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Having your own personal swimming pool is most enjoyable when your pool is comfortable and clean. The appeal of taking a dip in a pool drastically decreases if the pool is discolored from algae or calcium buildups. The best way to keep your pool from collecting these buildups is to routinely clean the walls and floor of the pool with a quality pool brush. A pool brush will attach to a telescopic pole to reach the walls and the floor in all depths of your pool.

Pool brushes come in different shapes, sizes, and textures. The type of pool brush you choose may depend on the material of your pool’s liner, and the amount of corrosion built up. Knowing the differences between the types of pool brushes available will help you choose the right brush for your pool.

Pool brushes have nylon or stainless steel bristles; therefore, it is important to know the surface of your pool’s walls and floor so that you choose the right brush to can clean the surface effectively.

A rough, porous surface will need a brush with stainless steel bristles to effectively remove algae, dirt, and stains. A pool with a vinyl liner or fiberglass surface will need to be cleaned using a brush with nylon bristles so that the liner will not be damaged or scratched.

Before you purchase the first pool brush you come across, it is a good idea to compare some of the most effective pool brushes available today.

Milliard 18-inch Nylon and Stainless Steel Hybrid Pool Brush

If you have a gunite or concrete pool, this pool brush will provide deep cleaning on the surface without removing the paint. The stainless steel bristles will cut through algae and stains on the surface while the nylon bristles will protect the paint. This brush is not recommended for vinyl pools. If using on a fiberglass pool, scrub lightly so that you will not damage the floor or walls of your pool.

With a width of 18 inches, this pool brush can cover large areas of the pool’s walls and floors during one sweep. Attach the pool brush to a telescopic pole to reach all depths of your pool.

U.S. Pool Supply 18-inch Nylon Pool Brush

While concrete pools benefit from the abrasiveness of stainless steel bristles, this nylon pool brush can be used in pools of all surface types.

The curved head of the brush is 18 inches wide with five rows of bristles. If your concrete pool has a large buildup of algae or stains, a stainless steel brush will be more beneficial; however, if your concrete pool needs mild, routine cleaning, this nylon pool brush will do the trick!

Milliard 5-inch Heavy Duty Wire Brush

The best brush for heavy stains and algae is the Milliard 5-inch wire brush. This brush has a small head with stainless steel wire bristles that allow you to focus on scrubbing stubborn stains. Whether you are spot-cleaning heavy algae buildups or performing routine cleaning, this heavy-duty wire brush is perfect to keep on-hand for all jobs.

This wire brush is not recommended for vinyl or fiberglass pools due to its stainless steel wire bristles. If using this heavy-duty brush to clean a fiberglass or vinyl pool, do not use the brush vigorously. Hard strokes with this brush on a vinyl or fiberglass pool can damage and scratch the surface of the pool, leaving you with a bigger problem than an algae buildup.

Blue Torrent 360° Stainless Steel Pool Brush

The versatile 360° design of this stainless steel pool brush by Blue Torrent is perfect for those hard-to-reach areas in concrete pools. With a similar design as a toilet bowl brush, this pool brush can be maneuvered to clean stairs and corners.

The width of this brush is 12 inches, which provides large surface areas to be scrubbed with each pass. Simply attach this brush to your pool pole, and you are ready to clean those stubborn areas within your pool.

The stainless steel bristles are not recommended to be used on vinyl-lined pools. If using in a fiberglass pool, use this brush lightly during application so that you do not damage the surface of your pool.

Crystal Pool 18-inch Stainless Steel Pool Brush

The large, curved design on the head of this Crystal 18-inch stainless steel pool brush provides large areas to be cleaned at a time. If your pool has a curved floor or wall edges, this pool brush is perfect for cleaning those areas.

The stainless steel bristles are nearly 1 ½ inches long, so it is not recommended to use this brush on vinyl or fiberglass. However, the large head of this brush allows this brush to be used for light applications on vinyl or fiberglass. Just use less force on these surfaces than you would a concrete or Gunite pool.

The Wall Whale Classic Swimming Pool Brush

Possibly the best swimming pool brush on the market is The Wall Whale Classic Swimming Pool Brush. The design of this brush allows you to clean the walls of your swimming pool with less effort and force.

This swimming pool brush is designed with a tail that holds the brush against the wall as you push the brush down. This means you do not have to apply excessive force as you clean those stained walls of your pool. This saves your back, shoulders, and arms from being overly exerted. As you reach the bottom of the pool and you return the brush in an upstroke, the whale tail flips.

