Best Floating Chlorine Dispensers

Maintaining your pool is not easy when you aren’t sure what it needs to maintain its overall quality. A pool needs to be cleaned out with the proper materials and chemicals to ensure it stays at optimal swimming quality. The problem most people have is not knowing where to start.

A strong filtering system, cleaning of the interior pool, and utilizing consistent chlorine dispensing are all good places to start. Chlorine is the #1 most important part of keeping your pool clean and filtered.

You can achieve good quality chlorine maintenance by investing in a chlorine dispenser. It’s very easy for a pool to develop algae and bacteria if there isn’t s sufficient amount of chlorine circulating throughout the pool.

What Is a Chlorine Dispenser?

These little devices distribute chlorine into your pool at different times of the day. There is no need for you to worry about having to pour chlorine or anything into your pool manually. They work automatically and at the correct time to properly give the pool what it needs to avoid and prevent bacteria from building up in the pool.

Keeping a pool cloudlessly clean is much easier when you have a dispenser giving the pool the chemicals of the chlorine pumping automatically.

How Does A Chlorine Dispenser Work?

Chlorine dispensers take chlorine tablets combining them with a stabilizing agent that acts as a sunscreen to combine with the chlorine. This is slowly added into the pool to give the water the chemicals it needs to stay balanced and able to avoid algae and bacteria.

Water is meant to flow through the tablets as they slowly dissolve, and the dispenser itself has a goal of only allowing a certain amount disperse to give the water just the right amount of chlorine. Erosion chlorine feeders use adjustable dials to help regular the amount sent into the water.

Here’s Why Chlorine Dispensers are so Handy to Own

No Need to Handle The Chemicals

It’s not uncommon for you to feel chlorine on your skin when swimming in the pool. It’s fairly safe to be in contact with this chemical while swimming, but direct contact can be unhealthy and detrimental to your skin. It’s rather scary and unhealthy to have a constant connection with these chemicals. Using a chlorine dispenser makes it convenient for you to fill the device up with minimal contact of the chemicals.

The dispenser can distribute the chlorine consistently throughout the day, and you don’t need to worry about doing it on your own or having to touch the chlorine. The dangers of accidentally ingesting or touching it too much can be detrimental, so using a dispenser only keeps you safe to ensure your pool gets just the right amount it needs for the moment.


You’re probably wondering about having to buy yet another piece of equipment for your pool on top of the floating temperatures, pool toys, cleaning equipment, and other maintenance tools. The last thing on your mind is spending more money on your pool. Understand that any chance you get to decrease the frequency of handling pool chemicals is a huge win for your safety.

You don’t want to touch chlorine or any other chemical often. Most dispensers that are designed with top quality are usually going to last you for many years and can pump out chlorine for a few weeks before a refill. They also don’t require much maintenance to keep up.

They Work On Autopilot

Unlike most pool equipment that requires you to use them individually, chlorine dispensers are conveniently easy to use because you fill them up once and they can work automatically on their own on autopilot for several weeks. You get to decide how much chlorine you’d like to disperse into the pool each time it sends some out.

How to Choose the Best Chlorine Dispenser

It’s not easy deciding which one to buy for your pool. There are a wide range of dispensers on the market in this industry, and it’s hard to weigh out which ones will work best for your pool. Use these tips to distinguish what you need and don’t need.

Go for Floating Dispensers

Floating dispensers are convenient for any sized pools because you know the chlorine is starting at the surface of the pool and making its way down to the bottom. When they float around, they will also be moving across the pool, reaching other areas of the pool.

Every inch of your pool will be touched by the chlorine and will be protected from developing any algae or bacteria. Floating dispensers with cute designs at the top are a great way to add additional decorations to your pool.


The size of your pool dictates how big of a chlorine dispenser you may need. A much smaller pool will only require a smaller size, but of course, having a bigger pool means being in need of more chlorine. It’s vital that you purchase one based on your pool’s size and decide accordingly. The more chlorine the device can handle, the easier it will be.

Duration Before Refill

Try and find out if a dispenser can give you an accurate look at how long it will be before you have to refill the device. It would require too much energy to refill it daily, but a few weeks is a solid amount to be able to not touch it and have it still be running consistently. Most dispensers don’t require a refill until after several weeks, but some can handle a long time before needing a refill.

What are the Best Chlorine Dispensers on the Market?

Pooline 11063A Floating Chemical Dispenser

Never worry about reaching the proper chlorine levels with the help of the Pooline 11630A unit. This is a very heavy duty floating chlorine dispenser that uses three-inch tabs to dispense chlorine throughout your pool. You get an effortless and consistent stream. Works great for above ground and in-ground pools. There is an adjustable chlorine output vent that you can set up to fit your needs.

