how do i keep mosquitoes away from my pool

Relishing a morning dip in the swimming pool under the year-round sun would be so dreamy. However, everything might ruin your swimming joy when wet season comes. The monsoon is indeed the proper term for mosquitoes to thrive and shine.

The notorious midge-like flies truly get attracted to your pool if you don’t take regular maintenance. The still rarely used basin is such a perfect site for the dreadful creatures to breed. And don’t get surprised if it is crowded with a fair amount of mosquito’s eggs, larvae, and pupa.

Take an immediate action, or your friends and families could get affected by a range of serious diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, and even West Nile virus. The presence of those insects is, without doubt, threatening to the human being.

There are actually more ways on how to get rid of mosquitoes in your pool than you can shake a stick at. There is no need to hire a professional letting the people drain your wallet. With a little bit effort, your lovely mosquito-free swimming pool will be back again.

What Invites Mosquitoes to Your Pool?

Mosquitoes unexpectedly inhabiting your cozy pool are somehow irritating.

Their invasion must be as a result of your ignorance. Allowing the big basin to remain unattended could be such a key mistake to blame for. The stagnant water under a condition in which the filter is not operated would be fancied by most out of them.

Stop Mosquitoes from Breeding

Yes, it’s time to take off the core of the problem in your pool – the mosquitoes’ breeding.

Owning a commitment to make great care and maintenance available is the basic solution of all so that the creatures are unable to multiply. Before taking a further measure on how to get rid of mosquitoes in your pool, be sure to know a bit about information the life phase of the animals for the better handling.

Free Your Swimming Pool from Mosquito Problem

Although you deal with a financial problem making you have no access for the exclusive care and buy advanced cleaning tools, still with the brilliant unlimited creativities of yours, you can get the most out of these following ideas – not only are they applicable to anybody but the truth of the approaches is already tested.

Use a Pool Cover

Swimming Pool Cover /

There are a considerable number of advantages of applying a pool cover to your pool by reducing the chlorine consumption to gaining the temperature rise.

Yet out of them, preventing mosquitoes to live and breed in the swimming pool is the most significant of all. Get the finest equipment which could stand for a long time.

Fill Tree Holes

Tree Holes / 
Is your pool a stone’s throw away from trees? If yes, keep looking carefully at them whether their stems are perforated. They could be such a pleasurable medium for mosquitoes to develop. For the anticipation, fill the tree holes with concrete. And try to avoid gravel and sand for the filling.

Eliminate Potential Standing Water

It is not a secret that mosquitoes do love standing water and lay their eggs on it. Thus, make sure to let your pool keep running for a longer period during the day – you can actively use it from dawn to dusk.

This step is fundamentally a must to keep the flying bloodsuckers away from the swimming area.

Add Larvicide to Suspect Water

Larviciding is another environmentally friendly method definitely effective to kill the mosquito larvae with larvicide. The insecticide is comprised of bacteria – Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis and Bacillus sphaericus.

It is not only apt for your pool but also other outdoor areas such as saltwater marshes and irrigation ditches.

Filter Your Pool Water Regularly

Running the pool filter regularly around 3 to 4 hours per day is a proper way to create sanitized water which the mosquitoes hate. The dingy version is prone to the growth of algae that must be the best food source for the insects. This tool is also great to balance the water’s chemistry.

Plant a Garden

Plant a garden near your pool / 
Besides adding the aesthetic value to your pool, the presence of garden is, in fact, remarkable to get rid of endangering flies. Grow the mosquito-repellent plants and place them next to the dipping area.

Some of the perennials sending out a distinctive scent include horsemint, citronella, ageratum, marigolds, as well as catnip – these types of flowers are the source of their hatred.


Putting two and two together with those ideas specifically on how to how to get rid of mosquitoes in your pool is nothing but exceptional. Those methods are pretty easy to follow, less expensive, and most importantly efficacious in exterminating the animals and their generation.