Splash Above Ground Pools

Product Name: Splash Pools Round Deluxe Pool Package
Brand: Splash Pools
Features: Strong, painted, hot-dipped 7″ galvanized steel ledge — 1 HP pump and motor — Sturdy Resin ladder with lift-off outside staircase to prevent unwanted access
Splash Pools Round Deluxe Pool Package

 Review of the Splash Pools Round Deluxe Pool Package

Splash Pools Round Deluxe Pool Package

Want to enjoy summer with family and friends? Splash pool is the solution. This is a great pool system which can accommodate multiple swimmers to give the best experience of fun in the sun.

This is safe and exciting as it includes a hot dipped galvanized G-90 wall with a multi layered protection system. What’s more? You may not have to see the boring pool tiles around you anymore as this pool system has a pleasant looking wall pattern.

Best Product Features

    • 1 powerful horse power pump with a motor.
    • Comes with a standard Thru-the-Wall skimmer
    • Includes a step-by-step installation video for a quick setup
    • ​Possesses a strong, painted, hot dipped 7” galvanized steel ledge
    • ​Sand filter system included
    • Has a steady resin ladder with lift-off outside staircase to prevent unwanted access to the pool
    • Lasting construction and durable
    • Sizes available: 18 feet by 52 inch, 24-feet by 52 inch, 30 feet by 15 feet by 52 inch and 45 x 18 x 52

What Did Customers Say About the Pool?

Overall, the customers were happy with the product. As far as the size and style is considered, this has been quoted as the product available for the best price.

The customer satisfaction over the quality of the material and the equipment was good and many of them found the filter and the pump to be working well.

Several of them have emphasized to make sure that the ground is leveled prior to the installation of the pool. Since there could be instances where grass or other objects might be poking through the liner, something in addition to regular sand is recommended at the bottom.

One customer sited that the galvanized bottom plates started to rust during the process of installation and some rust proofing primer/etcher and enamel spray paint on such parts was necessary. However, the rusting occurred for a prolonged period due to a lot of local rain at the time.

Since the kit is massive and the siding is very heavy, it requires a lot of helping hands for the process of installation. Though the setup took several hours or for some even the whole day, it was a great buy for many.

The Pros and Cons


    • Multi layered protection system
    • Removable outside staircase to prevent the entry of unwanted intruders
    • ​Attractive pool system
    • Sturdy galvanized steel frame which is painted and coated with zinc hardware


  • If not placed properly on stands, some of the bottom steel beams may start to rust
  • Support blocks must be leveled against each other. Hence initial ground preparation may be necessary.


If you’re looking for a well designed and manufactured above ground pool with ample features, this may be the right pool for you. The Splash Pools Round Deluxe Pool is a step above many of it’s competitors and is considered a higher-end model.

After thoroughly researching the product, our expert opinion is that it is one of the top above ground pools on the market.  We hope our review of the Splash Pools Deluxe Pool has been of great value in helping your decision on an above ground pool.