How to Clean a Sand Pool Filter

Did you once hear a sand filter when it comes to caring your pool? It’s a handy appliance to treat pool water regarding the liquid purification.

The broad, square-shaped tank is made up of durable fiberglass loaded with the specific type of sand. Based on the appearance, the granular material looks jagged, rough, and unhygienic.

How does the device run its operation? The filtering process starts on when the grimy water goes into an inlet pipe filter straight away from the pool. It’s linked to the head of water distribution situated deep inside the interior part.

Once the dirt is trapped in the sand section, the sand particles do their tasks including picking up the debris and dirt and taking them off.

The pool sand filter has been applied to a large number of tourism industries in the world, be it an accommodation sector or commercial swimming pools in a water park. Not only does this kind of filter provide clean water, but it also seriously affects the chemistry balance that your pool water needs to have.

Yes, installing a sand filter is such an impeccable idea for the most part pool owners. Yet, in order for it to work properly for a longer period, it is obviously vital that you keep the tool stay sanitary and know how to clean pool sand filter.

Why You Need to Have Sand Filter at Your Pool

Some might keep wondering why each pool proprietor should own this guy whereas other pool filters may be more outstanding than that. Here is the thing; a pool sand filter features an efficacious mechanism that enables the users to have automatic cleaning

It is designed to the most demanding application and most significantly keeps your swimming area in a good condition.

When to Clean Your Sand Filter

Sand Filter /

There are actually no standard rules with reference to when you are required to clean the sand filter up. However, having a regular basis like setting how many times a week or a month you do the thorough cleanup should be taken into account.

The key determinant you can’t disregard is your consistency of making the filter remains fresh and spotless.

The substantial problem faced by most out of people is no other than filter’s blockage. When the debris and dirt successfully clog the interior system, the water flow must find some obstacles due to the rising pressure inflicted.

To indicate whether the stream is fine or not, you had better install a sand filter equipped with either an outlet or inlet pressure gauge and check out the pressure differential. Normally, it signifies “clean” if the scale is around 3 to 5 psi.

How about to measure the tool showing something alarming? The simplest way to do is to take a look the pressure level – if it reaches out to 16 or 20 psi or between the figures, it’s definitely time to cleanse your sand filter. Backwashing ought to be done when the range of pressure is about 8 to 10 psi.

How to Clean Pool Sand Filter

Here are a couple of ways you can apply on how to clean pool sand filter. Check these following steps out:

1. Ready the pool for full clean-up

The early thing you need to do is to switch off the pool’s pump. Then, move the sand filter’s handle to the position of backwash and let the tool’s whole bottle unfilled by uncovering the skimmer – the small mouth is located just at the side of the swimming pool.

Turn on the pool’s pump straight away for about 5 to seconds. The main objective of doing this is to transfer the cleaner from skimmer basket to the filter via a pump.

2. Switch off the pool’s pump again

If the previous step is turning off the pump with a handle on the backwash position, this time, you need to allow the handle to be placed in the closed position for about 2 to 3 hours

3. Settle the sand

Place the filter’s handle to the backwash position and switch on the pump. Be sure to let the backwash process take place until the water is clean – this one usually runs about 5 minutes. Afterwards, turn off the swimming pool pump again and move the handle to wash thoroughly.

In order for the sand to nicely settle in the pool filter; turn on the pump for around 30 seconds.

4. Get the normal function back

Last but not least, you should turn off the swimming pool pump again. Don’t forget to let the handle on the filter mode position and switch on the pump.


The steps on how to clean pool sand filter are arguably easy to follow. With the proper maintenance and regular cleanup, this device must be long-lasting and superfine.