Liquid Solar Covers

In the past, if you wanted to limit the evaporation or keep your pool warmer in the winter, you would have to roll out a cover made of plastic or similar material. This could be a difficult, time-consuming process. Today, with the technological advances, the best liquid pool covers allow you to add a liquid to your pool in order to reduce the evaporation.

What is liquid pool cover? 

The best liquid pool cover is a microscopically thin layer of the alcohol that exists on the surface of the water in your swimming pool. This layer is aimed at reducing the water evaporation which is a major cause of the water heat loss.

How liquid pool covers work? 

The working principle of the best liquid pool cover is quite simple. When you pour the best liquid pool cover into a swimming pool, it floats on the surface because this product is lighter than water. Then, it begins to spread itself out across the surface. Naturally, these molecules of the liquid cover float side-by-side so they will situate themselves simultaneously. The great thing about these molecules is that they are so tiny that a small amount of the liquid pool cover will put enough of the molecules in your pool. They can all sit side-by-side, close enough to cover the entire surface of your pool without you even being able to see them with your naked eye. As a result, the process of hot water protection is finally carried out.

5 Essential questions relating to the best liquid pool covers?

a) What are the differences between the best liquid pool covers and the plastic pool blankets?

It is evident by the fact that the best liquid pool cover is convenient for saving water, money, energy and time in comparison of the plastic pool blankets. On the other hand, it is vital to remember that the liquid solar pool cover works well in protecting your pool 100% of the time, even while you are swimming. Whereas by contrast, the plastic pool blanket is only functional when it is mainly secured and perfectly fitted to your pool.

b) Is it able to swim while there is the liquid pool cover on the pool?

This is one of the popular questions raised whatever there is a swimming pool holder who wants to buy a liquid product. The answer to this question is that you can even swim while there is a liquid pool cover on the pool. You will not be able to see, feel, smell or taste the liquid pool cover when it is used as recommended.

c) Are liquid pool covers safe?

This is true that the liquid pool covers are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. So, they are absolutely safe for all swimmers, pool equipment and the environment! Importantly, in the case of your children, or your pets incidentally drink the pool water, the liquid pool cover will not harm them. However, it is not suggested to drink the pool water at all.

d) Do the liquid pool covers affect other swimming equipment?

Because the liquid pool cover is the pH neutral, so it will not cause the problem to the chemistry within your pool. Furthermore, it only floats on the surface of the water, so it doesn’t even interact with any of your chemicals. Consequently, it will not affect any of your pool equipment.

e) Where is the suitable place to use the best liquid pool cover?

The best liquid pool cover helps to reduce heat loss on any pool, whether it is outdoor or indoor! Each swimming pool has the evaporation, whether indoors or outside, and the evaporation is the primary cause of heat loss. For this reason, regardless of the location, using the best liquid pool cover will be effective to maintain the water temperature of your pool. Especially, for the indoor pools, the best liquid pool cover not only will help control the costs of energy used to keep the pool heated to your desired temperature, but it will also support to check up the humidity levels in your pool room.

Top 6 Liquid Pool Covers You Can Buy In 2021

1. Natural Chemistry Cover Free Liquid Solar Blanket, Quart

For those who want to find a product not only to save the water and money but also to be useful in reducing the water evaporation, the Natural Chemistry Cover Free Liquid Solar Blanket cover free is an advanced mono-layer technology that can meet your demand. An outstanding feature of the Cover Free is that the invisible barrier conserved water and heating energy with excellent surface tension so as to keep in place and pH neutral even when the water is disturbed by the wind, circulation pump or bathers.


  • It can limit the water evaporation up to 85 percent.

  • It can also reduce the heat loss by 70 percent.

  • It can help the pool holders save up the water and the money.

  • It appears at a reasonable price which can fit the budget of lots of people.


  • Some people find it is slow in the function.


