The Best Inflatable Pools for a Hot Summer

Inflatable pool is a nice addition to houses of any sizes. They are easy to inflate and fill, without eating up much space. There are inflatable pools suitable for adults, but these products are often marketed for kids.

Inflatable pool is a cheap way to entertain children during hot days. Going to public pool constantly can be expensive, and not everyone has a private pool. Inflatable pool comes in various sizes. Just keep one at home, inflate, and fill it whenever necessary, and let the kids enjoy their day.

However, the inflatable pool can be a source of hazards. There have been reports of kids drowning in the pool, slipped and injured themselves, or contacted bacteria from the undrained pool. Despite the fun, parents must be careful of the potential risks of this seemingly harmless thing.

Luckily, you don’t need to completely avoid inflatable pools. Make sure to study this shopping and safety guide, so that you can buy the right pool.

Types of Inflatable Pool

Inflatable pools come in various shapes and sizes. Kid’s pools are exceptionally diverse, with numerous shapes and colors. However, the basic types and structures of the inflatable pools do not change much, despite the colorful designs. Here are the common types of inflatable pool:

Ring pool

Ring pool for kids
Ring pool for kids

Ring pool is a common sight in any backyard. This pool does not have any hard frames, and the shape is supported by plastic rings. Parents can inflate and deflate this pool quickly, and pouring water in short time. When folded, the pool does not take up much storage space.

Despite the low price and practicality, ring pool is not stable. The bottom part is often slippery, and the plastic “wall” contains trip hazard.

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Inflatable pool with structure

Inflatable pool with slides

Some types of inflatable pools are not just bigger, but also have extra structures, such as slides or bouncy castle. These are the fancier versions of simple ring pools, and perfect for the house with enough space.

This pool gives extra fun to kids, but perhaps unsuitable for toddlers. The structures can create dangerous gaps or trip hazards. Also, the size makes it more difficult to inflate, deflate, and store.

Amazon have several really crazy structured inflatable pool that you might want to check, your kids will love them!

Framed pool

Inflatable framed pool

A framed pool consists of rubber wall and thin frames that support the soft material, creating a circular “wall”. The framed pool is perfect to give stability when you and family enjoy time in the water. Assembling and filing the pool requires a longer time than ring pool, but you usually can finish in less than an hour.

The framed pool is not always available in a perfect size for all kids. It usually comes with a ladder, and small kids can climb it to enter the pool, creating drowning risk.

Safety Tips Using Inflatable Pool

Even the smallest ring pool can create a safety risk if you are careless. Here are several safety tips before installing the inflatable pool at home with small kids:

1. Install fence around the pool

American CDC suggests installing a fence with a minimum height of 4 inches around an inflatable pool if you have small kids. This applies to even a small wading pool.

2. Always provide adult supervision

Whenever kids swim in the pool, there must be an adult or trusted person to watch over them. When it comes to playful kids, a small wading pool can present various risks, from slipping to “shallow drowning”.

3. Provide proper disinfectant and filter

If you have a large inflatable pool, draining water all the time can be troublesome. Provide proper filter and disinfectant kit. For small pool, it is better to drain whenever your kids are done. Make sure they are clean before entering the water.

4. Avoid electrical outlets

Make sure to install the pool away from an electrical outlets, cables, or anything that can deliver electric shock. Check the location before installing the pool.

Tips on Maintaining Inflatable Pool

Finally, once you purchase the pool, make sure to maintain it well. Inflatable pool for small kids are easy to clean, so make sure to spray it with a hose after draining it. Use special pool rake or vacuum if the pool is too dirty. If you are not going to drain it immediately, cover the pool with a tarp to prevent small animals and bugs from entering the water.

Inflatable pool is a nice addition to any house with kids, but don’t neglect the risks that come with it. Choose the right pool based on your kid’s age and size, and follow the maintenance and security measures properly.

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