros of the Polaris 360

  • Easy to set up and use
  • No booster pump required
  • Three wheels make for effortless cleaning and navigating
  • Cleans walls and bottom of your pool
  • Debris bag is easy to remove
  • Three jet pumps create optimum cleaning
  • Wide throat allows for picking up large debris
  • Backup valve keeps cleaner from getting stuck in sharp corners
  • 1-year parts warranty/10-year frame warranty

Cons of the Polaris 360

  • 31-foot cord could be longer
  • Filter bag must be replaced every so often
  • May not pick up finer debris

What Others Are Saying

What are those that have used the Polaris 360 to get their pools clean said about their experience with this pool cleaner? For starters, most users share that they’ve had very good interaction and results with the Polaris 360. They talk about how reliable, efficient, fast, and thorough it is, and focus on the fact that it does an excellent job of cleaning the walls of your pool.

It’s especially popular among those who have previously owned a Polaris pool cleaner. Those who bought the 360 mentioned they did so because they had a 280 and wanted a model that offered an upgraded performance. Most reviewers stated that they were happy with their new pool cleaner.

One area of surprise was how little anyone mentioned the newer features of the 360 which set it apart from its predecessors, specifically the 280. The 360 doesn’t require a booster pump, while the 280 does, which is something that you’d expect to be a focal point, especially considering how much booster pumps cost.

There were few complaints about the pool cleaner itself. Instead, most users focused on the lack of customer service offered by Polaris. Maintenance and repairs go hand-in-hand with pool cleaners, so it comes as a bit of a shock that Polaris doesn’t put more effort into its customer support team.

Overall, the vast majority of people who purchased the Polaris 360 shared positive reviews and experiences. The 360 is a hands-free option which allows users to spend time focusing on other areas instead of cleaning their pool.

Final Thoughts on the Polaris 360

Overall, the Polaris 360 is a solid pressure side pool cleaner. It does a good job of doing what a pool cleaner should do. No matter what type of surface or shape your in-ground pool is, there’s a good chance that the 360 will get it clean. With its three jets to power it along, wall climbing abilities, and a wide throat to capture large debris, you can be sure your pool will look better than ever after it cleans.

Like other pool cleaners, Polaris 360 has its fair share of drawbacks, however, these are small when you consider just how many features and benefits you’re getting. If you’re looking for a pool cleaner that will thoroughly clean your pool throughout the swimming season, take a look at the Polaris 360.