Best Pool Shock

You might have heard the term pool shock from your pool maintenance technician or other pool owners mostly when your pool is not in good condition.

It is imperative to know about pool shocking and the best pool shock you can use as a pool owner. This article will answer most of your questions concerning how to choose the best pool shock.

What Is A Pool Shock Treatment?


Pool shocking involves super chlorination process, which is done by adding large quantities of chlorine to a pool depending on the condition of the pool. You can use calcium hypochlorite, di-chlor, lithium hypochlorite or potassium peroxomonosulfate. You should choose the type of agent to use depending on the type of your pool and also the lining for the design.

Reasons To Shock Your Swimming Pool Regularly

When animals and human get into the pool, they usually add some organics in the water such as body lotions, saliva, sweat, body cells, soil, etc. The environment also contributes by blowing leaves and other debris into the pool. These provide food and a suitable place for bacteria to live.

Some bacteria are useful while others are harmful. According to health experts, we should try to get rid of all of them. That is the reason as to why sanitizers are added into the pool. You can use chlorine bromine or ozone. These usually kill bacteria and also breaks down the contaminants which help in removing them from the water. This provides an unsuitable environment for new bacteria.

The process is accomplished by oxidation because an oxygen molecule usually attacks the contaminants. Shock treatment is usually done to remove organics and other contaminants from the pool. It enables the sanitizers to be more efficient. Pool shock is typically done when many people have used the pool extensively.

How To Shock Your Pool?

It is good to run the pool filter 6 to 8 hours before shock treatment, schedule the shock when there is sunlight. Pool shock treatment usually lowers the effectiveness of chlorine, and this will make you use double the amount of chemical or make your shock treatment futile. You should follow the following procedure.

  • Chlorine can destroy your clothes so it’s good to wear old clothes which you won’t mind getting messed up.
  • Clean your pool by removing debris, sweeping around and ensure that nothing can get into the pool during the shock treatment
  • Fill the bucket with the suggested amounts of water according to the label on your pool chemical; you can now add your agent. You should add the agent to the water and not vice versa to ensure that no particles which are released into the air as this can cause irritation. Stir to dissolve the agent.
  • Pour small amounts of the treatment in various places at the deep end of the pool. Allow your pool pump to run between 6 to 8 hours after adding the shock.
  • Put a sign to alert people on the treatment. No one should be allowed to swim in the pool. This will help to reduce the number of contaminants in the pool and also prevent any skin or respiration problems that might be caused by exposure to high levels of chlorine.

When You Should Shock Your Pool?

When you are chlorinating a pool, it is very easy to determine when a shock treatment is required. You can use a test kit which can include both free and total chlorine. Free chlorine is what is available to kill bacteria; total chlorine is the addition of free chlorine and what has been used for dissolving organics.

You should shock if the level of total chlorine is more than the amount of free chlorine. Have you ever visited a public pool and you were put off by the chlorine smell? I know it might surprise you to learn that it might have been caused by less chlorine rather than too much of it.

When the level of organics is too much, the smell is the by-product. That is a combination of chlorine, chloramines, and ammonia.

A shock treatment should be done to get rid of the organics. This should be followed by an addition of chlorine daily to prevent build up in the future. You might also want to shock after heavy use, after a water change or after a heavy rain or windstorm which might have blown debris into the pool.

How to choose the best pool shock? Let us now go through some of the best pool shocks which are available in the market.



  • Perfect for weekly shocking

  • Ideal for bromine-sanitized pools

Our Rating



  • Very efficient chlorine boost

  • Highly effective preventative shock treatment

Our Rating



  • Affordable

  • Contains 68% of calcium hypochlorite

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1. In the Swim Chlorine-Free Pool Shock



Non-chlorine shock is a great oxidizing agent which burns off dead chlorine cells and provides a higher chlorine reading to your water. This shock works well in bromine-sanitized pools.