2. SeaKlear Solar Shield Liquid Pool Solar Cover – 1 Quart

When it comes to the brand name SeaKlear, it will not be strange for the owners of the pool. With the special technique from the US, the best-in-class evaporation protection is supplied by the patented formulation. Moreover, the long-lasting formula- provided inside this product- can be used monthly or weekly in the high evaporation condition. Thanks to the form of the liquid pool cover, this SeaKlear Solar Shield Liquid Pool Solar Cover can fit for all types of the pool, even the large and irregularly-shaped pools.


  • Be stable in maintaining the pool temperature

  • It works well in comparison with the similar function of the cover.

  • It can reduce the evaporation in the first week of usage.

  • It is sold with an affordable price


  • Some find it is hard to maintain the heat in some cases.


3. Heatsavr Liquid Cover

It is obvious that Heatsavr™ is a wonderful alternative to a plastic swimming pool blanket, and it will fit any size or shape of the pool because it is a liquid pool cover. Simply calculate In terms of the dosage to suit to your pool, Heatsavr™ will spread itself out to cover your pool perfectly. With the function of a self-spreading product, you can see its progress as it moves across the surface of the pool water. Furthermore, you can even swim in your pool with a safety mood and realize that Heatsavr™ is still working hard to maintain your heat!


  • It is non-toxic and undetectable by swimmers.

  • It can retain heat in your swimming pool otherwise lost due to evaporation.

  • It will not affect other swimming pool chemicals or your filter

  • It works exactly like a solar cover, but instead of a physical cover, you have a liquid that floats on top of the water.


  • It works exactly like a solar cover, but instead of a physical cover, you have a liquid that floats on top of the water.


4. Ecosavr 99999 Solar Fish Liquid Pool Cover for Swimming Pools

Different from other products, Ecosavr is particularly designed to offer a simple, once a month application for residential swimming pools. The patented valve in Ecosavr’s fin permits a slow release of the liquid cover over a 25-30 day period, which achieves the recommended daily dosing without the expense of installing an automatic metering system.


  • It is durable over time

  • It is easy to use than plastic pool blanket.

  • It conserves water lost to evaporation up to 50%.


  • It limits the area of the pool.


5. Heatsavr Liquid Pool Cover – Four 1 Gallon Jugs

There is no doubt that Heatsavr is effective in the succession of products resisting the evaporation of the heat out of the swimming pools. HeatSavr slows the evaporative loss, maintains the heat in the pool, save up the energy and the water. Besides, the swimming pools with gas or electric heaters, heat pumps, solar systems, or no heater at all will benefit by reducing heat loss. Therefore, this heat saver is worth the price of keeping your swimming pool clean and warm.


  • This product will promote the effect in combination of the automatic dispenser.

  • This item is properly aimed at limiting the evaporation and the heat loss from the pool.

  • It is well equipped with the EPA and FDA.

  • It is also safe for the filters, the skimmers, and the pumps.

  • It is colorless, odorless and tasteless which is good for the customer health.


  • It requires a very high price which may bring the troubles to many customers.


6. EcoSavr 99999-3 Solar Fish Liquid Pool Cover for Swimming Pools (3 Pack)

With the convenience of the 3 packs of EcoSavr 99999-3 Solar Fish Liquid Pool Cover for Swimming Pools, you can easily find the best solution to maintain the water by reducing the evaporation. It is considered as the smart choice in replacing the traditional pool blanket in the past. Besides, if you are looking for a solution which can spend a little energy usage as well as save your money, the 3 packs of EcoSavr is your best measure.


  • It is wonderful alternative liquid pool cover than other same product.

  • It can keep you swimming pool warmer in the long time.

  • It can help to save up water by limiting the evaporation.

  • It is economical because it contains a set of 3 different packs.


  • The instruction is not clear enough to follow.

  • Some find it is not work well. 



After considering all of the most important features of the best liquid pool cover, you can confidently put your reliance on the Heatsavr Liquid Pool Cover – Four 1 Gallon Jugs. With the special features in resisting the evaporation and the heat loss out of the pool, the safety for users’ health (colorless, odorless and tasteless), I highly recommend this Heatsavr for your swimming pool.

Thanks to the appearance of the best liquid pool cover, the swimming pool holder find it easy to control and maintain the swimming pool. The less evaporation emits from the pool, the high quality of the water can exist in the pool.