How to Find and Fix Air Leaks in Your Pool

The role of a water pool pump is to move water through a filter and back through water inlets in the swimming pool. The water moves through an electric motor that rotates an impeller, which is found in the interior sections of the pump. For optimal functionality, a pool pump should not contain any air … Read more

How to Prime a Pool Pump

It’s another pool opening season, but have you primed your pump yet? Do you know how to prime a pool pump? I guess by this time most of you have already got the hang of it, but for a first-timer, the task may seem burdensome. However, I bet that you can do it in no time … Read more

Pool Pump Loses Prime When Vacuuming

The traditional pool pump features various unique components that should be functioning at optimal levels. However, while these components have to function at top levels, not many pool owners are well informed about these tools. So, what do I need to know about a pool pump losing prime when vacuuming? Well, there are several unique … Read more

How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump Each Day?

Pool owners throughout the world seems to have a simple yet dilemmatic question. “How long should I run my pool pump?”. The question probably has an obvious answer but many pool owners fail to get an appropriate understanding. Thus they end up running pool pump all day long, or not long enough to make one … Read more