Why Are People Getting Salt Water Pools?

Salt water pools have increased in popularity in the last several years. Are you wondering why so many pool owners are installing salt water pools? Do you want to make the switch to a salt water system for your swimming pool?

There are many benefits to converting your pool from a chlorinated system to a saltwater one. The biggest reason most people want to make the switch is that they find the idea of adding chlorine tablets or dealing with chlorine gas to be unpleasant and inconvenient.

Why Pool Owners Installing Salt Water Pools?

People are getting saltwater pools for a variety of reasons including cost, ease of use, and health benefits. Here are five more reasons why people are ditching chlorine pools for saltwater pools

1) Salt Water Pools Are Better for Your Skin, Eyes, and Hair.

Comfort – Salt water is more comfortable than overly chlorinated water (think of the smell after a swim in a traditional chlorine-based pool). The lower amount of chlorine has a milder effect on your eyes and skin.

2) Salt Water Pools Have Less Maintenance.

Maintenance – The salt cell sanitizes the water and reduces the need to add stabilizers, conditioners and shock treatments. You’ll need to test the water less frequently and you won’t need to purchase as many chemicals each week because the self-chlorinating system adjusts automatically.

3) Salt Water Pools Have Fewer Chemicals.

Cost – It’s generally less expensive to maintain than a traditional chlorine pool. It’s also cheaper to operate because saltwater pumps are more energy efficient than their traditional counterparts.

4) Salt Water Pools Are Easy to Maintain.

Water quality – Salt generates its own hypochlorous acid which keeps your pool clean, clear and algae free without relying on harsh chemicals. The water is much softer and more refreshing than regular chlorine-based pools so it’s ideal for those with sensitive skin

5) Salt Water Pools Have No Strong Chemical Smell.

The biggest difference between regular pools and saltwater pools is the fact that there is no chlorine smell. The water does not feel sticky, and you do not have to worry about getting a rash from the chlorine in the water.

6 )Salt Water Is Known to Relieve Sore Muscles

When sore muscles and joints are immersed in salt water they tend to feel better. The mineral bromide, found in salt water, can ease aching joints and muscles. In fact, people with injuries may find that they can move more easily in a pool because bromide helps their muscles and joints recover.

Saltwater pool owners have a different experience with their pools. They don’t have to lug around chlorine jugs anymore, and they don’t have to deal with harsh chemicals drying out their skin and hair, or burning their eyes. Plus, a saltwater pool is easier on bathing suits and towels than a heavily chlorinated pool.

Final Thoughts

People are increasingly installing saltwater pools because they are easier to maintain than traditional pools. A salt water pool has an automatic chlorinator that works with the water’s natural chemistry to perform much of the maintenance for the pool on its own.

As you can see there are many reasons saltwater pools are a favorite among residential pool owners!

If you already have a saltwater pool, you know how great they are! If you’re looking to upgrade your existing pool or get a new one, consider installing one.