How do I keep frogs away from my pool?

The number of people who are interested on swimming each weeks are always never reduced and even increasing like when the famous swimmer Michael Phelps promote this kind of sport.

As the swimming pool owner, you will find that having a good, clean and safe swimming pool will make decent money. However, one of the defiance on maintaining the swimming pool is when the frogs are interested to comes by.

It would be a big loss whenever on summer vacation, many people comes to swim at yours but you find the annoying frogs in your pool and they feel disgusted. You need to prepare at first because there are many Simple Ways to Keep Frogs Out of Your Pool.

Understand what makes the animals comes to your pool

At the very beginning, you have to understand what causing those frogs and other animals are interested to your pool, since that is considered as the prevention action before you applying the various simple ways to keep frogs out of your pool. At night, check at your swimming pool lighting system. It may interesting enough to attract the night bugs to comes. Even more, when your swimming pool light are reflected to the water.

However before you try our tips at your pool, you have to know that scientist founds out that for human health, interaction between the frogs and human in a pool will not harm us since the modern pool use the safe chemical ingredient in pool water maintenance which will kill any bacteria who comes with the swimmer or even from frogs.

To make the optimal protection, here is the list of action that you can try to keep animals from your pool:

1. Install a frog log (frog ladder)

Why frogs loves your pool?
Why frogs loves your pool? /

As mentioned before that the frogs will leave no harm to human health. You already applying all tips in this article as the simple ways to keep frogs out of your pool but they finally make it into your pool at night, to hunt the insects who trapped at your swimming pool. Once the frogs jumped in and finishing it’s hunting, frogs can not stay forever at the water and need to rest at the branch or others stuff.

To prevent dead animals in your pool, you can help them by installing a frog log, which is some kind of a ladder which float at the water surface and connected to the pool side wall so the frogs will able to climb out from your pool. No one may see this process but it will works.

2. Clean the weeds

Weeds will make the humidity and the good microclimate suitable for many insects like grasshopper or others. Always keep in mind that the frogs will comes, whenever there is their food source.

Further, a thick weed will makes a good hiding spot for any animal, even the snakes who will put anyone in danger. Another thing is, the dense and humid weeds will be the perfect hiding spot for mosquitoes which is danger for human health.

3. Turn the lights at swimming pool off at night

As mentioned at the beginning, lights will attract the bugs and insects to comes. At night, if the pool is not used, always keep the lights at your swimming pool off. It will reduced your electric bill. That is also considered as the win-win solution on the implementation of simple ways to keep frogs out of your beloved swimming pool.

4. Put the insects distraction lighting on at night

I you need to use the swimming pool at night, you may turn the distraction lights on. This distraction light is installed outside the swimming pool area at the dark place. It may not completely avoiding the insects to comes at your swimming pool, at least it will reduce their numbers.

5. Cover your swimming pool

Cover your pool when you won't be using it for a few days
Cover your pool when you won’t be using it for a few days /

Another way to keep frogs from your swimming pool is by using cover at your swimming pool. It will not simply preventing the frogs physically only, but also keep the insects (considered as the frogs preys) also will not comes by from the reflected light at the water.

Covering the pool surface is a simple work, but need to have the following action by keeping the covers dry once it removed from the pool surface. Otherwise, it will produce the bad smell which may contaminate the water at the swimming pool.

6. Build the proper fence

Build the proper fence at your swimming pool. No need to build the expensive ones, but using the simple wood fence with no hole is enough to prevent the frogs to comes. More over, this simple fence will protect your swimming pool from another uninvited wild animals.

7. Turn on the artificial fountain

By turning the artificial fountain, it will makes the water rippled and prevent the lights reflection. Moreover, rippled water is not suitable for insects to hop on before laying the eggs. Remember that less insects means less probability of frogs appearance.

8. Heating up the swimming pool water

Frogs will not attracted to jump into the hot water. This tip is not considered as the environment friendly since it will consume lots of electricity. To trade this off, you can use the solar cell water heater as the solution. The solar cell will saving the electric power during the day time and use it to power the water heater instrument at night.