How to Choose a Pool Cover

Many swimming pool owners are okay for not installing covers. However, installing inground swimming pool cover provides benefits that can cover the costs. Since swimming pools in every house have unique specifications, you must choose and even customize the cover for your needs. 

Safety is a popular reason to install a cover. If you have a pet or small child, the cover will prevent falling accidents. It will also prevent animals like frogs and snakes to enter the pool. Some covers have sturdier materials than others, which support more weights. Pool covers also reduce the use of chlorine, since they protect chlorine from evaporating under the sun.

A pool cover also saves energy from the pool-heating feature. The cover reduces evaporation during the hotter season, keeping your pool water in ideal height for heating during winter. If your pool water evaporates too much, you must add new water to keep the pool in ideal height. This means your pool heater must work harder to warm the new water.

Inground pool covers have different models, such as a solar, tarp, and mesh ones. Here are several recommendations before you decide to buy a pool cover.

Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Pool Cover

Sun2Solar Blue rectangle pool cover

A solar bubble pool cover is becoming more popular among environmentally-conscious buyers. It keeps the pool water warm and minimizes evaporation. Sun2Solar has 95 percent of heat retention level, giving you longer swimming hours even during colder days. The small bubbles in its design retain heat longer than many similar products.

The 1200 Series is perfect for a 16 x 32 feet of the swimming pool. It is ideal for a standard small pool in a family house. The product comes with two to four feet of extra material so that you can cut it up to your desired size. Remember, the bubbles must face the water surface to make the heat retention works.

What if your pool is large enough to host an event? Try Sun2Solar Pool Cover for 20 x 40 feet of size. This cover retains heat even at night, keeping the water in comfortable temperature when you open the cover for the next event. Larger size means more bubbles, which trap the sun heat more effectively. 

This solar cover also protects your pool from debris, leaves, and other unwanted materials. However, remember that it cannot support heavy weight. Make sure kids or pets cannot run unsupervised to the pool area, where they can fall in and drown.

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In the Swim Rectangle Solar Blanket Cover

Pool Cover from In The Swim

What if you have a pool with a unique shape? Buy a large, customizable blanket cover. In the Swim solar blanket cover comes in rectangle sheet with small bubbles. However, it is thin enough to cut into any shape you need (including for oval or kidney-shaped pool). The UV-stabilized resin material is light enough to carry but suitable for standard protection level.

In the Swim’s small bubbles retain heat during the day, keeping the water warm when you open it. Make sure to place the bubbles facing the water for the best warm-retaining effect. This cover is unsuitable to hold the heavy load, such as snow.

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Blue Wave Rectangular Safety Cover

Blue Wave pool cover for small and large swimming pool

If you need something sturdier to keep everyone safe, try Blue Wave rectangular safety cover. This cover is made of two-fold mesh layer, able to withstand 4,000-lbs of the load. Brass anchors keep the cover in place when the pool is unused. You don’t need to worry about falling kids or pets, because this cover can hold their weights easily.

Unlike many sturdy covers, the Blue Wave’s mesh surface does not require water pumping. This is because rainwater falls through the mesh pores. It is also ideal for winter protection because it can hold snow. The two-fold design also reduces the possibility of rainwater to seep through. The product comes with a storage bag, so you can keep it nice when not using the cover.

Suitable for extreem weather

Pool owners in areas with extreme weather need sturdier cover. Blue Wave Bronze is a name for strong winter cover that protects your pool from natural elements. The outer part of the cover is rugged polyethylene, which protects the water from the worst winter. It also withstands heavy load, which is great to handle snow buildup. The sturdy cover makes it safer for households with running kids or pets.

The bottom part of the cover is dark, designed to retain heat and keep the water in a comfortable temperature. It also reduces the risk of algae growth, keeping your pool water clean and fresh for the next swimming session. The 20 x 40-foot or other larger sizes are ideal for any slightly-larger house pools. It also comes with extra trimming to adjust with unique pool shapes.

What if you live in a windy area? Several corner grommets keep the cover from being blown by strong wind. The surface also has several loops to keep water bags, which weigh the cover down.

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Pool-Mate 35204RPM Heavy Duty Winter Pool Cover

Pool-Mate 35204RPM inground pool cover

This Pool-Mate swimming pool cover combines light material with better heat-retaining and heavy-duty features. The polyethylene cover is suitable to protect the pool during the harsh winter. The surface can handle snow buildup, rain, and dust. The side parts are solid, blocking materials like debris, dust, and dried leaves.

The bottom part of the cover has black color, which retains heat and prevents algae from growing. However, you still need to open the cover during the warmest month (May or June) to provide circulation and further prevent algae growth. 

Pool-Mate has several loops to insert water cubes for weighing down. A 5-foot overlap provides easier adjustment if you have slightly larger pool size than standard. The overlap is also useful if your pool has prominent features, like buddy-seat or stairs.

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Blue Wave Rectangular Leaf Net (20 x 40 feet)

Blue Wave inground pool cover

If your pool is surrounded by trees, you need extra protection from crumbling foliage. Blue Wave rectangular leaf net has two layers of protection. The mesh part catches the leaves before they touch the second cover layer. This is a perfect solution for the fall season, especially if you get a heavy pile of leaves.

Unlike many similar mesh covers, the Blue Wave has smaller holes. They keep smaller leaves from falling through and rotting on the second cover layer. After fall, you can quickly clear the leaves by removing the mesh top, keeping your second cover ready for winter. Spring cleaning is also easy with this extra protection.

The 20 x 50-foot size is perfect for a family house pool. There is a 3-foot overlap to help you adjust the cover with different pool shape. Blue Wave leaf net is a perfect solution to face the aftermath of a heavy fall.

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An inground pool cover is more than just protection against dust and debris. Some covers are suitable for heavy fall, while others keep the algae from growing.

Simple covers are easy to install, while more complicated ones provide sturdy protection against strong elements.

Choose the right inground pool cover based on your needs. Start from these 10 recommendations to determine your purchase.