Kreepy Krauly Warrior Review

The Kreepy Krauly Warrior is a suction-side robot pool cleaner built to give your in-ground pool a thorough and efficient cleaning. This sleek and powerful device has the ability to maneuver on the bottom of any pool and provide a perfectly clean pool after every cycle.

This robot pool cleaner avoids blockage and clogging with its Sure-Flow Turbine feature. With this feature, the Warrior provides debris and dirt a method to pass through the system easily. The Warrior’s two-wheel design and auto-programmed steering allow the robot to roam about the pool floor, into hard-to-reach areas, and up the walls, as needed.

Kreepy Krauly’s Warrior robot pool cleaner sports a pair of non-marring tires, which work well on vinyl, fiberglass, and gunite pool surfaces. Its Quick-Release Latch provides access to top-loaded canisters for easy maintenance. The Kreepy Krauly Warrior is a robot pool cleaner that will have you cleaning less and swimming more.

Kreepy Krauly Warrior Features

  • Variable speed pump compatible
  • All-terrain tires
  • Roller Skirt to clean over obstructions
  • Sure-Flow Turbine avoids clogging
  • Easy to operate
  • Connect hoses, skimmer, and dedicated vacuum line
  • Quick-Release Latch for easy accessibility
  • 40 ft. hose included
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

Product Highlights

Easy maintenance with Quick-Release Latch

With the Warrior’s Quick-Release Latch, you can easily access and service your robot pool cleaner. The process is simple and quick. If you need to clean or service the robot, all you have to do is release the latch, and you’ll quickly have the access you need.

Two-wheel design

The Kreepy Krauly Warrior has a two-wheel design, specifically for cleaning tight spaces quickly and thoroughly. With its non-marring tires, you’ll notice a superior cleaning on all surfaces, including tile, vinyl, gunite, and fiberglass surfaces.

Thanks to the two-wheel design of the Warrior, the robot is able to navigate and make its way across your pool floor, up the wall to the tile line, and onto the stairs, cleaning each area as it goes.

Roller skirt for constant cleaning

With its new Roller Skirt feature, the Warrior has the ability to navigate up, over, and around obstacles without interrupting its current cycle. The Roller Skirt allows the Warrior to keep constant suction pressure on your pool as it continues along its cleaning path.

Programmed steering

The Warrior’s programmed steering cycle maneuvers your robot pool cleaner around your pool in a decisive manner, finding and conquering those hard to reach spaces. It will navigate its way to 90-degree wall-to-floor angles, into hard to reach corners, and along the shallow bottoms. Using the programmed steering cycle features assures a thorough and complete cleaning every time.

Sure-Flow Turbine

Many two-wheeled cleaners experience clogging as dirt and debris move through them. The Warrior’s Sure-Flow turbine is designed to alleviate this problem. It allows debris and dirt to pass through the robot so that you don’t see issues with blockage.

Easy to operate

Due to its compact nature, the Kreepy Krauly Warrior is simple and easy to operate. Just attach the hoses or connect the skimmer or vacuum line and let the Warrior go to work. This robot pool cleaner does a great job of cleaning dirt of all sizes and shapes and is a great match for variable pumps at lower speeds.

Pros of the Kreepy Krauly Warrior

  • 40 ft. of hose included
  • Less expensive than competing robot pool cleaners
  • Cleans any pool surface
  • Easy access for service and maintenance
  • Does not require bags or filters
  • Great for variable pumps at low speeds
  • Open/close valve increases/decreases pressure

Cons of the Kreepy Krauly Warrior

  • No leaf canister
  • Creates extra wear on pump and filter
  • Only handles small amount of debris

What Others Are Saying

The majority of users who purchased the Kreepy Krauly Warrior seem pleased with their robot pool cleaner. Many customers state that the Warrior does a great job of cleaning their pool and that it rarely, if ever, gets stuck on the drain cover, on the stairs, or in corners.

Of the complaints about the Warrior, only a few are very common. First, some suggest that the robot does not climb the walls or steps and that when it does, it does not do a very good job of cleaning.

Second, it seems that the rubber on the tire wears thin over time, which requires the purchase of a replacement. Lastly, some users complain about the hose getting tangled, but those are few and far between.

It would appear that overall, users are satisfied with their Kreepy Krauly Warrior experience. Even though the Warrior isn’t the most advanced and cutting-edge robot pool cleaner on the market, it does a good job of doing exactly what it advertises.

Final Thoughts on the Kreepy Krauly Warrior

The Kreepy Krauly Warrior is a solid robot pool cleaner that makes a great first impression. Reviews for the Warrior are mostly positive, with over 60% of users stating they’ve had a pleasant cleaning experience with the robot. By any measure, the Warrior is a solid robot pool cleaner.

This cleaner makes good use of its maneuverability by navigating around or over obstacles and using its Roller Skirt to keep pressure constant.  Even if you do run into one of the problems mentioned, you can use the Warrior’s one-year warranty to get the issue straightened out. Going with the Kreepy Krauly Warrior as your robot pool cleaner choice is likely to result in a positive pool cleaning experience.