Chlorine vs Non-chlorine Shock

To keep your swimming pool bacteria-free, you will need to add the right amount of chemicals to the water. Swimming pools are treated with chlorine tablets to provide safe swimming conditions, but chlorine can irritate the skin and eyes. You also have to wait 24 hours before entering a pool that has had a harsh … Read more

How do I maintain the chlorine level in my pool?

It’s summer again, and we all know that means getting your pool ready for backyard BBQs and good times spent with friends and family! As the lucky owner of a pool, you definitely don’t regret your decision to invest in something that makes entertaining a breeze and allows you a bit of enjoyment when the … Read more

Is it better to use liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets?

Developed to help you destroy bacteria brought around by other pool users and naturally occurring microorganisms such as algae, chlorine helps to keep your pool clean and safe. That said, the chlorine levels in your pool might decline naturally over time. When this occurs, you may have to add some chlorine to the pool water, … Read more

How Do You Use Sodium Bisulfate In a Pool?

Are you familiar with the names pH down, pH decreaser or dry acid which are known to lower the pH as well as the total alkalinity of your pool?  If your answer is yes, then somehow, you’ll have an idea as to what is sodium bisulfate for pools. Sodium bisulfate is dry acid via: … Read more

Is Too Much Algaecide in Pool Bad?

You probably love using your pool with family and friends, especially in the heat of the summer months. However, the challenge comes up in ensuring the pool is clean and suitable for use. Being able to regulate the amount of pool products is sometimes not easy. And, this can make the pool uncomfortable to use. … Read more

Baquacil vs Chlorine

Imagine the perfect swimming pool, and the image of sparkling water or swimmers having fun moving through your head. If you want to keep this scene intact, you have to apply the correct techniques to keep your pool clean. It may include ensuring that the pool is well sanitized, and to ensure that its free … Read more

How to Lower Chlorine Levels in Pools

Everyone’s favorite part about summer is swimming. It is a relaxing feeling to be able to enjoy your weekends floating about and feeling the cool water surround your body. If you have a pool at home, it’s even better. Unfortunately, the sacrifice you make as a pool owner is spending a decent amount of your … Read more

What Chemicals are Needed for a Pool?

If this is your first time owning a swimming pool, please be ready. A range of existing pool chemicals might overwhelm you. As a rookie in this department, it is perfectly normal to ask yourself this question: “What chemicals do I need for my pool?” Despite the pool chemicals available on the market, you probably … Read more

How Long After Shocking Pool Can You Swim?

Swimming is considered one of the healthiest sports for us humans. It is quite obvious why – Swimming can help you maintain healthy body weight, and you will instantly feel fresher after swimming. This is the result of the coordination of your body parts while you swim. Apart from that, swimming also enhances your blood … Read more