How To Choose An Above Ground Pool Liner

Pool liners play an important part in a residential built-in swimming pool.  It is usually a watertight PVC bag. There are different types of swimming pool like aboveground pools, sunken pools or inground pools. They also are of various shapes.

Therefore, every pool has a liner which suits well. You should go for a liner which will be perfect for your swimming pool. This article on how to choose the best pool liners will guide you on all you need to know about pool liners, read on.

Why do you need a pool liner?

Pool liners are the most common type of pool coating due to their advantages. Let’s go through some of their benefits:

  • A pool liner makes the pool watertight.
  • Pool liners can be fixed to any swimming pool.
  • It is strong and algae resistant, UV resistant or even non-slip depending with the option you choose.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It has a smooth surface with a pleasant touch, therefore, cannot cause any injuries.
  • Liners can adapt to pool sizes and shapes.
  • It is easy to replace and so it’s ideal for refurbishment.

When should  you replace your pool liners?

  • If your liner has wrinkles on it
  • When you have found some leakage areas.
  • When the surface becomes slippery.
  • When the color or pattern has faded

How to choose the best pool liners? The durability of a pool liner depends on various factors and maintenance practices such as the quality of the liner, type of cleaning agents used, type of chemicals utilized in the pool, and direct exposure to direct sunlight.

All those conditions determine the duration you can maintain your pool liner in better condition. The sterner the conditions are, the faster the liner will fade away.

How many types of pool liners are there?

Above ground beaded

These liners are inserted into a track which makes them different from another type. Sometimes they break into a specially designed channel within the pool structure.

This is known as the bead receiver and is a continuous unbroken line around the whole pool rim. They usually have a straight up and down style which has a flat top and a crochet hook style latch. These liners are heavy duty and are made of a durable vinyl material.

Above ground unit bead

They are also known as J-hook liners. The liner has the same shape like an upside down J and is usually fixed to the inside wall of the pool. These liners do not require strips or coping strings to keep them in place.

Heavy-duty vinyl is used to manufacture them are durable. It’s a unique type of liner as it is virtually adaptable to any above ground pool and can be used as a beaded liner as well. They usually fit in pool heights of 48 to 54 inches and measures 25 gauge in thickness.

Due to their design, they can also be adapted to unit bead liners. To fix it in place, you just need to tear off the excess lining at the dotted line.

Above ground Overlap

An overlap pool liner is attached in a way which overlaps the top edge of your swimming pool walls. It is covered with coping strips which keep it in place and holds it firmly to the pool.

Strips can either be in tube style or flat ribbon. If you select this type of liner, you should take accurate measurements of the pool so that you can get the correct length. These liners are made of a very durable vinyl which is hard to tear easily unless you abuse it with a sharp blade. They come in different colors and are available for purchase in 20 or 25 gauge vinyl.

Above ground Expandable

These are very great liners and are designed to accommodate any extra vinyl which might be needed if the pool is long enough for a deep end. They provide an additional depth of 2 to 3 feet.

Expandable liners can only be installed in oval shape pools and should have a buttress strap which runs over the middle. In case you are installing a thick, durable, vinyl expandable liner, it has better ensure that it is strapped correctly. If this is not well done, you might end up with wrinkles in the floor of your pool.

What should you consider when choosing a pool liner?

Select the best pool liner material

How to choose the best pool liners? Pool liners are made using vinyl or plastic. Plastic ones are cheaper, but vinyl is the best since they are durable and keeps water in the pool more efficiently.

Vinyl also contains Ultra Violent inhibitors and an acrylic topcoat that protects the liner and the pool from the effects of direct sunlight. With regular use and proper maintenance, a quality vinyl liner can last from 10 to 15 years.

Measure your pool

In case you have a round pool, you should measure the height of the wall and the diameter. For oval and rectangular designs, measure the width, length and the height of the pool. You can contact the contractor who built the pool or your supplier if you are not sure about your pools measurements. This will help you to get the required information.

Choose a suitable design that you love

Although most pool liners are blue, after-market liners offer a wide variety of colors and patterns. The color of the liner is an important factor to consider and has a practical impact on your pool experience, not just aesthetic.

Dark liners can make the water warmer under direct sunlight. Dark colors enhance a free thermal heating. If you live in a warmer area, you should look for a light colored liner.

Determine the thickness your pool requires

The information contained in your pool’s information should specify the typical thickness or liner grade to be used. Thicker liners are more durable and are reliable indicators of how long you should expect to use it under normal conditions. Liner thickness varies from the standard 20 gauge to the more rugged 35 gauge.

