How To Choose The Right Robotic Pool Cleaner For Your Pool

When you are doing your research to buy a robotic pool cleaner, you will find numerous different types of robotic cleaners on the market. There are many brands and models of robotic pool cleaners, each with a different design, features, and price. By taking time to do research on what type of cleaner you want … Read more

The Pros and Cons of a Salt Water Pool

Do you enjoy swimming? Do you want your own backyard pool, but do not have the time or patience for upkeep? Are you tired of purchasing chemicals and constantly cleaning your pool? If so, you should look into salt water pools Let’s talk about the positive and negative aspects of owning and operating a salt … Read more

Why Are People Getting Salt Water Pools?

Salt water pools have increased in popularity in the last several years. Are you wondering why so many pool owners are installing salt water pools? Do you want to make the switch to a salt water system for your swimming pool? There are many benefits to converting your pool from a chlorinated system to a … Read more

8 Benefits of a Salt Water Pool

Salt water pools have many benefits over chlorine. They don’t smell, are easier on the eyes when swimming, and make your skin feel better when you get out of the pool. Although salt water pools require more up-front investment than do chlorine pools they are lower maintenance in the long-run. How Do Salt Water Pools … Read more

3 Types of Pool Filters for Inground Pools

A pool filtration system is an essential components of in-ground swimming pools, with several different kinds available.  They each have their own unique features, making them ideal in different applications. Pool filters help keep swimming pools clean and healthy. If there was no filter on an inground pool, the water quality would deteriorate rapidly. Without … Read more

Pool Cleaner Systems: What are the Different Types of Pool Cleaners

Most homeowners spend around three hours cleaning their pools each week. That’s time you could be doing something else you enjoy. Cleaning a swimming pool just isn’t always the most fun thing to do, but with right pool cleaning tool it doesn’t have to be so hard or time consuming. There are several options available … Read more

Salt Water Pool Conversion: How to Convert Your Pool to Salt Water

Did you know that converting your pool into a saltwater pool is a simple DIY process? Even, if you need specific information to complete the process, it’s easy!. Here are the steps on how to convert your pool into salt water pool: Steps to Converting Your Pool to Saltwater 1. Balance the water in your … Read more

Should I Get a Salt Water Pool System for My Swimming Pool?

Using a salt water pool system rather than straight chlorine additives are beneficial in a lot of ways and are better for you and the environment. Chlorine produces a gas that comes off of the pool and makes the water hard, whether you can smell it or not. Chlorine pools also cause a lot of … Read more

How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump Each Day?

Pool owners throughout the world seems to have a simple yet dilemmatic question. “How long should I run my pool pump?”. The question probably has an obvious answer but many pool owners fail to get an appropriate understanding. Thus they end up running pool pump all day long, or not long enough to make one … Read more