10 Swimming Pool Seating Ideas

Anyone who’s lucky enough to own a pool knows just what an asset they can be. Having the option of heading out back to have a swim on a hot Summer’s day is such a luxury and one that should never be taken for granted.

When you have a pool it can quickly become the most important feature in your garden. It will likely take up the bulk of the space so it’s important to consider all of the fittings and accessories around the pool, and how they all come together. 

Pool seating is an important consideration and having the right types of seating in place can make a world of difference.  There are a variety of different options when it comes to pool seating with some expensive and complicated options, and some simple and affordable options. We’ve put together a list of the best cozy pool seating ideas to help you identify what you like the most and what will work best in your home.

Best Cozy Pool Seating Ideas

​1. Pool lounging chairs

Pool lounging chairs

Our list starts with the classic pool lounger. We’re all familiar with these from our holidays but the pool lounger remains one of the best ways to lie back and relax next to the water. They’re ideal for sunbathing and you can even lie back to take a nap. The ultimate destress machine.

Pool loungers are as affordable as you want them to be. You can opt for a cheaper plastic option but we would recommend going for a metal frame with some thick cushioning on the top, it’s just more comfortable. The only downside to loungers is that they can take up some space so if you have a smaller garden they might not be suitable.

​2. Folding poolside seat

Folding poolside seat

Another simple but practical option is the folding poolside seat. These fold out so you can sit directly on the water’s edge with your feet hanging in. They’re incredibly versatile and easy to move, plus they offer the most affordable seating solution out there.

Folding poolside seats might not be the cosiest for some but they have some distinct advantages. They don’t take up much room, they aren’t obstructive and they work for anyone. A useful product with a lot of value.

​3. Gazebo


If you don’t have an existing canopy set up around your pool then a gazebo can help create that cozy intimate space. If you get some cushioned outdoor furniture to compliment the space it will quickly become an outdoor relaxation space that everyone naturally gravitates too. Plus you can add some hanging lights to give it that instagram worthy look.

Gazebos offer some practical protection from the elements and if you like in a seasonal area this can be really useful. It’s a clear separation of space, but still close enough that you can use the pool whenever you want. This is a more expensive option, depending on your tastes, but the results are well worth it.

​4. Wrap around sofa seating

Wrap around sofa seating

Another great option for cozy pool seating is a wrap around sofa. You can have this set up on the terrace next to the pool for family or friends to relax and keep an eye on those in the water. This is often a sunken seating area so it feels more cosy and separate from the rest of the garden.

Customising the sofa with cushions and throws will help you define your style and make sure it matches the interior of your home. Do be aware that if you have regular rain this might not be the best option for you. You should make sure you have all the covers you need to fully protect your sofa.

​5. Concrete benches

Concrete benches

Concrete benches topped with cushioning is a popular choice these days. It’s very cheap to have these installed and they need virtually no maintenance at all. The concrete is resistant to the elements so in the Winter months there’s no risk of damaging the seats.

Concrete benches also offer a simple style. If you build them into a sunken seating area you can incorporate other features, like a fire pit, so there is a piece in the centre. This helps create a whole cosy area in your garden next to your pool.

​6. Poolside dining area

Poolside dining area

A great way to complete the space is to have a full dining table and chairs set up on the terrace next to the pool that you can use for intimate dinners with loved ones. You can even put in an outdoor oven or BBQ so you can do your cooking outdoors too.

Nothing says luxury more than having dinner next to the pool. It’s a great way to make the space more useful, while keeping it cosy, giving you the best of both worlds.

​7. In pool loungers

In pool loungers

Relaxing in the pool itself is also a great option. You can now great built in pool loungers which are partially submerged, allowing you to lie back and relax in the water. These are generally made from stone and designed as part of the pool when it was originally built, but you can have these added later on.

There is nothing more cosy than lying next to a loved one in the pool watching the sun go down. You can even look to add additional features like heating seating, or a built in mister so that your experience is enhanced further.

​8. Wicker Seats

Wicker Seats

Wicker seating around the edge of your pool brings the coastal vibe home. By adding some white cushioning to the top it’s a clean cut look that just fits with the poolside aesthetic. Wicker seating is inexpensive and very versatile. You can easily move them around to fit different sized gatherings, or take them inside if the weather turns nasty. Easy to source and set up, wicker seating is cosy and practical.

​9. Outdoor sectional

Outdoor sectional

A lot of people have sectionals in their home, but setting one up outside creates a lovely cosy space for you to enjoy the good weather in. The great thing about sectionals is that the sky’s the limit and you can totally customise it to fit your available space. Add some cushions and you’re good to go.

If you opt for an outdoor sectional make sure you pick one which has enough protection against the elements. Not all are designed to be fully water resistant and the last thing you want is the seating getting destroyed a week after you buy it.

​10. Floor cushions

Floor cushions

Another practical and inexpensive option is to consider the use of floor cushions. These are specially designed to be tougher than interior cushions and will stand up to fairly heavy use. The main advantage is that they are easy to move and you can set them up exactly as you need them. So whether you’re having a date night or the whole neighborhood round for a party you’ll have it covered.

Best Cosy Pool Seating

Having the right seating around your pool goes a long way and any of the options on the above list would make a great addition to your home.They all over a balance of utility, style and affordability that makes them good value to the customer.

A landscaper or designer will be able to help you make your decision but only you will know your own personal preferences. Hopefully this list has helped you clarify those preferences, and offered you some inspiration about what pool seating will work for you. At the very least it has hopefully identified some styles you now know you definitely don’t like, which will help make it easier to select the best pool seating for your home in the future.