What causes cyanuric acid to be high in a pool?

What causes high cyanuric acid in pools? Maybe you already know, but pools contain lots of chemicals to keep them healthy. Pools are more than just bodies of pristine water to be enjoyed in the warmth of the summer months; they are made of chemical solutions designed to keep you and your loved ones safe … Read more

How do I maintain the chlorine level in my pool?

It’s summer again, and we all know that means getting your pool ready for backyard BBQs and good times spent with friends and family! As the lucky owner of a pool, you definitely don’t regret your decision to invest in something that makes entertaining a breeze and allows you a bit of enjoyment when the … Read more

How to Lower pH in Pool

When your pool chemistry levels become compromised, you may require some energy and time to balance it out. That said, pH levels in your pool are certainly no exception to this rule. To be specific, when the pH levels are excessive, it might compromise various aspects of our pool, such as the effectiveness of the … Read more

How to raise pH in a Swimming Pool Quickly

If you are a pool owner; keeping the water clean and safe for your family is imperative. That said, not many people realize the importance of maintaining an optimal Ph balance level. If the pH level drops below the average level, then the plumbing might degrade, and swimmers will start complaining about various issues. These … Read more

Swimming Pool Nitrates and How to Get Rid of Them

Lately, you notice that your pool has been consistently turning cloudy and green. You’re told that nitrates could be the probable culprit which made you blurt out “Why my swimming pool has nitrates and what should I do”? The build-up of nitrates is a common pool problem which should be addressed immediately to avoid a more … Read more

How Do You Use Sodium Bisulfate In a Pool?

Are you familiar with the names pH down, pH decreaser or dry acid which are known to lower the pH as well as the total alkalinity of your pool?  If your answer is yes, then somehow, you’ll have an idea as to what is sodium bisulfate for pools. Sodium bisulfate is dry acid via: indiamart.com … Read more

Too Much Chlorine in Pool: The Poisoning Effects & How to Overcome

The easiest way to keep a pool, especially the large ones, clean is to use disinfectant. However, swimming pool disinfectant and disinfection by-products (DBPs) are said to be the cause of some health problem like asthma and bladder cancer. A study in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain found that pool waters with too much chlorine has a high … Read more

Is Your PH in Your Pool Too High? This Is How to Lower PH in Pool

In pool maintenance, you should be conducting two tests on at least a weekly basis: chlorine potency and pH level. In your pool tester kit, that you (hopefully) bought at the same time as your pool, there is a red bottle and a yellow bottle. The yellow bottle should be a testing solution for chlorine, … Read more

How to Lower Chlorine Levels in Pools

Everyone’s favorite part about summer is swimming. It is a relaxing feeling to be able to enjoy your weekends floating about and feeling the cool water surround your body. If you have a pool at home, it’s even better. Unfortunately, the sacrifice you make as a pool owner is spending a decent amount of your … Read more

What Chemicals are Needed for a Pool?

If this is your first time owning a swimming pool, please be ready. A range of existing pool chemicals might overwhelm you. As a rookie in this department, it is perfectly normal to ask yourself this question: “What chemicals do I need for my pool?” Despite the pool chemicals available on the market, you probably … Read more