Best Floating Pool Thermometers

Having a swimming pool can be the best way to stay cool during the summer. It’s a convenient way to beat the heat. While the goal should be for the temperature of the pool to always be cool and just right, being able to figure out the temperature to set it right is so important to do that.

You don’t want to be in either a freezing cold pool or one that’s intensely hot. Without being able to check what the temperature is, it can be hard to monitor and keep the pool at a healthy temperature.

Swimming In Extreme Temperatures

Going into a pool that’s colder than 60°F can feel like jumping into the arctic. While it may not seem as cold, it’s not exactly going to benefit you in the long run. It can even lead to hypothermia because of the restriction of blood flow for extended periods. It won’t be safe on your health for the long term.

If you were to jump into a pool that was too warm, it could also lead to other health issues. Hot tubs may seem relaxing, but they were never meant for long term use or to exercise inside of.

Exerting energy and effort in water that is 90°F or higher can cause dehydration and muscle spasms. Knowing how hot your pool is at the moment can help you avoid swimming in unsafe conditions.

Why You Should Use A Thermometer

Not only does a pool not regulated affect your human body, but it also affects your overall health. Chlorine is what helps kill off the harmful bacteria and algae in your pool. When a pool reaches 90°F or higher consistently, it’s easier to consume and break down all the chlorine.

Algae love to chime in on warmer conditions. This is why using a thermometer is vital to you understanding your pool more effectively. It’s an easy way to keep your chemistry levels in the pool regulated while maintaining comfortable conditions for swimming.

What Is A Floating Pool Thermometer?

Floating pool thermometers are the best way to be updated on your pool’s temperature. They float on the surface of the pool with sensors inside of the device. Most of them are compact tools that aren’t excessively huge, so they blend right in with the rest of the pool toys.

Floating thermometers specifically can come in both Analog and Digital versions. Both have their benefits and advantages, and it’s all about figuring what’s best for you.

What’s Better: Analog or Digital?

It all depends on what you’re looking for, but both can give you accurate readings. Analog is more basic and uses regular mercury to give you the temperature. Digital is generally more accurate because they utilize more advanced technology.

The products below are all top of the line floating thermometers worth buying for your pool, and they’re a mixture of both analog and digital thermometers.

The Top 7 Best Floating Pool Thermometers

Milliard Floating Thermometer

The Milliard Floating Thermometer is going to provide you with an accurate reading and a cute little polar bear at the top of the device. Perfect for spas, hot tubs, ponds, and outdoor and indoor pools.

Standing at 7” tall, the top portion stands atop the water surface while the bottom half utilized analog scale to check temperatures. It’ll take a solid two hours of floating around your pool to get an accurate reading. Once it has stabilized, take it out of the water and let it sit for a second and it will give you an accurate reading instantly.

Meashinee Wireless Hanging Thermometer

What makes the Meashinee Thermometer so unique is its overall functionality and the aesthetics of its design. Most pool equipment can have an industrial look that makes it awkward or odd to have in your pool. If your pool is beautiful and doesn’t look like a swamp, you want something more aesthetic like this thermometer to occupy space. It works as a unique decoration with its bright display.

This device has a beautiful vertical LCD display that makes it easy to understand the data. Measuring at 8.3” in length and 5.5” in diameter, it’s compact and designed for any sized pool. There is an anti-UV cover that is intended to maximize the lifespan of the device while out in the sun. It has an IPX8 waterproof rating, ensuring that it survivors during underwater submersion. It can survive up to three feet deep at the most.

The best part about this model is the receiver, which allows you to get a reading without having to grab the actual thermometer. It’s a separate device that’s measured at 3 x 4.5 x 1.1 inches. It has a small and compact screen that gives you just enough of a layout to get an instant reading.

Ambient Weather Wireless 8

This fancy thermometer is one of the best because of the incredible technology it uses. You get a separate console that utilizes wireless technology that transmits the data up to 100 feet away. The LCD display is crystal clear and easy to use. It is completely solar-powered, so you are technically going green when you use this thermometer.

There is, however, a requirement of having four AAA batteries for backup just in case. You can get an update of the temperature every 60 seconds for an accurate update on the dot. It has a screw-on lid that uses a locking key design and a double internal gasket to ensure a water-resistant design.

It’s important to remember that you remove this thermometer when you are adding in new chemicals to your pool until they have dissipated. Some chemicals can be harsh on the plastic this product uses. Ambient is by far, one of the best brands in this industry.