To answer the “How To Choose The Best Pool Liners?” question, we have selected some of the best pool liners for you. Let’s go through them to get the best one for you.

Pool Liner Reviews



  • Easy to set up

  • Creates a smooth wall

  • It prevents rusting

Our Rating



  • Very easy to clean

  • Wide range of sizes & colors

  • Made of a vinyl material

Our Rating




  • Easy to install and maintain

  • Built-in UV protection feature

  • Has a 25 years warranty

Our Rating

1. Shark Nation – 24 Ft. Overlap Pool Liner

Shark Nation – 24 Ft. Overlap Pool Liner is one of the best pool liners. Apart from its attractive décor of course, it has a premium quality which is made of superior swimming pool vinyl.

This liner has a  high-grade quality which means that you will not only be protected from Ultra violet rays of the sun but also from chemicals contained in the pool’s water. It has a 25 years warranty, and this ensures the quality of the product is guaranteed.


  • Shark Nation – 24 Ft. Overlap Pool Liner are easy to install and maintain

  • They contain a built-in UV protection feature which offers freedom from sun rays.

  • They are cheaper as compared to the J- beaded pool liners.


  • Easy to get wrinkles due to incorrect measurements

  • They can only be used in 48’, 52’ and 54’ inches pool heights only.


2. 24 ft Round Overlap Swimming Pool Liner – 25 Gauge (Antilles Dolphin)

The best thing about this product is that it comes in a wide range of sizes and colors. 24 Ft. Round Overlap Swimming Pool Liner has a thickness of about 25 gauge and is ideal for 48-52 inches constant depth pools.

It is made of a vinyl material which ensures that you are 100% protected from ultraviolet rays or some harmful chemicals. This liner is completely protected against wrinkling and getting folded. It comes with a warranty of 25 years.



  • Overlap Swimming Pool Liners are easier to install as compared to the beaded liners.

  • They are less expensive than the beaded liners

  • If you are slightly wrong when measuring, you don’t have to worry because they allow some room for errors. This is because they have an additional length

  • They offer great room for adjustments.

  • These liners are very easy to clean.

  • They are also easy to repair in case of accidents

  • It has a hand folded flat to reduce wrinkling.

  • Has an extra heavy duty material which is made of vinyl.


  • They are only ideal for swimming pools with a height of 48 to 54 inches.


3. Amor Shield Above Ground Pool Liner

This liner provides a vital layer of protection between the pool liner and the ground below. It does not matter whether the base of your pool is soil or sand, this liner is made of polypropylene geotextile material which prevents tears and punctures to your pool.


  • Armor shield above Ground Pool liner is easy to install

  • The fabric allows water to pass through which prevents molds and mildew from growing.

  • If is ideal for different pool shapes and sizes.


  • It is only suitable for above ground pools


4. Gladon 100-feet Roll Above Ground Pool Wall Foam


This is an excellent pool liner to consider to buy because it’s sturdy and can last for an extended period if it is well maintained. The major advantage is that it prevents rusting. It also protects your pool from any puncturing which helps your pool to the last longer.


  • Gladon 100-Feet Roll is easy to set up

  • It creates a smooth wall for your above ground pool

  • You don’t have to fear about leakages.


  • It is only suitable for above ground pools


5. 24ft Roung Beaded x 48’’ Riviera Above Ground Pool Liner



Just like other premium pool liners, a good liner should be able to offer protection not only from chemicals but also from the UV rays of the sun. This liner is ideal for 48 inches pools.


  • Riviera above Ground Pool Liner has a rap seam construction pattern that protects against unnecessary damage or breakage.

  • It gives a beautiful colored 3d effect, and this adds value to your pool.

  • It is built to offer a heavy duty service to your pool lining and can withstand water pressure.

  • It has an adjustable design- You can adjust it quickly to a height of 48’.

  • It protects against ultraviolet rays which can cause damage to the pool liner.


  • It is expensive than other overlapping pool liners.


Which is The Best Pool Liner?

What have you got so far? It is my hope that now you know a lot about pool liners. As we have seen, pool liners are different. Deciding on the best model sometimes can be a bit challenging.

From the above reviews, we can clearly see that overlap swimming pool liner is the best. This is because unlike other liners, this liner allows a great room for adjustments. It is also easy to clean and more affordable as compared to other liners like the beaded liner. If you are looking for the best, this one might be the one for you. May you find this guide on how to choose the best pool liners helpful.

Do you have anything else you would like to add? Feel free to do so in the comments box below. You can also share if you have liked it.