What Are the Different Types of Swimming Pools?

Swimming pools come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Knowing the difference between the types can give you a better idea on what works best for your home, family and budget. Here is a list of some of the most common swimming pool types that are available today. endless infinity Types of Above … Read more

Chlorine vs Non-chlorine Shock

To keep your swimming pool bacteria-free, you will need to add the right amount of chemicals to the water. Swimming pools are treated with chlorine tablets to provide safe swimming conditions, but chlorine can irritate the skin and eyes. You also have to wait 24 hours before entering a pool that has had a harsh … Read more

Types of Pool Cleaners

— A swimming pool is one of the most desirable features a home could have. Nothing beats the luxury of being able to take a refreshing dip during the summer months right in your own backyard or simply just lounging around the pool area to unwind. However, you need proper maintenance to get the most … Read more

Best Automatic Pool Cleaners

If you’re looking for the best pool cleaner, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed the top pool cleaners on the market and created a guide to help you find the ideal cleaner for your backyard pool. The most important thing to consider is how large your pool is, as this will determine … Read more

Swimming Pool System

Pool Equipment List Pool Pump Pool Saltwater Chlorinator Pool Filter Pool Heater Pool Automation System Pool Water Chemistry Testing Kit Leaf Skimmer Telescopic Pole Thermometer Algae Brush Pool Equipment Brands Hayward Pentair Zodiac Jandy Sta-Rite Waterway Waterco Paramount In-Floor Cleaning & Circulation Systems Pool System Diagram The pool system is a complex network of pipes, … Read more

How to Vacuum Leaves From a Pool

One of the most annoying things about owning a pool is having to vacuum leaves and debris from it. If you use your pool often or have large trees in the area that set of leaves, chances are you know what a pain it can be to clean the leaves out by hand. If you … Read more

Solar Sun Rings

A solar sun ring is a floating cover for a swimming pool. The rings are made from two sheets of vinyl plastic, which are fused together with hundreds of tiny air pockets inside. How Solar Sun Rings Works Solar Sun Rings are designed so that your pool absorbs heat from the sun during the day, … Read more

How To Choose a Robotic Pool Cleaner

When you are doing your research to buy a robotic pool cleaner, you will find numerous different types of robotic cleaners on the market. There are many brands and models of robotic pool cleaners, each with a different design, features, and price. By taking time to do research on what type of cleaner you want … Read more

How to Clean a Pool Full of Leaves

We all love to swim, but we don’t like the chore of cleaning a pool full of leaves.

Cleaning a pool with leaves is one of the most challenging jobs, especially if you don’t have the right tools. Here are some tricks to make the job easier.

Pool Cleaning Equipment List

Now that you are a pool owner, the next thing you will need is cleaning equipment. Whether your new swimming pool is standard vinyl-lined or gunite and concrete, your pool needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to stay in top shape. Basic pool care requires you to clean the surface of the water and … Read more