Best Above Ground Pool Ladders

Having your own pool can be a nice thing, especially during summer time, or the place where you live generally has hot weather all year round. If you are planning to build one for your home, then consider an above ground swimming pool.

There are many benefits you can get choosing this type of pool over in-ground one. First, it is cheaper than an in-ground pool, and some even has equipped with the best pool ladder above ground. Therefore, it is a better option if you have a limited budget.

Don’t worry about having limited models, because above ground pool now comes in various shape, size, materials, and models. Therefore, you can adjust them based on your preference.

It also doesn’t take too much time to install, because you don’t need to dig the ground which usually takes a lot of time. Better yet, if you are skilled and used to DIY projects, you can even purchase the self-installation kits and install the swimming pool yourself.

Additionally, it also lowers the risk of accident fall because of the higher entry point, therefore it is relatively safer than the usual pool. You can also add another safety feature such as tall fencing, to make it even safer. It is also relatively easier to maintain an above ground pool due to its size and construction. 

With a safer pool option, you will also need a quality ladder to ensure that everything works functionally well and safe. Therefore, you will need the best pool ladder above ground for this purpose.

There are various type and brand of pool ladder, and choose one that is the best for you can be overwhelming and confusing. However, there are several things you need to consider to get a good above ground pool ladder.

Few things to consider when choosing an above ground pool ladder

A very nice above ground swimming pool

There are several important things that you’ll need to consider before buying ladder for above ground swimming pool.

1. With or without a deck

The first thing to consider when buying a ladder is whether your pool is equipped with a deck or not.

When it is without a deck, then you will have to buy a ladder both for inside and outside of the pool. But if you build a deck around your pool, then you will only need a ladder to get out of the pool.

2. Determine the Size

The next thing to consider is the size of your pool. The best above ground pool ladder is one that is in the right size, neither too tall nor too short. An unfit pool ladder can be dangerous for the swimmers. It increases the risk of missteps or falling to the ground.

3. It should have the right weight

Pick a sturdy ladder for your above ground pool. Therefore, it will be easy to submerge in the pool, and at the same time, it can hold your weight when you are coming out of the pool. However, it should also be light enough so that you can remove it from water easily when winter is coming. 

4. Choose one with a barrier if you have little kid

This one is an important feature to consider, especially if you have little kid. This barrier is important to prevent young children from getting into the pool unattended.

Usually, the barrier can be in the form of a gate that can be opened or closed in the bottom step, or a ladder with lock system when the pool is not in use.

5. Find one that is easy to clean

The next thing to consider is choosing a ladder made of materials that are easy to clean. A steel ladder is sturdy, but sometimes it is heavy and prone to rust.

Meanwhile, the plastic resin material is easier to clean, durable, and more weather-resistant. There are also ladder made of aluminium, which may be not as strong as steel, but it is more stable than the plastic resin.

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After you learned about what to consider when choosing a ladder for your above ground pool, now here are some recommendation of the above ground pool ladder for you.

Here are 10 what we consider the most recommended above ground pool ladders:

1. Confer Plastics Access Pool Step 1

Pool ladder from Confer

Confer is probably one of the best experts out there in creating pool accessories. One of the best above ground pool ladder is the Confer Plastics Access Pool Step 1. It is designed for you to getting into the pool easier without worrying that the ladder will tip over or you might slip and missing a step.

The mounting brackets will secure the ladder to the pool or deck. It is easy to install, with a durable and strong frame that able to hold weight up to 400 pounds. This ladder is also designed to keep the water circulation behind the unit in order to prevent algae growth and easier cleaning.

2. Above Ground Swimming Pool Curve Base Steps from Confer – CCX-AG

This is another great pool ladder from Confer. It is not only safe but also has reliable stability and looks great too. It is made of resin that is chemical resistant and can hold up 400 pounds of weight.

Meanwhile, the siders are strengthened by using sand or pea gravel as filling. This product comes with modifiable base pads and 24-inch oversized deck mounting bracket.

Don’t worry about it being damaged too soon because Confer offers a 5-year warranty for this pool ladder.
Video on how to assembly the ladder

3. Ocean Blue Mighty Step 30″

This next recommended pool ladder above ground makes a simple yet safe way to getting in and out of your pool.

It can withstand 400 pounds weight capacity and features easy-to-grab handrails and deck mounting brackets.

This type of pool ladder is perfect for flat bottom above ground pools and 48-54 inch sidewalls. Don’t worry getting slipped because it features wide, textured steps to prevent slipping.

4. 32″ Safety Step Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder with Handle Slip Prevent

32″ pool ladder

Don’t worry about missing a step when you are getting in or out of the pool when using this ladder because it features wide step dimensions of 31.5 x 10.5 inches. The mounting brackets will safely secure the ladder to your pool or deck and prevent it from tipping over.

It is durable and able to hold up to 400 pounds of weight. This ladder is easy to install with its snap-together pieces, perfect for pool with flat bottoms. It also features side openings for better circulation to inhibit algae growth.

5. Confer 6000X

Confer 6000X pool ladder

The next type from Confer is the Confer 6000X. It is an A-Frame type with one ladder is submerge on the pool, while the other side is outside the pool.

It is simple and easy to adjust for between 48 inches to 54 inches deep pool and can hold up to 300 pounds of weight.  It is made of a long-lasting resin to prevent corrode and rust. Better yet, it also meets the Barrier Requirements of ANSI/APSP. Therefore, it is lockable and can prevent kids from wandering around the pool unattended.

6. BiltMor Above Ground Step and Ladder System

BiltMor step & ladder

The next step is from BiltMor that feature step and ladder system. The steps are designed rugged in order to prevent slipping when you step on it.

It is made of polyethylene and free maintenance, perfect for any type of above ground pool. It is great for children because of its 11 inch and 21 inch wide passage. It is sturdy enough and can holds up to 350 pounds of weight.

7. Drop-In Step/Ladder for Above Ground Pool (Add on Outside Ladder)

The next product is an actually is an add-on for the outside swimming pool step/ladder. However, to use this, you will also need to purchase the counterpart.

Together, both will create a full solid A-Frame style ladder for your above ground pool for easy access in and out of your swimming pool.

8. Intex Double-Sided Steel Pool Ladder | 28059E

This product from Intex is made of steel for the sturdier and stronger ladder. It is perfect for a 52 inches deep swimming pool and can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. Sounds pretty solid don’t you think?

It is designed as double sided which means you can easily get in as well as out of the pool.

The high-impact and slip-resistant material making this product safe to use around the pool.

9. Vinyl Works Slide-Lock A-Frame Above Ground Pool Ladder

The last item in this list of best pool ladder above ground come from Vinyl Works. It is an adjustable A-Frame ladder that can fit 48 to 56 inches pool wall. It is a strong ladder that can hold up 300 pounds of weight.

It is a feature with anti-skid surface and double extended handrails for safer use when you are getting in or out of the pool.

The ladder exterior is easily slide-up and lockable to prevent access to the pool, especially children that are wandering around the pool unattended.


Above ground pool is the perfect choice if you are on a budget, but still want to have some splash of fun (pun intended), in the summer.

It is also quite easy to set up and added with the best ladder above ground, you will have safe and easy access to a backyard pool.