How to use an Air Pillow

What is an air pool pillow?

It is simply an air pillow with the special design of thick gauge vinyl and it is placed below the cover of the pool to protect your pool and cover throughout the winter from the encroaching ice and snow.

Here, you may suspect that it is only a pillow and how can it protect the pool in cold weather?. But, it is totally true because it is an air pillow with a specially designed to withstand the extreme temperatures of the weather. It’s unique, it’s quality, it’s handy, it’s reasonably priced, it’s easy to use. That means it’s super to own!

The most significant reasons why you need to use an air pool pillow

The main purpose of an air pool pillow is to protect your pool from expanding ice. Remember that if you do not use an air pillow, your winter cover will stay right on the top of the water and the ice will surely expand outwards. Consequently, your pool cover, your pool liner and even your pool walls will be significantly affected due to the spreading ice. Moreover, using the air pool pillow is also a good way to control the distribution of the water weight. Particularly, the air pillow will prevent water from pooling in the center of the cover. And then, the weight of the water is distributed around the air pillow.

And here is an amazing link that we have already selected to help you clearly understand the reason why you should have an air pool pillow to secure your pool from the severe weather.

How to use a pool air pillow as simple as possible?

In fact, to optimize the usage for you, we have found the best solution for you to easily install. They are clearly mentioned below:

Important required items:
Air pool pillow
Thin ropes
Bricks or other heavy weights
Air blower ( air pump or shopvac)
Conical hose and connection
How to do it:

To set up the air pool pillow, it is not difficult, by contrast, you just follow 6 steps below, and you can be sure that your swimming pool will be protected:

Step 1: Inflate your air pillow thanks to the air blower.

Step 2: Fill the pillow between ½ & ¾ full to allow for expansion pressure.

Step 3: Immediately seal your air pillow by closing the pillow.

Step 4: Use a long rope to tie one corner of the air pillow and repeat this process with the opposite corner.

Step 5: Try to fix the air pillow in the center of the pool with the conical hose and connection.

And to help you easily to set up your air pool pillow, this link will be helpful for you:

Suggesting some prime air pool pillow

In the competitive market of the air pool pillow, choosing the best pillow for your pool is not an easy job, below are some of the best- seller products that I believe that will be better for you.

Winter Pool Cover Air Pillow

Blue Wave Air Pillow

In The Swim Air Pillow

Beyond the original air pool pillow, the appearance of the Pool Pillow Pal is a good news for the pool owners. This type of pillow is not only effective in protecting your swimming pool from the bad effects of winter, but also in terms of convenience during installation and affordability in price.

With a specially designed industrial strength hook-and-loop technology, the Pool Pillow Pal formulated for subfreezing conditions and is not publicly available. It is certainly connect and center your air pool pillow to the winter cover without the supporting of ropes or ties.

The process of setting up the pool pillow pal can be summarized in 2 simple steps:

Attach the white cover patch to the center of your winter cover (round or oval) and the black pillow patch to the center of your air pool pillow.
And then, inflate the pillow at a certain limit of about 80% of the capacity, connect the air pool pillow to the winter cover, and float the winter cover and the air pillow in place as one integrated unit.

So, the Pool Pillow Pal will maintain in the center of your swimming pool and protect your swimming pool throughout the winter. In case of the confusion about the installation, the shared clip below will clearly explain the process for you:

As I mentioned above, the existence of the air pool pillow attributes to solve the problem of the pool owners in preserving their swimming pool in the severe atmosphere in the winter. The air pool pillow is not only sufficient in secure your pool from spreading the ice, manage the distribution of the water weight but also it offers a wonderful ease in installation and use. In terms of the cost, that will not be a concern for you because it is launched at reasonable prices but still ensures the quality. Along with the specifics and many clips shared above, we hope you find it easy to install and operate the air pool pillow for your own swimming pool. If you have any further questions regarding the selection and use of this product, do not hesitate to share it under the comment section, we will respond promptly to help you clearly understand about this wonderful air pool pillow. Besides, we have also recommended some of outstanding products in the succession of the air pool pillow in today’s market, why don’t you right away reach this meaningful information and find the own air pool pillow for your pool?

More importantly, I have also suggested the Pool Pillow Pal – an impressing air pool pillow with lots of convenience: effectiveness in protecting the pool, convenience in installing and affordability in price. We hope that all of the selecting information which we share from the beginning to the end is helpful for you and you will find it’s no matter to find the best solution to protect your swimming pool in the severe weather conditions.