How Do You Vacuum a Pool Manually? Step by Step Instructions

Keeping your swimming pool clean is essential. The fact that pool can be a relaxing spot to release your stress, of course, you want to maintain its condition. Leaving the swimming pool unmaintained and dirty will cause problems such as unpleasant environment and short pool lifespan. One of ways to clean the swimming pool is by vacuuming. How do you vacuum a pool manually?

Vacuuming is a cleaning mechanism to keep the entire surface clean, even the deepest pool floor. All you need is a vacuum machine with a telescopic pole. For extra cleaning, you probably need a pool wall brush, pool skimmer, and pumice stone. This is step by step instructions to clean your swimming pool with a manual vacuum.

How to Vacuum a Swimming Pool Manually

In order to vacuum swimming pool manually, you have to prepare the equipment. You will need a telescopic pole, hose, and vacuum head. If needed, you may also prepare large tape. Before going straightly to the pool, you have to make sure that the vacuum is suitable for swimming pool. When everything is ready, follow this instruction for vacuuming manually:

1. Assembling vacuum

First, assemble the vacuum cleaner. Attach the pole to the hose and to vacuum head. Make sure each part is connected properly. Check for two or three times whether or not the connection is loose. You have to be careful in connecting the pole to the vacuum head. Leaving the connection lose makes you eventually lose the vacuum head.

2. Put the head down

Pool vacuum head /

When everything is ready and each part is firmly connected, you can start to put the vacuum head down into the pool. Do it really carefully. No need to rush because you will make the water runs wild. Surely it will make the vacuuming process more difficult.

While feeding the hose, you have to make sure that air is totally eliminated from the hose. You can see whether or not bubbles are still rising from the vacuum head. Failure in eliminating the air while the hose already in contact with the bottom of your pool will cause a big problem. Connecting the hose to pump in such condition means you are burning the pump. Therefore, you have to be careful in putting down the hose.

3. Plug the hose to vacuum port

If you are sure enough that air has been eliminated from the hose, pass it through the skimmer door and plug into the vacuum port. Do this process carefully, unless you want to damage your pool equipment.

4. Start vacuuming

When everything is ready, you can turn on the vacuum and let it do its job. The suction process will begin. All you need to do is controlling the direction of your vacuum head.

Besides, you also need to check the connection between hose and vacuum head periodically. It is also important to recheck the vacuum inlet. Make sure it is only vacuum inlet that is open to the pump to avoid other particles to be sucked.

5. Vacuum properly

You cannot vacuum the swimming pool randomly. Just like when you are vacuuming a carpet, you have to do it in the exact same way. Begin with vacuuming the shallow end, then slowly move to the deep end. Do not move the vacuum head too fast. Slow movement with long strokes will give you clean result without too much effort.

The other reason why you should not vacuum too fast is because rushing will kick up the debris. Unless sucking it into vacuum head, the debris will hover over the head. It means your cleaning is not effective at all because the debris will get back to the floor. You have to wait for another minute to let them set so that you can start sucking again. Surely it is not what you want while cleaning the pool, right?

Once you find the vacuum head stuck, switch off your pump for a break. Start again and check whether or not the vacuum head is still blocked. Also, pay attention to your filter pressure. If you feel the pressure is above the level, backwash the filter before continuing your job.

6. Cleaning the equipment

The last part of cleaning the pool with vacuum manually is cleaning the equipment. It is essential to bring them back into clean condition after each use. Rinse the equipment using clean, fresh water. It helps you lengthen the life of your equipment. Indirectly, it helps you save cost for replacing the equipment too often.

How to Clean Swimming Pool with Skimmer

Pool vacuum skimmer /

How do you vacuum a pool manually without losing water? If you do not want to lose water, then you need to try this cleaning method. Aside from using a vacuum head, you can also use a skimmer.

This tool is commonly used by pool owners because it is pretty easy to operate. Skimmer works effectively by drawing water into the system. It uses a skimming technique, allowing the skimmer to remove debris.

This cleaning system has a basket to keep the debris and also pipe to bring the water back. Skimmer is considered as the best cleaning method for concrete inground pool. Not only that, skimmer can also be used as vacuum also.

Skimmer is actually very easy to operate. You simply attach the skimmer into the vacuum, then turn on the pump. It works even better because this combination can increase the suction power. As a result, it will clean your pool better.

Before vacuuming pool with a skimmer, it is very important to remove large debris. The debris potentially clog the pipe, which is surely dangerous for the equipment. Considering this, it is recommended to take a glance at the bottom of your pool. Once you find it is clear from large debris, you can start vacuuming using a skimmer.