Hayward AquaNaut Review

With the Hayward AquaNaut pool cleaner, you can experience the most complete clean your pool has ever seen. The AquaNaut features Hayward’s self-adjusting vanes, called V-Flex technology, which help to maximize power no matter the flow while allowing for the easy passage of large dirt and debris.

With its variable pre-programmed internal steering options, the AquaNaut is sure to clean both shallow and deep ends, including the walls. The AquaNaut is easy to maintain, and with its robust tire treads, it easily navigates its way around your pool, avoiding obstacles like steps or drains.

Hayward AquaNaut Features

  • Maintains constant suction
  • Optimal suction for any flow
  • Variety of pre-programmed steering sequences
  • Handles large debris without clogging
  • Soft rubber tire treads
  • Works on any surface
  • Cleans any inground pool
  • Self-adjusting roller skirts
  • Different sized inlets for suction
  • Two-year warranty

Product Highlights

Auto-adjustable V-Flex technology

The turbine vanes on the Hayward AquaNaut are not fixed. It is constructed with the ability to flex, which means that the vanes adjust to let larger pieces of debris through without causing the turbines to stop. As a result, the changes any debris clogging up the turbine is reduced, thanks to Hayward’s V-Flex technology.

Pre-programmed steering

No swimming pool is the same, which is something that makes the AquaNaut’s preprogrammed steering feature useful. The cleaning pattern based on the steering programming provides you with a spotless pool. Its internal steering functionality means the robot pool cleaner can cover your entire pool without getting lodged into tight corners.

Roller skirts with automatic adjustments

The auto-adjusting roller skirts help the Hayward AquaNaut maintain strong suction power when it navigates over smaller obstructions or surfaces that are not level. Located in front of and to the rear of the central suction inlet, the roller skirts allow the AquaNaut to rise up over obstacles, then come back down after it has passed beyond the obstruction. Doing so prevents the AquaNaut from losing power in its suction as it navigates throughout the pool

Raised section tire treads

The tire treads on the Hayward AquaNaut has a raised section that allows it to maneuver effortlessly over drains, uneven surfaces, or other obstacles that lurk in your pool. The robot cleaner makes use of the raised hump on its tire tread to determine the track of the wheel RPM, and make adjustments on the fly to the RPM, which help the AquaNaut run at its best, giving you a complete cleaning cycle.

Cleans any surface

With its rubberized tires, you don’t have to worry about any damage being done to your pool, no matter what type of surface it is made of. The Hayward AquaNaut has no troubles with Pebble, Gunite, Tile, Fiberglass, or Vinyl. No matter the surface type, the AquaNaut robot cleaner is sure to get the job done.

Various inlet throat sizes

The Hayward AquaNaut includes three different sized suction inlets which help the robot pool cleaner clean more efficiently. Use the small inlet when the pump for your pool is small, or when you are using low flow variable pump speed. Use the medium-sized inlet if you have a medium sized swimming pool with standard flow rates. Insert the largest inlet if you have a large-sized swimming pool with a high flow pump.

Three model types available

The Hayward AquaNaut comes in three different models:

  • AquaNaut 200 offers 2-wheel drive and is designed for pools measuring 16’ x 32’.
  • AquaNaut 400 model is 4-wheel drive and works with larger pools that have deep ends and measure 20’ x 40’.
  • AquaNaut 450 is a 4-wheel drive robot that like the 400 model is made for larger pools that have deep ends up to 16’ x 32’. The 450 can be retrofitted to work with pools measuring up to 20’ x 40’ and an option for a steering cam installed by a professional. Keep in mind that you can only have the camera installed by a local pool representative.

Pros of the Hayward AquaNaut

  • Easy Installation
  • High-quality and durable
  • Power-adjusting turbine
  • Cleans floor and walls
  • Advanced tire tread design helps to navigate obstacles
  • Simple to maintain
  • Energy efficient
  • Doesn’t get stuck in corners
  • Works with speed pumps
  • Two-year warranty

Cons of the Hayward AquaNaut

  • Rough pool surfaces can damage tire treads
  • Does not include filter bag
  • Dirt is transferred to the pool’s filtration system
  • Large pieces of debris can get stuck in turbine vane

What Others Are Saying

According to the majority of customers, the Hayward AquaNaut does exactly what it is intended to do: clean your pool in its entirety, which includes the walls. Most users admit that the installation is easy and that the robot pool cleaner keeps their pool nice and clean. Some mention the high-quality of the unit and expect it to last for years to come, while others enjoy the AquaNaut’s ability to navigate throughout the pool on its own.

Some customers, however, mention that they are unable to provide sufficient power to the device in order for it to successfully climb the walls of their pool. A few even say that it often turns over onto its side a large part of the time, while others say that the AquaNaut gets stuck on the pool’s main drain occasionally.

Thoughts on the Hayward AquaNaut Robot Pool Cleaner

There is no perfect or complete robot pool cleaner on the market today, and the Hayward AquaNaut is no exception. Having said that, it does offer more benefits than drawbacks. Its V-Flex technology give the robot the ability to capture large debris without clogging, while its internal steering system helps the AquaNaut to navigate your pool without getting stuck.

The tire treads on the AquaNaut prevent it from becoming lodged on the main drain, and with its soft treads, you know your pool isn’t going to suffer a lot of damage, no matter what type of surface you have. Hayward’s AquaNaut robot pool cleaner is not without its flaws, but if you’re looking for a durable, flexible cleaner, then you’ve come to the right place. The AquaNaut pool cleaner just might be the right robot for you.