How do I get water for my pool?

Filling or refilling pool water can be troubling if you don’t know the right ways to fill it. If you have a large swimming pool, filling up your swimming pool water is not as simple as filling up the water to the pool.

You need to consider the equipment, like the hose and the source of water for the pool. Furthermore, you also need to clean and scrub the pool from the dirt and algae.

This activity may take time. Therefore, you need to have the right guide to have a filling swimming pool water method. Once you know the right steps to do, the pool is ready to use.

1. Prepare the Equipment

Before you fill the pool, you need to prepare:

  • Pool water test kit
  • Long-handled brush
  • Pool chemicals, as needed
  • Garden hose
  • Chlorine Shock
  • 5-gallon bucket or more (depend on the size of the pool)

2. Set the Expansion Plug

After preparing all the equipment, take out the expansion plug from the wall returns and pool skimmers if you make your swimming pool resistant against the winter.

Set and install the plug to the proper fittings in its place. You can dismiss this step if the pool is new.

3. Set and Connect the Pool Accessories

Set all the equipment and assemble it. Connect the underwater light fixtures of the pool, pump, filtration system, and other operating supplementary accessories.

Install and attach the drain plugs in the pump, heater, filter, and other supporting items. Read the whole following guide carefully because the products consist of a wide variety of procedures and styles.

If you are not sure, it is advisable to consult the professional pool instructor for more detail guidance.

4. Set the Hose

Using a hose to add new water to the pool will take forever to fill up (

Either this is your first time to fill or refill the pool, you need to set the hose. Look at the hose carefully and check whether there are sharp edges or not on the hose. The sharp edges could break the swimming pool liner.

Link a garden hose to the outdoor faucet. Extend the hose across to the pool. Make sure the hose is far away from the electrical lines, plugs, or hazards. Use a pool water service to order the water and fill the pool.

Put the end of the hose on the hopper’s bottom, turn on the water and let the water fill up the pool.

5. Fill up the Water

After you order the pool water service and set up all the equipment, including the hose, fill the pool with the water until it gets to the middle of the skimmer of the surface. Try to avoid going around in an empty pool, both above-ground and in-ground. Take out all the objects from the pool because the empty pool is easily broken. 

Use the pool water filter to cover the pool water inlet. Keep in mind that to fill the pool may take time. It takes about a few hours to a few days, depending on if you have your water ordered or use your garden hose manually.

If you prefer to order the water, you can fill pool water in 6,000 gallons in only about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, it takes a little extra time to set up the garden hose and fill the pool.

6. Clean the Pool

Scrub the pool floor while the water is filling

As the water is filling, it is recommended for you to clean up the bottom of the pool by using a long-handled brush. Get rid of the large debris and leaves.

Rub the wall around the pool to remove dirt, algae, and other contaminants as the water level go up.

7. Turn on the Pool Filtration System

The next step to do is to turn on the pool filtration system. Plug in also other supporting accessories once the water level goes up to the pool filter inlets. Follow the directions provided by the pump manufacturer by priming the pump.

Check the holes or leak thoroughly. Put your hand over the outlet and inlet hoses to try out for blowing and sucking force.

Discharge all the equipment as soon as possible and solve the problem immediately if you find the trouble from the water pressure of the inlets.

8. Chlorinate the Water from the Pool

Chlorinating the water from tkdiihe pool is the next step to do. People often use the term ‘shock the water’. Use approximately dissolved in a 5-gallon bucket of water and 3 pounds of shock.

Scatter the shock to the entire pool perimeter. It is advisable to read and follow the instructions from the product recommendation of a specific amount of shock.

9. Check on the Pool Water’s pH

After shocking the water, use the pool test kit to try out and adjust the total alkalinity, the pH of the pool water, and other measurements as recommended.

If you are not sure with the ways how the pool test kit and another detail information, ask for help from a pool speciality shop or a pool specialist.

In conclusion, these 9 steps indeed can help you to do filling pool water correctly. If you are in doubt to do it by yourself, call a pool specialist to help you to fill the pool water.