Polaris 380 Review

Aside from robotic vacuum pool cleaners, one of the most used automatic cleaners is the pressure side pool cleaner. Basically, these side cleaners are attached to the pressure side (also known as the return side) of your pool’s circulation system. Pressure side cleaners are the ones to choose if you would want a pool vacuum … Read more

Polaris 65 Review

Having an above-ground pool is surely as enjoyable as having an in-ground pool but its not as easy to find maintenance equipment and supplies for it. Materials used for above-ground pools are mostly not compatible with in-ground pool cleaners. Thankfully, technology is on your side on this one too. Innovation and evolution of pool cleaning … Read more

Dolphin M400 Review

Pool maintenance is probably one of the hardest things to do when you own a pool. You have to find ways to keep cleaning and filtering the water while ensuring that there are no leaves and debris left behind. If you want to keep the pool and pool water in its best condition, you would … Read more

Aquabot X4 Review

Everybody loves all-terrain vehicles. These vehicles are powerful and loaded with a lot of advanced features. It can take you to places that no regular vehicle can. Its 4-wheel drive makes it possible to climb rough and uneven terrains. Imagine getting a robotic pool cleaner that can go above and beyond your expectations, cover hard … Read more

Best Pool Floats

Using pool floats in aquatic activity has been widely used in our modern lifestyle. They are not only helpful in many aquatic activities of a swimmer but also a practical means to bond a closed relationship between each member. In fact, there is a variety of pool floats which is commonly advertised in the market. … Read more

Best Pool Timers

Caring for your pool might be a demanding task, but you still make some procedures easy to manage. A pool pump helps to keep the pool sparkling and fresh. Before buying a pool timer, there are a few key factors you need to consider. For instance, ease of use, material construction, timer functionality, and more. Being able … Read more

Liquid Solar Covers

In the past, if you wanted to limit the evaporation or keep your pool warmer in the winter, you would have to roll out a cover made of plastic or similar material. This could be a difficult, time-consuming process. Today, with the technological advances, the best liquid pool covers allow you to add a liquid … Read more

Best Pool Vacuum Heads

A pool vacuum head plays an important role in swimming pool maintenance. If you are responsible for cleaning a swimming pool, the vacuum head should be one of the essential equipment you will need. Vacuum heads may seem to be the same but differences in ports, width, bearing, and wheels may affect how the vacuum … Read more

Best Pool Leaf Vacuums

With the dawn of the more advanced pool cleaning equipment, vacuuming leaves and twigs seem to be a challenge for most manufacturers. The guarantee to lift and take in piles of leaves does not seem absolute even for the most advanced pool cleaners. Even the most expensive ones with the biggest filter baskets will need … Read more

Best Pool Skimmer Baskets

Pool skimmer baskets are one of the most interesting parts of your pool’s built-in cleaning and filtering system. A skimmer basket collects and strains foreign materials on the surface of the pool that can harm your pool’s filter and pump system. You will be surprised by the things that you might see inside your skimmer … Read more