3 Types of Pool Filters for Inground Pools

A pool filtration system is an essential components of in-ground swimming pools, with several different kinds available.  They each have their own unique features, making them ideal in different applications. Pool filters help keep swimming pools clean and healthy. If there was no filter on an inground pool, the water quality would deteriorate rapidly. Without … Read more

How to clean and maintain your pool filter system?

If you’re the owner of an in-house pool, it is plausible that you have already encountered this question regarding how to clean a pool filter. While pools are a beautiful source of enjoyment and exercise, cleaning them is a formidable task. For this purpose, filters are installed in a pool to make our life easy. … Read more

Why does my pool filter blowing dirt back into the pool?

Have you backwashed your filter? via http://torontopoolproducts.ca/ Normally, most of the foreign particles brought about by the elements such as the rain and wind into your pool will go directly to the filter. But some may be deposited at your pool’s bottom which requires being vacuumed. Before vacuuming, make sure that the filter hasn’t been … Read more

How to Clean a Pool Sand Filter

Did you once hear a sand filter when it comes to caring your pool? It’s a handy appliance to treat pool water regarding the liquid purification.

The broad, square-shaped tank is made up of durable fiberglass loaded with the specific type of sand. Based on the appearance, the granular material looks jagged, rough, and unhygienic.

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