Designed at 7″ in diameter and 7″ in height, it can handle three large tablets. The locking lid is powerful enough to help prevent tablets from falling out while it floats around. The 15 vents around the twist ring allow it to dispense and flow easily as it floats. This device can hold up to 6 tablets all at once, allowing for longer periods of usage without needing to refill the unit.

What Are People Saying?

People are loving that it can fit a whole 3″ tablet in the unit. Most are enjoying the fact that you can adjust how it operates so that the tablet dissolves at different rates, allowing you to refill the device only every once in a while. Being able to change the rate of pace it dispenses makes it easy to get more chlorine in the pool if you know it needs more.

U.S. Pool Supply Pool Chlorine Dispenser

This 7” diameter dispenser comes with a collapsible tablet tank and can hold up to 3lbs of chlorine and bromine tablets. The adjustable control ring helps balance the chemical delivery, allowing you to dispense at controlled rates. The second version has a Pop-up refill indicator, and it has a premium quality 8″ design.

This version automatically rises up when all the chemicals are low in the unit to let you know when the replacement tablets need to be put inside. Use this to prevent algae, bacteria, and foul odors from developing in your pool.

What Are People Saying?

Most people are loving how much this chlorine dispenser is capable of handling the larger pools. Even if your pool has 4500 gallons of water or more, this dispenser can reach your water all across the pool. It’s known for being very sturdy no matter how much kids play with it nearby. It’s also very economical and perfect for any pool size.

Jed Pool Fin Dispenser

This unique chlorine dispenser has a unique shark fin on the top, and it can hold both 1″ and 3″ tablets. The canister has an adjustable chlorine flow with the punchable tabs. It weighs only 1.1 lbs. so it’s very conveniently going to float around your pool in peace. It’s known for nicely dispensing chlorine at proper rates, so the pool gets the cleaning it needs. It is measured at 10 x 6.5 x 20.5 inches, so it’s not too big for a pool and only works as the perfect decoration in the pool.

What Are People Saying?

Customers love how it’s capable of maintaining even the largest of pools. The top and bottom of this unit is made of thick and sturdy plastic, making it capable of withstanding a long period. There are people who poke holes at the bottom incorrectly, and the key is to properly use a drill and follow the directions on the manual explaining how many holes to make and where to do them.

AquaAce Floating Dispenser

AquaAce is one quality brand that delivers only the best products on the market in this industry. This specific model is by far one of their best because of its ease of use and heavy-duty design that’s perfect for pools and mostly hot tubs. It’s adjustable and easily managed design allows you to achieve maximum flow control with 13 different settings to help with the release of the chlorine into your pool.

It has a heavy-duty design that is both strong and durable. Capable of dosing the pool with the exact amount of chlorine it needs, it’s easy to have in your pool and doesn’t require much upkeep to maintain.

What Are People Saying?

People love this unit because you can throw several tablets into this and you basically can load it up for several weeks without ever having to touch it again. This is definitely one of those few dispensers that require zero work to maintain. It’s very much a “set it and forget it” style dispenser. It also works great with a wide variety of different chlorine tablets.

Pentair R171096 Rainbow Chlorine Feeder

Pentair is a top of the line brand that does not disappoint. This model, in particular, is capable of handling pools that have as much as 70,000 gallons of water at a top feed. It can hold as much as 11 tablets at a given time, which is a whole lot more than most chlorine dispensers.

It uses 1/4 inch feeder hoses for a solid dispensing of the chlorine, alongside a powerful control valve. This is not a floating dispenser and will be best to be attached to the equipment outside of the pool. It requires no special venting or difficult installation. It pumps out chlorine like no other unit on the market today.

What Are People Saying?

It’s easy to add to the equipment that already helps keep your big pool flowing. Follow the directions, and you’ll install it easily. Most people like this because it’s huge and capable of long term use. It lasted for six long years for some people.

Pentair’s R171096 is by far one of the most superior on the market because of its huge layout and design that could handle a pool of any size. It is definitely one of the more costly options because of how much it can do and how well it is designed, but it is overall worth the investment.

Final Thoughts

Want to keep your pool free from all bacteria? Tired of algae and other disgusting filth growing in your pool? It all begins with what kind of water you have and whether you are filling it up with enough chlorine or not. Chlorine dispensers are your best bet to getting the bacteria away from growing throughout your pool.

Some are heavy-duty while others are meant for smaller pools. Find one that best fits your needs and budget the best. The recommendations above are among the best on the market today, and they all provide a solid solution for getting chlorine into your pool.