SplashTech Buoy Jumbo EZ Thermometer

SplashTech’s buoy thermometer is essential to any pool maintenance toolkit. It has a large display that makes it easy to see the readings of the temperature. With its jumbo EZ-read display, you can check readings from afar as it floats at the top of the pool. It measures at a whopping 9″ long and 2.75″ wide, and it floats beautifully like a boat across any pool.

Reviews favor this product highly because it has one main function, so it’s not a confusing unit. It has a handy polyethylene cord to easily attach it to anything nearby, so it stays in the same spot.

People love it because it gives accurate readings every few minutes. It has strong material ensuring the thermometer inside is safe and in place. With its near 4 star overall reviews, there is no doubt SplashTech wins with this unit.

Daveyspa Tortoise Shatter-Resistant Thermometer

This floating thermometer is one of the best because of its shatter-resistant design. No need to worry about dropping it by accident and having it break apart. It also gives you an accurate reading of both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Built with some sturdy material, this floating thermometer has a cute tortoise at the top for a cute design while maintaining its strength. This could be used in hot tubs, pools, and fish ponds.

It gives you a clear look at your reading every few minutes. It can read all the way up to 120°F and up to 50°C. Daveyspa has been in existence since 1999, and they have consistently delivered quality products since the beginning.

Aquatix Pro Premium

Exceptional quality is delivered to give you this pool thermometer with shatter-resistant durability. Floats like a boss, so there’s no need to worry about it sinking or damaging. It’s their top-notch model meant to last for years to come. It provides accurate readings without having to squint guessing what the numbers are.

Be sure to anchor the thermometer to avoid it floating far away if you’d like for it to stay nearby. Requires no guesswork and no need to “work” to check the temperature.

Yowosmart Wireless Pool Thermometer

Yowosmart delivers a top-notch solution for any pool owner in need of understanding their pool’s temperature. It uses wireless technology, combining both the device in the pool and its separate device to allow for you to check the temperature even from your living room.

It uses solar powered energy to allow you to save energy and use it with long term use. It has its own multifunction feature allowing you to alarm with snooze and even receive temperature status updates from up to three locations.

The LCD display used on the separate data transmitter is easy to use and provides a clear screen for all the updates you need. It gives you updates every 30 seconds for your convenience. This digital and wireless floating pool thermometer definitely stands to be one of the best in the industry.

How to Choose the Right Thermometer


The only use of a floating pool thermometer is to give you readings of the temperature of the water, so find a device that does exactly that. You want simplicity to be the most important thing to look for.

As long as it does what it says, grab the device, and it should suffice. Some of the ones above are simple to set up once they start floating in your pool. Others may require slightly more work to get ready because they’re wireless.

Accurate Readings

How do you know a certain device is going to give you an accurate reading? Reading good reviews of other people’s experiences can allow you to see what they experience. Depending on the device, you can tell based on the technology and its features if it’s going to give you quality and accurate readings.


Will the device last long? Does it use solar power to keep it going? How many batteries will you need to cycle through every few months? All of these things come in to play to see how long the product is going to last, and when you would need to change the battery. Going for a solar-powered product has its overall perks of lasting longer and allowing you to go green.

Is It Easy to Read?

A very common struggle most people have with pool thermometers that don’t work for them is how easy it is to read. If it’s a digital device, it’s a little easy to see the big numbers on a display.

Others that don’t have an LCD display screen and use just the unit itself on the shaft usually showcase the temperature with bigger numbers for an easy view. Everything from the size of the unit to the design of the device can all affect how easy it can be to read the temperature.


If you decide to get a wireless floating thermometer, you will see that you get one additional transmitter that gives you all the data. The distance from the transmitter to the device in the water is called “the line of sight.”

This is the distance between how far you can be from the device that you can get a reading. The further you can go, the better. If your home has multiple pools or you have a fairly bigger backyard, it’s better to have a stronger distance to allow you to be indoors to get access to a reading.

Final Thoughts

These are definitely 7 of the best floating pool thermometers on the market. They deliver everything from affordable prices to top-notch readings that guarantee you know what is happening to your pool.

Whether you’re looking for a solar-powered device or a wireless thermometer, all 7 of these units give you what you need. Now it’s time for you to know exactly what your pool needs so you can swim safely and have an accurate understanding of where your pool stands.