Dosage; 1lb per 10,000 gallons and is neutral. It consists of 45% potassium monopersulfate. You might compare it with shock trine, Oxy-Brite, and impact.


  • It is perfect for weekly shocking.

  • It is ideal for bromine-sanitized pools.

  • It also enhances a more fighting power to the water.


  • It is only suitable for indoor pools since they are not exposed to sunlight.

  • It causes water testing to be problematic unless special reagents are used. This is mainly because it tests as combined chlorine.


2. Clorox-Pool-Spa-32012CLX-12-Pound

This pool shock usually buffers, oxidize and clarify the water in your pool. Using the easy-pour bottle, use what you require and close the container until the next use.


  • It has blue algae killing crystals.

  • The bottles are very easy to opens and easy to pour.

  • It destroys and prevents black, green and mustard algae.


  • Could make your pool to be cloudy.

  • It contains neutralizers that can mess the entire pH balance of your pool.


3. DryTec-1-1901-24-24-Pack-Calcium-Hypochlorite-Chlorinating-Shock-Treatment

This chlorinating shock treatment dissolves fast. It has a good design which makes it suitable even for the most stylish equipment. It is an additional powerful treatment that improves the appearance of your pool by removing and preventing the growth of algae.

When used as recommended, Dry Tec calcium hypochlorite raises chlorine level and helps in removing organic wastes. This enables the pool to produce clean water for your swimming pool. Dry-Tec is a strong startup shock treatment and contains 68% of calcium hypochlorite. The product has a super fast acting chlorine boost.


  • It helps to kill bacteria and in removal of algae.

  • It destroys organic contaminants.

  • It could restore crystal clarity.


  • It is an ineffective disinfectant.

  • It is not suitable for pools which have hard water or those with high pH level as it worsens the problem because it has a ph level of 12.


4. StarPlus-1-1301-24-24-Pack Chlorinating Shock Treatment

It is usually used when a quick chlorine dose is needed. Most of the pool users find this product ideal for routine shocking throughout the pool season. StarPlus-1-1301-24-24-Pack-Chlorinating-Shock is good for killing algae and will remove any unattractive algae spots.

It is best for use in vinyl-lined, fiberglass or pools with colored plaster surface. It has a quick-dissolving formula that does not need pre-mixing and will not bleach your vinyl liner or cloud your water.

The product’s pH is neutral, and this means that it will not affect pH levels. This will also lower the cost of balancing chemicals. It is very robust and contains 56% chlorine and 99% Sodium Dichloro-S-Triazinetrione.


  • It has a very efficient chlorine boost.

  • Highly effective preventative shock treatment.

  • Enables you to get back to your pool quickly.


  • It is more expensive as compared to other pool shocks.


5. Doheny’s Super Pool Shock

This product is a fast acting and contains calcium hypochlorite as its active ingredient, this enables it to clear the most contaminated pools. It also has a 2 to 3-year shelf life for every bag which is a convenient value.

It has a dosage of 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons which provide a dosage of 7.5-ppm available free chlorine. It is cheap and makes the opening of the pool to be simple.


  • Opening of the pool is made easy.

  • It contains 68% of calcium hypochlorite.

  • Affordable


  • It is not suitable for hard water pool systems.

  • Not appropriate for pools with a high pH level.

Which One You Should Go With?

StarPlus-1-1301-24-24-Pack-Chlorinating-Shock-Treatment is the best product to buy. This is because unlike the other pool shocks, this one can be used in any season. Another advantage is that you will require a lot of time to use your pool after you have used treatments. With this, your pool will be ready to use even after 15 minutes.

This pool shock is very effective in boosting chlorine in your pool as compared to other treatments. It is also able to protect your pool from the development of algae and other harmful bacteria.

For these reasons, this can be the ideal pool shock you require in your pool. That is all you need to know for now. It is my hope that you have gained a lot from the article about how to choose the best pool shock. If you have your own list, please share with us in the comment below.