Best Pool Brushes

A pool brush is a vital equipment in pool care. Scrubbing the pool surface and the walls help to remove algae and bacteria from the swimming pool.

Pool extension poles go hand in hand with pool brush as with them, you do not need to enter the pool when cleaning. In this article, we shall get through all the important things you should know about pool brushes.

The article will help on how to choose the best pool brush available in the market to help you make a right decision when buying one.

How Offen And Why Brush Your Pool?

  • New pools

When you build a new swimming pool, it is important to brush it up to 3 times per day for the first two weeks.

No matter how your pool surface is, whether it is an exposed aggregate finish like Diamond Brite or pebble tech or a normal plaster, it continues to cure even after you have added water to your pool.

Added water contains calcium and other minerals that adhere to the surface and prevents it from curing properly.

In case the calcium and the other minerals are not eliminated, the finish may become discolored which may cause small pieces of plaster to be loose.

  • Routine brushing and algae prevention

To extend the life of your swimming pool and to prevent algae, you should clean your pool weekly.

Even if you have an automatic pool cleaner, you should still brush your pool. If you do not brush, calcium and other minerals may collect on the surface which may cause pitting, and this shortens the lifespan of your pool.

A thorough weekly brushing of your pool prevents algae and extends the life of your pool surface.

  • Removing swimming pool algae

Algae usually forms on the walls of your pool no matter some chemicals used.

Methods of Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

  • Manual method

This is the cheapest method you can use, but it requires a lot of time.

You will just need the basic tools and equipment such as a manual pool instruction, pool skimmer, brush and a long pool pole.

It is good to skim your pool daily to get rid of debris, bugs and leaves which build-up on the water.

You should brush the walls of your pool first before cleaning the bottom so as to remove debris and dirt.

After that, you can now move towards shutting off the filter so that you can start vacuuming the floor of the pool.

  • Skimmers and automatic pool cleaners

This method is almost the same with the manual method but requires minimum intervention.

There are different types of pool cleaners you can choose from such as suction poolside cleaner and pressure side cleaners.

Suction side and pressure side pool cleaners are usually connected either to the pump or a booster pump.

Robotic pool cleaners are the latest. They come with their motor and are very effective in cleaning the entire pool. You will only need to spend about 5 minutes a week on brushing the steps and skimming debris off the surface.

  • Hiring a technician 

It is one of the easiest options but can turn to be a bit expensive in the long run. You may have to spend $300 to $600 at one time with an expert. But if you don’t have time, this is a not bad solution.

What To Remember When Brushing Your Pool?

  • Brush the pool walls and steps

A swimming pool should be cleaned at least twice a week. If you are doing it yourself without the use of an automatic pool cleaner, the first step would be to brush the walls and steps before cleaning the bottom of the pool.

brush the pool walls and steps


Apart from brushing it regularly, you should also check the PH levels and add chemicals to your pool.

Brushing minimizes the buildup of algae and calcium deposits which ensure that they do not cause massive pools chemical imbalance.

  • Use a swimming pool filter

There are three types of pool filters, that is: cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth filters. All these requires regular cleanup according to their type.

The increase in the flow between the pressure gauge and flow meter should tell you that it is time for cleaning. This is when the filter difference is at 10 to 15 pounds per square inch.

What Do You Have To Consider When Choosing A Brush For Your Pool?

  • Determine your pool surface

Pools have different shapes and sizes. Concrete surfaces are rough and attract plenty of bacteria and algae.

That means they can thoroughly be scrubbed by stainless steel brushes or brushes which are made from a combination of nylon and stainless steel bristles.

If your pool is made of resin or fiberglass a wire or stainless steel brush may not be ideal as it will only leave scratches on the pool surface.

  • When in doubt use Nylon

Nylon brushes are good because they do not leave scratches and do a thorough job when cleaning. They are soft and can be utilized for concrete or vinyl surfaces pools.

  • Be keen with bristles

No matter how good your brush is, it will certainly leave bristles on the pool surface. Wire or stainless steel brushes does a good job when cleaning, but they leave sharper bristles as compared to nylon brushes.

You should replace your brush if you realize that it is shedding bristles as this implies that it is at the end of its service life.



  • Long polypropylene brushes 

  • Affordable

  •  Standard brush

Our Rating




  • Long bristle concept

  • Polished aluminum support

  • Pushes dirt more efficiently

Our Rating




  • Contains more bristles

  • Have a gentle curve

  • Reduces lower back strain

Our Rating

1. Blue Wave Brush Around 360 Wall & Floor Pool Brush

This pool brush is made of nylon and features a 360 degrees cleaning bristles. The brush has a combination of orange, blue and white colors. It has a dimension of 4 diameter X 19L.


  • Effective in cleaning curves.

  • Does not have rough edges which can destroy the pool liner.


  • It has a short handle which makes it hard to use

2. Gabco Wall Whale XL Pool Brush

This wall brush contains a spoiler which is tall and holds the brush against the surface of the pool with more force as compared to a standard pool brush which makes it suitable when cleaning.

The brush is designed in such a way that makes it stronger than metal backed brushes. It is made up of poly which makes it long lasting.


  • Contains more bristles which make cleaning to be very easy.

  • Have a gentle curve which prevents it from getting stuck

  • Reduces lower back strain and increases cleaning effectiveness.


  • It is impossible to hold the pool against the pool surface

3. Standard Curved Pool Brush

It is a standard brush with extra long polypropylene brushes. It is made up of a heavy duty plastic.



  • Long polypropylene brushes which make it easy to clean.

  • Affordable


  • Only ideal for curved swimming pools

4. White Nylon Pool Brush

It is made of nylon, unlike other brushes which are made of plastic. This is one f the best high-quality brushes available on the market today.


  • Contains great bristle concept which helps to protect the brush end contact of the pool surface

  • Unlike other models, this pool brush wipes mustard algae more efficiently

  • The bristle length extension enhances durability and helps to get into the hard to get to areas.

  • It pushes dirt more efficiently because of the great contact area and the long bristle concept

  • It has a polished aluminum support and a large diameter neck for better pole support

  • An EZ spring clip for quick connection to the pole

  • Flat design and long bristle concept, which enables the monarch brush to work, do work the same as a large wall brush


  • It is more expensive as compared to other brushes.

5. Rubber Bristle Pool Brush

This pool brush has a plastic handle. Brush size 16 inches, height 3 inches and has a width of 16 inches.


  • Effective in debris removal

  • Ideal for all pool sizes

  • The handle can be adjusted using a clip-lock system for easy cleaning of the walls and the pool bottom


  • It does not fit the handle very well. It takes some effort to get the handle on it.

Which Is The Best Pool Brush?

Hope that you get some ideas about pool brushes in this article. These are some of the most important things you should know about pool brushes.

As we have seen, there are different types of pool brush which are available on the market. To clean your swimming pool, effectively you need to go for the best brush that will get the work done efficiently and more quickly.

From the above article, we can clearly identify White nylon pool brush as the best brush you should consider. This is because unlike other brushes, it wipes mustard algae more efficiently. Besides, it has a polished aluminum support and a large diameter neck which enhances better pole support.

Due to its excellent contact area and the long bristles contact, t removes dirt more efficiently. These features make it the best among others. May you find this article on how to choose the best pool brush useful.

Do you have anything else you would like to add? Feel free to share in the comment box below. You can share if you have liked it.