Best Pool Timers

Caring for your pool might be a demanding task, but you still make some procedures easy to manage. A pool pump helps to keep the pool sparkling and fresh. Before buying a pool timer, there are a few key factors you need to consider. For instance, ease of use, material construction, timer functionality, and more. Being able to consider these factors will ensure you enjoy the best user experience when installing one in your pool.

In this guide, we have identified some of the leading timer brands for you to consider. While most of these things are perfect for use in swimming pools, they are dynamic enough for various other applications. These include applications such as controlling lighting applications and more.

Let’s get started:

  • Top 5 Pool Timers from A Glance 

Aube by Honeywell TI040/U 7-Day Programmable Timer 

With the Aube by Honeywell Programmable pool time, you have a reliable solution for your pool care needs each time. The pool supports three operating modes, which are the automatic, temporary bypass, and manual modes. More so, the timer also supports seven-day programming, with as many as 14 settings. You will also be pleased to know that this unit is both compact and robust at the same time. Thus, you have a pool time that guarantees several years of reliable performance.

Thanks to the heavy-duty and weatherproof casing, this unit is suitable for use in various environments. It even features a selectable voltage switch, which lets you choose between 120 or 240V. The case is also lockable to provide optimal security benefits when in use. It even comes with a temporary bypass, which enables override, and without affecting the programming of the timer.

To take things to the next level, this unit is also compatible with three-way switches. Thus, you will find it easy to install and set up in almost any type of modern pool.


  • Supports three modes of operation

  • Available with 7-day programming and up to 14 settings

  • Has a heavy-duty and weatherproof casing


  • The settings are somewhat complex 

Editor’s Choice

Woods 50015WD Outdoor 7-Day Heavy Duty Digital Plug-in Timer 

The Woods 50015WD Outdoor 7 Day Time is also an excellent recommendation for your pool care needs. Why? Well, because this unit boasts of all the unique features, you need to keep your pool suitable for users. The timer comes with as many as three-timing features, which are the digital timer, the random setting, and a countdown timer. More so, you will be pleased with the 7-day programmable plug-in digital timer that comes with as many as three-prong outlets.

Plus, you will also find it easy to personalize your settings the way you like for outdoor appliances. Yes, with this unit, you can program each day differently than the next, giving you the flexibility to need. This digital countdown timer outlet has a special design, suitable for heavy-duty appliances such as outdoor fountains.

With the weatherproof construction, this timer is hardy and will ensure years of reliable performance. It’s a smart self-charging machine, which can retain your settings should a power outage occur – such that you won’t worry about resetting.


  • User-friendly digital outlet timer with three timing features 

  • Has three-prong outlets and personalized settings

  • Heavy-duty construction offers longevity 

  • Smart self-charging backup and weatherproof construction


  • N/A

Best for Outdoor Use

NSi Industries TORK TU40 Indoor/Outdoor 40-Amp Appliance Timer 

Take the quality of your pool to the next level with the NSi Industries TORK TU40 Indoor/Outdoor Appliance timer. The timer lets you turn on and off your air conditioner, signs, lamps, and other appliances automatically. It does this during a 24-hour cycle, and once it’s programmed, the settings will never reset. Designed to be simple to use, this pool timer is the perfect addition to your pool care regimen.

You will be pleased to know that this timer comes with several on and off settings. Yes, it’s all about convenience when you have this unit in your hands. Plus, the several on/off settings and the convenient tabs let you track your pool for short 15 minutes intervals. The timer comes with automatic voltage detection and a real-time clock face. As one of the most flexible timers on the market, this unit is compatible with various types of light bulbs, fluorescents, and more.

The makers of this unit seem to have a good understanding of the specific needs of different pool timer users. Thus, you are sure of a dynamic tool that is also powerful – perfect for caring for modern-day pools. Besides that, makers of this unit have done well to include the vacation mode and an ON/AUTO/OFF switch.


  • Has a 24-hour cycle and will not require resetting

  • Simple to use and heavy-duty construction

  • Compatible with fluorescent and LED lights


  • N/A

Best Heavy-Duty Timer 

Intermatic P1121 Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer

Convenience is when you have the right resources for your pool care needs. This is nothing short of what you can expect when you have the Intermatic P1121 heavy duty outdoor timer. It’s a pool timer designed specifically for outdoor applications and dynamic weather conditions. You can use it to control pool pumps, water fountains, fans, engine heaters, and more. The good thing is that its easy to use because you just use the green and red time to start or end times.

The outdoor timer is also available with two sets of pins, and a 3-prong plug receptacle for convenient use. Plus, the timer comes with a manual override ON/OFF switch, which you can use to control the functionality of the timer. Also, the timer comes with a waterproof cover and a 12-inch grounded cord for ease of connectivity.

The timers are also grounded and feature a flip open closure – perfect for use outdoors. It’s a god timer for pumps, landscaping, or even holiday lighting applications. More so, the timer is also easy to plug in directly to a conventional power outlet.

Even if this unit is suitable for use on a filter pump of an above ground pool, you can use it with holiday decorations and lighting.


  • Suitable for use outdoors in different weather conditions

  • Comes with two sets of pins and a 3-prong plug

  • Has a manual override and ON/OFF switch

  • Equipped with a waterproof cover and 12-inch cord 


  • The power cord is too large for some users 

Intermatic ET1125C 24-Hour 30-Amp Electronic Time Switch  

Realize what you have been missing in your pool care regimen when you finally have the Intermatic ET1125C 24-hour electronic time switch. This unit can record up to 28 events in total, thereby making it highly convenient for your needs. You can be sure of up to the minute accuracy for the best results. More so, the pool timer has a temporary override or permanent manual override for convenient use.

Before buying a pool timer, it’s good for you to evaluate the material construction, and ensure you get a unit which offers longevity. Well, this is nothing short of what you can expect when you have the Intermatic ET1125C 24 Hour 30 Amp electronic time switch. It’s a powerful tool, which you should consider owning for your pool care needs.

Even more, the time switch comes with an automatic daylight-saving time adjustment function – perfect for pool timers. With this unit, you have an easy way to upgrade from a basic mechanical time switch to an electronic time unit. More so, the timers will also let you enjoy up to the minute programming, battery backup for power loss, and without user intervention required.


  • Can record up to 28 events in total

  • Has an automatic daylight saving adjustment

  • Astronomic models enable dusk-to-dawn scheduling 


  • The metrics are small and not easy to read 


Owning a swimming pool can be a great way to complement the value of your home, and an excellent way to have fun. In this guide, we have identified the best pool timers, which you can use to regulate various mechanisms such as the filter. Never has it been this easy to control the performance of your pool, and with tools that are also simple to use. Get one of the pool timers, and instantly take the functionality of your swimming pool to the next level.