Dolphin M400 Review

Pool maintenance is probably one of the hardest things to do when you own a pool. You have to find ways to keep cleaning and filtering the water while ensuring that there are no leaves and debris left behind. If you want to keep the pool and pool water in its best condition, you would have to maintain its cleanliness and invest in an appliance that will get things done.

Automatic pool ​cleaners are independent of the pool’s main filter and pump system and are powered by an entirely different power source. There are currently a lot of robot pool cleaners that are available in the market so you would really have to check which one will effectively do the job for your pool’s needs. Here are the advantages of choosing the Dolphin M400 over than any other robotic pool cleaner that is available out there.

In-Depth ​Review Of Dolphin M400

The Dolphin M400 is a robotic pool cleaning machine that works twice as hard as any pool cleaners out there. It can clean up to pools up to 50 feet in length. If you’re worried that this automatic pool cleaner will just keep going back to the same area it once clean and won’t almost get the job done, then you shouldn’t! This machine is equipped with CleaverClean technology which is powered by advanced navigation systems and scanning software. This means that it can accurately and effectively clean your pool’s walls, floor, and waterline. It will clean every surface area of your pool using, of course, the most efficient route.

The system automatically navigates around obstacles so it won’t really get stuck somewhere along your pool and it can quickly return to its route on its own.

Indeed, that’s the most clever feature any robotic pool cleaner can get. So you’re not only saving on time, but you also save on energy with the M400’s precise navigation feature.

It also has a dynamic dual 360-degree drive which provides maximum maneuverability and coverage. Its dual drive motor can cover all pool grounds, regardless of its shape, slope, and obstacles. The M400 is also equipped with dual-level filtration to ensure that you will have the cleanest pool possible. The dual-layer filtration separates and filters rough, fine, and ultra-fine dirt for highly efficient and clog-free filtration. You just have to make sure that you clean out the filter after every use so the Dolphin M400 can function effectively and efficiently on your next application.

Although it’s fully automatic and it can precisely navigate its own, you have control over the M400! There is an available MyDolphin mobile application which you can use to control your Dolphin remotely. You can use this app to activate cleaning programs, weekly timer, etc.

The Dolphin M400 is so durable that it is designed to withstand many seasons. The floats on the handle of the cleaner are used to assist and aid the buoyancy of the cleaner when turning on the bottom of the pool and scrubbing the water line. The buoyancy can also be adjusted by sliding the float out on one side of the M400.

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Specifications and Features:

  • Pool Type: In-ground
  • Cleaner Type: Robotic
  • Connection: Dual drive-motor with own power supply
  • Cleaning Coverage: Floors, walls, waterline

What’s in the box?

  • Dolphin M400 Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • Power supply
  • Power cord
  • Manual and quick start guide

FAQs about M400 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Q. Is there a remote for M400 pool cleaner?

Ans. The M400 is set up for remote control, but it does not physically come with one. You can either purchase a remote or download the MyDolphin app on your mobile for free.

Q. Will this need a filter?

Ans. Yes! This model comes with a filter and mesh when you purchase this product initially while some do not. The dual-layer filter is perfect for all seasons. When the filters need to be changed, you can buy it at stores near you.

Q. How long is the cleaning time?

Ans. There is no fixed and definite length of cleaning time but it can be programmed using the remote or the app. According to the manufacturer, it cleans small size pools for as quick as 1 hour. Pools vary in sizes and shapes, so the time will largely depend on that. It will also depend on the cleanliness of your pool and if there are obstacles along the way.

Q. How will I know if the cartridges are already dirty?

Ans. The Dolphin M400 is included with a feature which will light up when the cartridges are dirty and needs to be changed. When it lights up, you can easily remove the cartridge from the machine, hose it down and put it back in the machine in all under a minute.


  • ​It cleans pools effectively.

  • ​Great for in-ground swimming pools.

  • ​It can navigate ways on its own.


  • ​The handle system may be a little bit hard to understand as it doesn’t come specifically with the manual and quick start guide.

  • ​Heavy to lift out of the water after use.

Bottom line:

The Dolphin M400 is one of the smartest robotic pool cleaners done by Dolphin, yet. This automatic pool cleaner really does the job and customers are actually in love with it. It’s easy to clean, does not need much supervision (which is why you will buy a robotic pool cleaner in the first place), and can clean up even uniquely shaped pools until about 50 feet in length. There’s really nothing much you can ask for with this buddy. Its sturdy and durable design will stand the test of time and are tough on dirt but not on your pool. So, it’s time to skip all the manual cleaning and the search for any other automatic pool cleaner. The Dolphin M400 automatic pool cleaner is the equipment you never knew you needed until you came across it.