Kreepy Krauly Platinum Review

The Kreepy Krauly Platinum is one of the most powerful pressure-side pool cleaners on the market today. If you have an in-ground pool with a lot of debris and leaves, the Kreepy Krauly Platinum might be the ideal pool cleaner for you. Its dual thrust jets offer max power for suction and speed. This means you’ll have a clean pool in just a few short hours.

The Platinum cleaner includes front-wheel drive with heavy tread on its tires. This tread gives the cleaner great traction when its cleaning inclined surfaces. You’ll get complete and total floor and wall coverage in your pool. Additionally, its four-wheel design keeps the Platinum from tipping over which provides a high-quality clean.

Its debris container is capable of handling larger debris like leaves and acorns. The Kreepy Krauly Platinum cleans vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete pools, and its lightweight frame means you won’t have to worry about gouges or scratches in the surface.

Kreepy Krauly Platinum Features

  • Dual thrust jets
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Cleans vinyl, concrete, or fiberglass surfaces
  • 1-3 hour cleaning
  • Large capacity debris collector
  • Cleans walls and floor
  • Four wheel design
  • One-year warranty

Product Highlights

Stable, non-marring wheels

Unlike the experience you’ll get with three-wheeled suction side pool cleaners, the Kreepy Krauly Platinum offers a stable four-wheel design. The cleaner’s front-wheel drive and non-marring tires mean you won’t have to worry about gouging or damaging of your pool’s surface. With the heavy tread on its tires, the Platinum gets great traction, so it won’t have problems with inclines or difficult terrain.

Dual thrust jets

Using its dual-thrust jet propulsion design, the Kreepy Krauly Platinum provides more cleaning power, which means you’ll get a more thorough and complete clean. It also means that it has the ability to clean your pool even faster. Of course, the amount of time it takes depends on the size of the pool, but the Platinum cleans most pools in just a few hours.

Large-capacity intake

The Kreepy Krauly Platinum has an extra-large intake throat, which means it has an easier time capturing twigs, leaves, and other large contaminants in your pool. If you have a lot of trees or plants in your backyard, this cleaner is especially beneficial, as it will have no problems cleaning up foliage without clogging.

Cleans any shape or surface

It doesn’t matter what surface or shape your pool is; the Kreepy Krauly Platinum can clean it. Whether your pool is vinyl, concrete, or fiberglass, the Platinum will have no problem getting it clean. Additionally, the Platinum has no problems with pools of any shape. Kidney, oval, rectangle, and L-shaped pools can all be cleaned by the Kreepy Krauly Platinum pool cleaner.

Lightweight and durable

With its lightweight design, the Kreepy Krauly Platinum is perfect for climbing stairs and walls. This design makes the pool cleaner easy to remove from the water when it’s finished cleaning and easy to move if you need to put it away. The Platinum also has a durable and reliable design that gives it the ability to take on even the toughest and dirtiest pools.

External boost pump required

The Kreepy Krauly Platinum requires the assistance of a booster pump to operate correctly. Make sure you have both an external booster pump and a booster line. To ensure your Platinum runs efficiently, make sure both are installed correctly and note that the cleaner cannot be used with above ground pools.

Pros of the Kreepy Krauly Platinum

  • Easy to clean
  • Cleans floors and walls
  • Four wheels prevent it from tipping
  • Works with all pool surfaces
  • Cleans any pool shape
  • Cycles take just 1-3 hours
  • Dual thrust jets
  • Independent filter bag
  • One-year warranty

Cons of the Kreepy Krauly Platinum

  • Works with in-ground pools only
  • Requires a booster pump
  • Hose connections come loose sometimes

What Others Are Saying

Reviews on the Kreepy Krauly Platinum are split nearly 2-to-1 in favor of the pool cleaner. Those that like their Platinum say that it does its job well and that it does it quickly. They also share that the cleaner is easy to install and use and that thanks to its dual-thrust jets, it gets the pool nice and clean.

Additionally, many customers said that it does a fantastic job of picking up leaves from trees or other plants. One customer specifically mentioned that the Kreepy Krauly Platinum picks up Eucalyptus leaves without a problem.

Those that were unhappy with their experience said that the pool cleaner would often get stuck on the stairs with the inability to back up. Others say that the rear tires on the Platinum don’t settle flat on the pool and often wind up floating as the cleaner goes through its cycle. Lastly, some users stated that the cleaner performs exceptionally well, but that the tires have to be replaced quicker than expected.

Should You Go With a Kreepy Krauly Platinum?

The Kreepy Krauly Platinum is a solid and dependable pool cleaner. Thanks to its lightweight frame, the Platinum is durable and reliable. With a marked improvement in its wheels, the cleaner provides a better cleaning area than other pool cleaners. Additionally, the Kreepy Krauly Platinum cleans your walls and floor. It cleans effectively and does so without interference required from you.

Overall, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for the Kreepy Krauly Platinum. The cleaner is user-friendly and easy to set up. It will get your pool clean in no time and capture large contaminants as it does so. It’s not the best pool cleaner on the market, but the Kreepy Krauly Platinum will certainly get the job done.