Best Pool Leaf Rake

A lot goes into keeping a pool clean. It takes time, patience, consistency, and accuracy. There is a constant set of maintenance duties you need to follow and perform every week and every day. Slacking on these responsibilities will only lead to more work required from you.

You can automate some of these tasks for your convenience; like, for example, the pool pump attached to the side of your pool that filters the water can be on a timer that turns on the pump for a few hours at the same time every day, allowing you to use that time for something else. Unfortunately, with an automated pool pump, you will still have to clean the filter at least once a week to keep it functioning properly.

Another one of your tasks as a pool owner is to rid the water of dirt, dead bugs, leaves, and other debris, which will fall into your pool every day. Use the pool pump as the first step towards clearing your pool water, but that will only pull out the tiny pieces of dirt, so you will have to use a net in addition to a pump for retrieving the larger debris particles by hand. The type of net you use for this is called a pool skimmer net.

What is a Pool Skimmer Net

A pool skimmer is a long pole with a flat net on the end of it. Some nets are deep rather than flat, but they work in the same way. It is one of the most essential tools you need as a pool owner, and it will come in handy for many reasons. Pool skimmer nets can be for taking out leaves, bugs, sticks, and other large items that aren’t meant to be in the pool, which are too big for the filter in your pool pump, so they remain in the swimming area.

If for some reason a leaf or another object got sucked into in one of the pump hoses, it could cause a blockage in the suction that could ultimately prevent the pool from cleaning itself. Use the net anytime you see something floating in your pool, and if you keep up with it, your pool should look very nice.

It is a good idea to keep the skimmer net close to the pool so that you can use it quickly any time you see leaves floating in it. There is no reason to keep the pool skimmer net locked away with other pool supplies and chemicals since the pole of the net is unlikely to rust. Most pool skimmer nets have a blue anodized aluminum pole with a plastic net, to prevent oxidation.

Why You Should Use a Pool Skimmer Net

If you have been a pool owner for quite some time now, you know how often leaves and other random debris fall into your pool. It can get annoying at times because no matter how often you clean it, there will always be more work to do within the next couple days.

Autumn is the worst time of year for having a pool because when all the leaves fall from the trees, they go directly into the water; unless of course, you live in a warmer climate then it’s not as bad.

No matter where you live, there will be some plant or animal that falls in your pool at some point, and you will need a way to fish it out easily. Pool skimmer nets allow you to reach into a pool without having to get wet. Even if you have a huge pool, there are long poles you can buy to attach to the net for better reach. They are also helpful if the object you are trying to remove is something you don’t want to touch with your bare hands.

Where to Buy a Pool Skimmer Net

Pool skimmer nets are easy to find. Try looking at a pool supply store or any store that has some pool supplies for sale; stores that aren’t advertised as being a pool supply store most likely won’t have many options for pool skimmer nets, but they may have at least one basic pole that you can use. Otherwise, you can find one online, which is the cheapest option.

Amazon is always a good place to go for anything, including pool supplies. Here are a few of the skimmer nets that Amazon offers.

U.S. Pool Supply Hand Leaf Skimmer

4-Foot Heavy Duty Pool Leaf Skimmer

5-Foot U.S. Pool Supply Leaf Skimmer Net

4-Foot Aquatix Pro Pool Skimmer

Pool Skimmer Nets for Large Pools

Some standard pool skimmer nets are not long enough to reach across large pools. Thankfully, there are other options available for you. You can buy a pool skimmer pole that collapses and extends to a longer length; so, it is not only long, but it is easy to store as well. Listed below are online options for pool skimmer nets for large pools.

Remember that if you like a particular skimmer net, you can buy the net and pole separately and then attach them at the handle of the net. Most are interchangeable, no matter the brand. The best pool skimmer net poles are anodized aluminum.

6-12ft. Adjustable Telescopic Pool Pole

U.S. Pool Supply 12-Foot Anodized Aluminum Pole

16-Foot Telescopic Swimming Pool Pole

Swimming Pool Net Leaf Skimmer

How to Use a Pool Skimmer Net

Once you have found the perfect pool skimmer net and pole for it, you need to connect them. Remove all the packaging and stickers from the pole and the net, and then use both hands to place the net in the open end of the pole. If it is not clicking in automatically, hold down the two knobs on either side of the net handle while simultaneously pushing it into the pole; you may have to twist it until it clicks into place. Be careful not to pinch the skin of your finger while moving the net into position. Make sure that the net is secure by giving it a little shake, and then you are ready to go.

Skimming a pool is easy stuff. The only reason there would be for any difficulty is if the pole on the end of the skimmer net is too small for your pool. You should be able to reach at least halfway across the pool.

You may have noticed that a few of the skimmer nets shown above are only a couple feet long; these are called hand skimmer nets. While you are swimming, use a hand skimmer rather than a full-length skimmer net; since you’re not reaching from outside the pool, a long pole would be awkward to use for skimming the water that is directly in front of you. For the most convenience, you should buy a hand net and a long pool skimmer net. Both are reasonably inexpensive, and you should not have to replace them within five years after the purchase, minimum. They might even last you your lifetime.

What NOT to Do with a Skimmer Net

A pool skimmer net is an essential piece of equipment to have for a pool. Since it is simple to use, you might be tempted to let your kids help clean the pool using the net. It is perfectly fine to allow an older child to use a skimmer net, but only under adult supervision while they are using it.

Never let your child hit other kids with the pole or play with it as if it were a toy because it is not. It may seem okay to them, but the net is harder and heavier than it looks and could cause serious injury, especially to a small child. Accidents do happen, so never leave your kids unsupervised while doing anything in the pool. When it comes to swimming, a small injury can turn into someone drowning.

A common mistake people make when using a skimmer net is smacking the pole of the net on the side of the pool. Although it is an efficient way to clear debris out of the net, hitting it on the edge of the pool will eventually either dent the pole or damage your pool wall. It works just as well to hang the net over the side and hit it with your hand.

The Correct Way to Use a Pool Skimmer Net

There is no specific way to use a pool skimmer net; even if you don’t have experience with pool maintenance, using a net is self-explanatory. Hold it on the pole end and use the net to catch leaves and bugs in the water by running it along the surface. Go in slow and steady motions as you drag the net along the water and use your hand to knock off the debris into the grass.

Follow skimming with a good filter cleaning and remember to check your chlorine and pH levels for accuracy.