Benefits of Using a Pool Cover

While you struggle to keep your swimming pool clean and maintain all the necessary equipment, getting a suitable cover will have as many different benefits. It will help reduce energy consumption, costs, and save time as well. It’s just one of the factors that, sooner or later, you will have to purchase.

Yes, your pool might be serene now, with the water calm and the atmosphere perfect – as close to paradise you will get in your home. More so, you may also be struggling to keep the pool clean, and it definitely shows all your efforts. That said, during the night or rainy season – the wind picks up. The next morning, you barely recognize your pool, as it is full of twigs, debris, and leaves. There goes your serene and peaceful environment.

If only you have invested in a suitable pool cover rather than an inflatable floating bar. But hey, you can still make a good decision at this point. So if you are still asking, “should I cover my pool at night?” Well, consider the following answers

Benefits of Using a Pool Cover

Cuts Down Evaporation

Do you remember learning about evaporation back in your junior days? It’s the process through which water converts into a gas form(vapor). Since your pool has a large surface area of water, it’s a process that is bound to occur daily. Getting a suitable pool cover will help control the process.

Cuts Down on The Use of Chemicals 

Water red eyes, sneezing, skin reactions, and more – these are all crucial giveaways. Pool chemicals can lead to reactions that range from asthma, allergies, irritation, and more. Thus, investing in a pool cover will help reduce the chemical consumption of the pool by as much as 50%.

Ensures the Pool Retains Heat

Covering your heated swimming pool may have a significant impact on reducing heat loss. To be specific, everyone prefers diving into a pool of water, and you can maintain this result by covering your pool. It’s an excellent alternative to leaving it open all through the night, where it may lose heat significantly.

For a pool that relies on the sun for heating, covering it can also go a long way in maintaining the temperature of the water. The good thing is that you don’t have to buy an expensive pool cover so that you can notice a difference. You can go for affordable vinyl and solar covers – which are affordable as well as reliable for swimming pools.

Keeps Out Twigs, Leaves, and Debris

Image a pool without a cover. Various items that are not within your control may fall into the pool. These may include dead insects, shredding shrubs, trees, and more. Next, you may be out there with a net connected to a telescoping pole, spending the weekend afternoon trying to remove random items. Alternatively, you get a pool cover and avoid chasing down every leaf that falls into the pool. You may perhaps have even more time to take on the pool.

Less Maintenance

Do you enjoy vacuuming your swimming pool? Even if you do get a thrill for this activity, it would also be nice to spend less energy during the process. Using pool covers can go a long way in reducing the time and effort needed to vacuum your pool.

Saves Money

Have you ever noticed how certain things are worth the investment? Well, a pool cover is just one of those things. Get a pool cover, and you will have the various benefits it has for your pool in an instant. Heating bills will reduce, and you won’t have to clean your pool as often as before.

Challenges Associated with Using Pool Covers

  • Unsightly – some people don’t like the appearance of pool covers

  • Hassle – you may have to remove the pool cover, which is a process that requires effort. You have to roll off the cover and install it back afterward.

  • Space for the roller – you also need adequate space such that you will find it easy to store the roller on your pool deck when not in use. Plus, the space within your pool is often limited, and the roller might access the pool.

  • A cover for the cover – bubble covers should also feature a cover to keep them from the sun when on the roller. It’s a significant chore, especially if you want to keep the cover of the pool for a specific duration of time.

Types of Pool Covers

Inter Pool Covers

These are the conventional covers you use for the pool during seasonal closings, and to safeguard the pool from debris and more. You can secure them with water bags or weights which won’t hold on the weight of the child, or even heavy debris. Thus, they won’t be used as safety mechanisms for issues such as slips and accidents. That said, they are affordable and simple to install.

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Automatic Pool Covers

With automatic covers, you will find it easy to open and close the pool with a push of a button. Usually, these resources are simple to use and highly secure. Thus, you can use them as protection against issues such as accidents.

Also, they usually need professional installation and have unique tracks that guide their movement when in use. That said, the automatic pool covers often have a costly price, but are worth the investment for your pool. You can also extend your swimming season in various types of weather, by maintaining the heat levels and stopping evaporation.

Hidden Pool Covers

If you are searching for a cover, which won’t attract attention when retracted, the hidden pool covers might be best. These types are often automatic, semi-automatic, or manual models. More so, you will find them easy to tuck away in stand-alone structures, or a cantilevered space in your pool. For this reason, such covers can make up for aesthetically pleasing additions to your pool area. The only issue is that they are also available at high prices.

Thermal Pool Covers

These act as a thermal blanket, whereby they have insulating material to help maintain the heat in your water. Furthermore, they also help protect the pool from the sun and reduce the occurrence of algae. It’s also crucial to know that it won’t heat the water but will retain the water effectively. More so, they usually require professional installation and are reliable structures for pool insulation.

Solar Pool Covers

These types are highly affordable and simple to use for various reasons. For instance, they are simple to install DIY and are simply bubble wrap blankets that are compact. Also, they work well to absorb the rays of the sun during the day while ensuring heat won’t escape during the day. The solar covers are also highly efficient and require a single person for installation.


Keeping your pool covered is among a vital factor to consider for the longevity of your pool. Failing to keep your pool covered can lead to various issues. While it may not present a threat in one night, the results may accumulate over a few days. For instance, the pool might accumulate lots of debris, may have poor heat retention, and more. Thus, if you still ask, “should I cover my pool every night.” Well, the answer is YES! The good thing about it all is that there are convenient and affordable options for you to consider.