9 Best Pool Volleyball Net for Fun in Your Swimming Pool

​It is without a doubt that swimming in pools is a great way to spend recreation time, bond with your friends and exercise. You can, however, do all of these three while playing a game. One of the best pool games you can enjoy with your friends is pool volleyball. You can easily divide your group into two teams, set up a reliable volleyball pool net, get a ball and you are good to go!

Getting a pool volleyball net is easy, if you still don’t have any idea what to get and how to choose one, then here are some recommendations for you.

pool volleyball net

The Dunnrite Pool Combo set includes two games which easily converts one to another without using any tools. The base can be filled with water to add more weight to it. It has a vinyl coated 13.5-inch stainless steel rim with while all-weather net. The volleyball net can span up to a 2-feet pool and it comes with a three-year warranty.


  • ​All hardware is stainless steel so you won’t have to worry about getting your set-up knocked down while playing or by the wind.

  • ​The hardware is stainless steel, so there’s no place for corrosion to take place.

  • ​You don’t need to make any holes in your poolside just to install this product.


  • ​Some screws can rust a bit.

  • ​You may have to spray some coating protection for the metal rims to extend its service life.

Bottom line:
If you want to have hardware in your volleyball pool set, then this pool set is for you! It can be understood that some people would prefer getting a pool set that has metal parts than those made with PVC for added weight. Though you might want to spray coat the metal parts and wait for it to dry before storing them up, it’s relatively easy to do.

water basketball hoops

​The Poolmaster Swimming Pool Basketball and Volleyball Game Combo contains, based on its name, basketball and volleyball systems. The volleyball game includes a polyethylene net, side ties to extend the length of the net, pole uprights with perma-top mounts, and deluxe game ball with an inflation needle.


  • ​It is available in two styles – above ground and in-ground pool.

  • ​Specifically designed across-pool volleyball for above-ground pools.

  • ​Comes with a deluxe game ball.

  • ​The whole set contains two games so you can switch every now and then.

  • ​The volleyball system is very easy to set-up.


  • ​The net could tip into the pool when it is not installed correctly.

  • ​The PVC caps can sometimes come off.

Bottom line:
The Poolmaster swimming pool is perfect especially if your bunch is the type to switch from playing volleyball to basketball every once in a while. It’s also convenient that you can either choose from above ground or in-ground pool. This pool volleyball net is durable enough to withstand the raunchy and competitive game between you and your friends.

above ground pool volleyball

​The SwimWays pool set comes with two games – basketball and volleyball. You can switch from playing basketball to volleyball and back again with ease. It is very much easy to assemble and there are no tools required. You can enhance the stability of the bases by filling these with water.


  • ​The whole game system is easy to install.

  • ​Draining the water from the bases is easy.

  • ​It has no metal parts, so it’s not prone to corrosion.


  • ​You may have to drain water every time you are going to switch from one game to another.

  • ​It might be a little hard for you to switch the set-up from volleyball to basketball game.

Bottom line:
This is a great product! It has no metal parts so you won’t have to worry about getting it rusty when exposed to heat and water. This could also be a huge factor for its service life, as well.

volleyball net for above ground swimming pool

The Park & Sun Pool Volleyball Net System is excellent for in-ground pools and it’s pretty easy to set-up. It contains durable poles that are made from PVC. The sports level volleyball net measures about 24 feet. The support bases can be filled with either sand or water and the set includes two 15-foot tension cords and ground stakes for additional net tensioning.


  • ​This volleyball net system can be used indoor or outdoor, so it’s pretty much versatile depending on where you are going to play.

  • ​The volleyball net measures up to 24 feet from the ground. This is pretty high so you won’t have any troubles with the height of the net.

  • ​You can fill the bases with either sand or water, depending on where you are going to use it and whichever is more available.

  • ​It has ground stakes for added net tensioning.


  • ​You have to make an extra effort to fill up the bases.


  • ​The bases might have the tendency to topple, depending on how much it is filled.

Bottom line:
With its price and net durability, it is a good buy! The height of the pole can easily be adjusted and the whole netting system can be used indoors and outdoors, so there’s really nothing such as downtime when it comes to this volleyball net.

above ground pool volleyball set

​The Poolmaster Poolside Volleyball Game is specially designed for volleyball action for above-ground pools. The game includes a volleyball game net with side ties, upright poles, and bracket mounts. Aside from that, the bracket mounts are portable and repositionable which means you can carry this around and detach it everytime you are done using it. This set includes a deluxe vinyl game ball with an inflating needle.


  • ​This volleyball pool set is easy to use and you don’t have to drill holes in your poolside.

  • ​No need to fill the bases with water or sand for it to be stable.

  • ​Can go up to a 21-feet pool without any issues.

  • ​It can quickly be snapped back and forth.


  • ​The clamp mounts are a bit bulky.

  • ​Some camps that push into the tops of the main poles have the tendency to be a bit loose.

  • ​The ball that comes with it is sub-par.

Bottom line:
If you are looking for an above-ground volleyball net installation, then look no further. You won’t have to worry about putting sand or water in its bases for added weight. All you have to do is to set it down your poolside (no digging holes needed!) and you are good to do.

above ground pool volleyball net

​The Dunnrite Volleyball Set is a regulation-size pool volleyball set. It is designed specifically for commercial or residential pools so this would fit perfectly in your backyard pool. It has two sturdy 1.9-inch aluminum or stainless-steel posts and has a heavy-duty 24-foot volleyball net. You can either choose an aluminum post or a stainless-steel post, depending on your preference. The bases should be filled with water for your system to be sturdy enough. The net height is adjustable and can be set to a custom fit width.


  • ​The posts are available in two variants you can choose from – either aluminum or stainless steel

  • ​The net height and width are adjustable to fit any backyard-sized pools.

