Kreepy Krauly Kruiser Review

If you have your own pool, then you know that it takes all the right equipment and tools to maintain it and keep it looking good. One device that does an excellent job of cleaning your pool is the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Kruiser automatic in-ground pool cleaner.

One of the first things you’ll notice with the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser is that it provides an extra-wide mouth specifically designed to clean up big and small dirt and debris from your pool. This mouth is very useful if you have lots of trees in your backyard that are constantly shedding leaves.

Additionally, the Kruiser offers a high-quality seal that has specifically engineered fingers and slits which helps that unit to stay upright throughout its cleaning. It also provides a built-in bumper which allows you to quickly clean steps and ladders. If you’re in the market for a new pool cleaner, the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser might be just what you need.

Kreepy Krauly Kruiser Features

  • Extra-wide mouth
  • Suction side pool cleaner
  • One moving part means less maintenance
  • Superior vacuum
  • Easy installation
  • Cleans both small and large debris
  • Built-in bumper
  • Two-year warranty

Product Highlights

Highly versatile

The Kreepy Krauly Kruiser might impress you with its versatility. The pool cleaner is adept at navigating around pool lights, drains, and even in tight corners. It removes all the debris in your pool and does so without running into any problems.

It is soundless, so your neighbors won’t know that you’re busy cleaning your pool while it’s running. Additionally, the cleaner has an extra-wide mouth to pick up larger debris and other contaminants that are routinely found in pools.

Little maintenance required

Not a lot of maintenance is required for the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser. This is especially nice since some pool cleaners require plenty of attention and upkeep. The Kreepy Krauly Kruiser doesn’t suffer from this problem since it has few moving parts like gears or wheels and doesn’t have bags or canisters that need to be emptied.

Low chance of getting stuck

The Kreepy Krauly Kruiser includes curved fingers that keep it from becoming stuck in your pool drain or lodged in one of the corners. It also clears the lights and other obstacles easily, which helps provide you with a clean and sparkling pool.

Comes ready to clean

When your Kreepy Krauly Kruiser arrives, the cleaner head has already been assembled for you. The only thing you need to do is slip the big blue rubber disc onto the cleaner and attach the hoses. That’s it. Your pool cleaner is ready to go. Now just let the Kruiser do its thing and get your pool nice and clean.

Built-in bumper

The Kreepy Krauly Kruiser comes with a built-in bumper that means it will have the ability to move freely around ladders and steps as it goes about cleaning your pool. You’ll have complete cleaning coverage along with a hands-free, uninterrupted cycle that will leave your pool looking better than ever.

No canisters or bags mean no mess

You’ll have less of a mess to worry about since the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser doesn’t have any canisters or bags. No compartments to clean out, no filters to replace. Debris and dirt sucked up by your pool cleaner go straight to your filtration equipment. You’ll have an amazingly clean pool but won’t have to deal with any of the mess.

Set the right speed for your pool cleaner

With the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser, you’ll get an adjustable regulator valve, along with a free flow gauge. This allows you to set the perfect speed for your pool cleaner, so you get the most effective, thorough clean possible.

Pros of the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser

  • Easy to set up
  • Hands-free cleaning
  • Built-in bumper
  • Wider mouth for broader coverage area
  • Quiet cleaning operation
  • Little maintenance and upkeep
  • 2-year warranty

Cons of the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser

  • Reported cases of cleaner getting stuck
  • Taxing on pool filtration system
  • Additional wear and tear on pool pump

What Others Are Saying

Users are nearly split between both good and bad experiences with the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser. Those with poor experiences complain that the cleaner does not perform very well in the shallow end of the pool, and does not climb walls. Others mention that the Kruiser does not clean the pool as thoroughly as they hoped, and takes longer than expected.

Those that enjoyed their experience with the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser state that the cleaner works perfectly, never gets tangled, and performs its cleaning cycle is very quiet. Some users say that the Kruiser is easy to set up, simple to maintain, and provides a complete and thorough cleaning each time.

Kreepy Krauly Kruiser Verdict

Based on its features and benefits, the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser is an excellent pool cleaner which does a fantastic job of removing all the dirt and debris from your pool. It does so with ease and without a sound. The built-in bumper and unique design make the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser a handy piece of equipment to have when it comes to cleaning your pool.

With the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser, you don’t have to invest a lot of wasted time and energy into getting your pool clean. It’s easy to set up, simple and maintain, and will have your pool sparkling in no time. The Kreepy Krauly Kruiser does have a few drawbacks, but the benefits outweigh the negatives when it comes to this pool cleaner.