Best Pool Alarms

What you need to know about best pool alarms? Pool alarms are necessary devices when it comes to keeping your family safe around the swimming pool. They can alert when someone gains access to the pool. If you care for your children, you should install these devices because as you know, children move fast and sometimes it may be hard to monitor their activities.

In this “What you need to know about best pool alarms?” article, we shall go through the important things you should be aware of the best pool alarms available on the market.

Why Do You Need A Pool Alarm?

If you would like to know what is happening around your pool, a pool alarm is imperative.  You can use a pool alarm in the following situations.

  • When someone attempts to get into the pool by opening the gate to the pool.

  • When the cover of your pool is removed.

  • When something disturbs the surface of your pool or when something drops into the pool.

The pool alarm will alert you as soon as possible when the above things happen without your consent. This can prevent some accidents because a pool alarm alerts you when someone gets into the pool without your permission deliberately or accidentally.

It is not a life-saving device but it gives you time to react when something happens around your swimming pool.

There are some states where pool alarm is required. For example, if you live in California, Connecticut, and New York and you own a pool which does not have an automatic cover, you will be required to install a pool alarm.

A pool alarm is necessary even if you don’t reside in areas which require you to install life-saving devices. If there is an accident, it enables you to respond in time.

What Do You Need To Know When Buying A Pool Alarm

When purchasing a pool alarm, you may encounter different features such as placement considerations, features, and sensor technologies. They may sound a bit complicated but let us go through them.

  • Features – Pool alarms may contain unique features. However, most of the core features are the same. A disable button, and an adjustable sensitivity is very essential. They usually turn off themselves when lifted out of the pool. There are some advanced models which can alert you when water is displaced or when the pool alarm is raised from the water.

  • Sensor technology – The most important part of a pool alarm is the sensor technology it uses. There are different types of sensors which represent various technologies. 

In-ground alarms which detect any rising or moving water.

Buoy alarms which detect any water movement on the surface by use of a motion detector sensor.

Gate alarms which use a magnetic sensor which detects the opening or closing of the gate door.

  • Placement considerations – There are different types of pool alarms in the market and each has its disadvantages and advantages.

Pool alarms which are installed in the walls of the pool – They usually alert you when someone or something breaks the water surface or displaces the water. They are a bit expensive, but they are very accurate.

Buoy pool alarms – They usually float on the surface of the pool. They will make a sound if the water moves to let you know that something is happening in our pool. However, they may give a wrong alert if there is a strong wind which blows the surface of the pool.

Pool gate alarms – This is usually placed near the gates or barriers to the pool. They will alert you by producing a sound when the gate is opened. They are more efficient when there is only one entry to the pool.

Fix pool alarm in pool

Types Of Pool Alarms

  • Wristband Alarm – This type is worn on the wrist as a means of personal protection. It is water sensitive and can only be removed by a key. It has some disadvantages since it can be set off by children when washing their hands or when going outside when it’s raining.

  • Sub-surface disturbance detector – This type of alarm is placed on the side of the pool or below the water surface. It checks the pressure waves which are created by water movements within the pool. These pools are of different types. There is one that uses a sensor and a magnet float. The other one uses a pressure-sensitive to activate the alarm in case of any disturbance.

  • Surface wave sensor alarms – It floats on the water surface and monitors the wave action of the water. It has two contacts; one blows the water surface and the other one above. The action of the wave on the water surface closes the circuits between the two contacts which activates them. You can decrease or increase the sensitivity of this alarm by moving one contact lower or higher.

You should evaluate each type to know which one can work best for you.

Pool Alarm Reviews



  • Best for in ground pools

  • It has dual alarm sirens in the unit

  • Comes with a remote wireless receiver 

Our Rating



Aquasensor Sensor 

  • It has alarm failure signals

  • Can be mounted permanently 

  • Has a wireless remote with a magnetic key

Our Rating


Pool Patrol

  • Can work well in both high grounds and in-ground pools

  • Has a remote sensor

  • Its installation is a snap as it floats on water

Our Rating

1. Pool guard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm

It can only be used for in-ground pools. The device is powered by a standard 9v battery. It has a 200 remote unit. The product is one of the best sellers on Amazon. You can deactivate it by putting it into sleep mode.



  • Pool guard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm has an in-house remote receiver

  • It’s not easy to deactivate it because you have to remove it physically and put it into sleep mode.

  • It has a 3 years warranty


  • It is only ideal for in-ground pools.

  • Deactivation can cause false alarms

2. The MG International Swim Alert Pool

This product has to be set correctly to function well. It is a very sensitive alarm and will detect an object as little as 18 pounds.  The MG International Swim Alert Pool can be heard 100 feet away.


  • It is very sensitive, can detect an object as little as 18 pounds. This makes it useful for animal protection too.

  • It can be heard up to 100 feet away.


  • It can give false alerts if not installed correctly.

3. Aquaguard In-Ground Pool Alarm System

It is made for in-ground pool use. It has an alarm in the remote control and dual alarm sirens in the unit.  It can sense water pressure and not wave activity. This means it has few false alarms than most of the other pool alarms.

  • Aquaguard In-Ground Pool Alarm System is the best for in ground pools

  • It functions by detecting water pressure and will detect anything that weighs more than 18 pounds.

  • It has dual alarms and also comes with a remote wireless receiver which has its alarm and sounds when the central unit goes off.


  • Does not detect objects which weigh less than 18 pounds.

4. Aquasensor Sensor Espio Immersion Sensing Pool Alarm System

The Aquasensor Sensor Espio Immersion Sensing Pool Alarm is one of the alarms which produces the loud sound. It has a magnetic key which makes it difficult to reset. It is one of the top model signals; it has a wireless remote, and it can reset itself automatically.


  • Aquasensor Sensor Espio Immersion Sensing Pool Alarm is the best has one of the loudest alarm and installs semi-hidden beneath the pool deck.

  • It has alarm failure signals.

  • This device also contains wireless out of range and low battery signals.

  • It can be mounted permanently during pool’s construction.

  • It has a wireless remote with a magnetic key which makes it hard to disarm. It resets itself.


  • It’s expensive

5. Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm

Pool Patrol  PA-30 Pool Alarm on top of the water and it’s ideal for in-ground and above ground pools. It has a 200-foot remote sensing range alarm. It works on a 9v battery and has an adjustable sensitivity which reduces false alarms.


  • Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm is very versatile. It can work well in both high grounds and in-ground pools

  • It has a remote sensor which sounds both the remote alarm and the pool alarm

  • It has an adjustable sensor which makes it hard to give false alerts.

  • Its installation is a snap as it floats on water.


  • It reacts to any waves which can result in false alarms.

Which Is The Best Pool Alarm?

Pool alarms are very vital, and according to the above reviews. I’m sure you have learned a lot. As we have seen, Aquasensor Sensor Espio Immersion Sensing Pool Alarm is the best.

This is because unlike other pool alarms, it is very hard to disarm since it has a magnetic key and alarm failure signals. The on and off remote control requires inspection before the reset. It also produces a loud sound for alert, unlike other alarms.

The device also contains low battery and wireless out of range signals which allow you to respond in time, in contrast to the other alarms which do not have these features.

Hopefully, you find this “What you need to know about best pool alarms?” article useful. Do you have something you would like to add? Feel free to do so in the comments below. If you have liked it, you can share.