  • ​Perfect for commercial or residential pool use.


  • ​You have to fill the bases with water or sand so it may be a bit time-consuming.

  • ​The metal parts made up of aluminum may corrode.

Bottom line:

The Dunnrite brand has been known for their pool products since 1983 and this volleyball pool set carries their name well. If you’re a bit unsure of the size of your pool or you don’t want to roll up the nets if your pool length is smaller than the usual, then this volleyball pool set is just for you. You may have to exert some efforts in making the whole set-up sturdy, but at least you don’t have to bore holes in your poolside just to put this up!

above ground pool volleyball nets

​The Swimline Pool Jam Combo features a hardbody design that can safely and instantly snap from basketball to volleyball. To set this up, you can attach this to your pool’s top rail with the breakaway bracket that is included in the pool set. The set also includes playing balls so you won’t have to worry about getting one. It consists of a 20-feet net with 6-foot cords on each side for stringing to poles. This pool set sets up super-fast and easy that slide together and comes apart for storage.


  • ​No need to drill holes on your poolside as this is specifically designed to be played above your pool’s ground.

  • ​It can fit most residential pools with its 20-feet net.

  • ​There are no parts that can be susceptible to corrosion.


  • ​You would need to stabilize the set-up by driving stakes from behind goal into the ground.

  • ​The metal parts should be maintained and properly dried before storage.

Bottom line:

The Swimline Pool Jam Poolside Net is one of the sturdiest poolside nets you can see in the market. The product comes with a bracket that adds stability to the whole set-up. It’s also very easy to install and switch to and from one game to another. The balls are also included in the pool set which saves you heaps of time and money.

volleyball nets for above ground pools

​The Home Court Volleyball Net Pool System features a 16-foot long and 3-foot deep net. The net is made from weather-treated polyester making it as durable as it could be. It also includes a 2-inch wide vinyl tape you can use to stabilize the whole set-up further.


  • ​The price you pay for the quality of the net is truly worth it.

  • ​The net is made from polyester so you won’t have to worry about getting it all sagged as time comes.

  • ​It’s perfect if you are just looking for a pool volleyball net.


  • ​You would have to think of ways to install this since there are no rods or poles included in this set.

Bottom line:

​Unlike some of the volleyball net sets available, this one does not come with a rod which is just right if that is the only thing you are looking for. This is perfect especially if you already have a pole system set-up in your poolside. No other unnecessary additionals, just a sturdy, durable, and reliable volleyball net.

volleyball net for above ground pool

​The Dunnrite Aqua Volley Pool Set comes with a 24-foot long volleyball net that is fully adjustable. The length of the net can be shortened to fit residential and most commercial pools. The unit includes two sturdy aluminum powder-coated posts and has two plastic bases that can be filled with water for additional weight. The set contains a signature Dunnrite hot pink water volleyball. All hardware included in the set is stainless steel and comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.


  • ​It all comes in one set.

  • ​Compatible with most residential pools.

  • ​The posts are made from aluminum, so it’s fairly lightweight and more comfortable to install and dismount.


  • ​You have to fill the bases with water for additional weight, so this requires extra work and effort on the user’s part.

  • ​The net may droop over time depending on your usage and care.

Bottom line:

Dunnrite has always been known to produce quality products and this is just one of them. The whole volleyball set is complete with everything you need in setting up the volleyball pool game. The set also features a Dunnrite ball which is known to made from quality and durable materials. Plus, it’s great that this product comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. In this way, you are assured that if anything goes wrong, you can rely on the warranty any time within one year from purchase.

How to Choose a Volleyball Net for Your Pool

1. Know the dimensions of your pool.

know the dimensions of your pool

​It pays to know the width and length of your pool since there are a variety of volleyball net lengths. Some nets can be shortened, but it would be nice to have an exact measurement to avoid drooping of the nets in the middle.

2. Consider the type of pool you have.

​There are two kinds of pools – in-ground and above ground. The names of these pools describe actually describes themselves. In-ground pools are bore into the ground and above ground pools are placed on it. When choosing a volleyball net for your pool, it’s best to know what type of pool you have because some volleyball net systems need the poles to be bored on the ground so this won’t be relatively easy to do with above ground pools. It can be possible if the lengths of the rods are adjustable to compromise for the height of your above-ground pool, but, as always, it pays to choose the perfect fit for what you have on hand.

3. Evaluate if you want the bases to be filled with water or not.

​The thing about temporary volleyball installations is that this can be installed easily, and it can be dismounted easily as well. This is because they are not permanently set in place which means that you probably have to put some weight in to install it every now and then. Now, this is one of the most important factors you would have to consider in buying a volleyball pool net. Some bases can be bored to the ground but this may not work if you don’t want to leave holes in your lawn or it’s just not possible to do so. If that’s the case, then you can opt for those bases that can be filled with water or sand. Keep in mind, however, that these bases need to be filled up at least to three-fourths of their maximum level to give you the weight you need to hold down the set-up. This requires time and effort, but the great thing about it is you can easily dismount the assembly after using it.

4. Check the which tools will you need to set the volleyball net.

​Will you need the poles or do you have one readily available and you just really need the net itself? Will you be happy if the net comes with strings for extension and balls for playing? If that’s the case, then you would want to consider buying a complete pool volleyball set. Aside from that, there are other sets available in the market that can double as either a basketball or badminton system. Think about what you really need for your pool, but at the same time, it won’t hurt to invest in a 2-in-1 game system for added fun.

Conclusion :

These are just the simple and basic things you need to cover in deciding which volleyball pool set will fit perfectly in your backyard pool. These pool accessories are easy to install and low on investment but very much high on fun! You won’t have to get tired of thinking which games to play with your family and friends with these volleyball pool sets.