This pool brush will save you energy, time, and money!

A Guide to Purchasing the Right Pool Brush

The first step you need to take before you purchase a pool brush is to know the surface and the shape of the pool in which you are going to clean. Is your pool lined with vinyl? Do you have concrete walls and floor? Is your pool fiberglass? Does your pool have curved stairs or floors? Are there hard-to-reach corners in the deep end? Taking an inventory of these few pieces of information will help you determine the size and type of pool brush you need.


The Bottom Line

A quality pool brush is necessary to keep your pool clean from stains and algae, and purchasing the right type of pool brush is necessary to clean safely and adequately. You need to know the type of surface walls and floor your pool has to determine if you should purchase a nylon or stainless steel pool brush.

Scrubbing your pool on a regular weekly basis will prevent the visibility of stains and algae. To keep scrubbing to a minimum, routinely check the chemical levels in your pool. An improperly balanced swimming pool can cause corrosion and algae buildups that need to be cleaned more frequently.

Frequent cleanings are not only tiring on you, but they can wear on your pool brush as well. Frequent, vigorous cleanings using your pool brush will speed up the need to replace your pool brush, which will cost you more money in the end.



  • Long polypropylene brushes 

  • Affordable

  •  Standard brush

Our Rating




  • Long bristle concept

  • Polished aluminum support

  • Pushes dirt more efficiently

Our Rating




  • Contains more bristles

  • Have a gentle curve

  • Reduces lower back strain

Our Rating

1. Blue Wave Brush Around 360 Wall & Floor Pool Brush

This pool brush is made of nylon and features a 360 degrees cleaning bristles. The brush has a combination of orange, blue and white colors. It has a dimension of 4 diameter X 19L.


  • Effective in cleaning curves.

  • Does not have rough edges which can destroy the pool liner.


  • It has a short handle which makes it hard to use

2. Gabco Wall Whale XL Pool Brush

This wall brush contains a spoiler which is tall and holds the brush against the surface of the pool with more force as compared to a standard pool brush which makes it suitable when cleaning.

The brush is designed in such a way that makes it stronger than metal backed brushes. It is made up of poly which makes it long lasting.


  • Contains more bristles which make cleaning to be very easy.

  • Have a gentle curve which prevents it from getting stuck

  • Reduces lower back strain and increases cleaning effectiveness.


  • It is impossible to hold the pool against the pool surface

3. Standard Curved Pool Brush

It is a standard brush with extra long polypropylene brushes. It is made up of a heavy duty plastic.



  • Long polypropylene brushes which make it easy to clean.

  • Affordable


  • Only ideal for curved swimming pools

4. White Nylon Pool Brush

It is made of nylon, unlike other brushes which are made of plastic. This is one f the best high-quality brushes available on the market today.


  • Contains great bristle concept which helps to protect the brush end contact of the pool surface

  • Unlike other models, this pool brush wipes mustard algae more efficiently

  • The bristle length extension enhances durability and helps to get into the hard to get to areas.

  • It pushes dirt more efficiently because of the great contact area and the long bristle concept

  • It has a polished aluminum support and a large diameter neck for better pole support

  • An EZ spring clip for quick connection to the pole

  • Flat design and long bristle concept, which enables the monarch brush to work, do work the same as a large wall brush


  • It is more expensive as compared to other brushes.

5. Rubber Bristle Pool Brush

This pool brush has a plastic handle. Brush size 16 inches, height 3 inches and has a width of 16 inches.


  • Effective in debris removal

  • Ideal for all pool sizes

  • The handle can be adjusted using a clip-lock system for easy cleaning of the walls and the pool bottom


  • It does not fit the handle very well. It takes some effort to get the handle on it.

Which Is The Best Pool Brush?

Hope that you get some ideas about pool brushes in this article. These are some of the most important things you should know about pool brushes.

As we have seen, there are different types of pool brush which are available on the market. To clean your swimming pool, effectively you need to go for the best brush that will get the work done efficiently and more quickly.

From the above article, we can clearly identify White nylon pool brush as the best brush you should consider. This is because unlike other brushes, it wipes mustard algae more efficiently. Besides, it has a polished aluminum support and a large diameter neck which enhances better pole support.

Due to its excellent contact area and the long bristles contact, t removes dirt more efficiently. These features make it the best among others. May you find this article on how to choose the best pool brush useful.

Do you have anything else you would like to add? Feel free to share in the comment box below. You can share if you have liked it.

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