Decorating and Landscaping around an Above Ground Pool

beautify an above ground pool

We love the fun that a pool brings to our home, but how about its aesthetic appeal? Sadly, there isn’t exactly a veritable cornucopia of styles among above ground pools, so we’re often forced to sacrifice our lawn’s beauty in exchange for livening it up. Or are we?

Over the years, we’ve discovered some nifty ways to spruce up our otherwise aquatic eye sore. Here are a few of our favorite ways to beautify an above ground pool.


When your pool was installed, chances are, a decent portion of your backyard was dug up in the process. This can actually be used to your advantage. One of the worst mistakes homeowners make is replanting grass around their new backyard oasis.

Unfortunately, this makes it much more difficult to maintain. Unless you’re rubbing the lawnmower against the pool’s wall (and scratching or damaging it in the process), you’re not going to get every blade or weed that grows around its walls.

So, more meticulous and time consuming lawn care will be necessary. This, of course, in addition to the occasional splashes of chlorinated water creating patches in your lawn.

A popular alternative is to surround the pool with gravel, sand or even mulch. If spread evenly, this can serve as a visual buffer that enhances the pool’s appeal. Otherwise, it just kind of rises awkwardly from the lawn. Even better, flowers and shrubs can be planted around the pool’s perimeter with a natural barrier to protect them from the occasional chlorinated splashes.

Check out this Video on Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas:​

Add Some Light

Night time pool parties are great, and nearly all above ground pools include a light. Unfortunately, they tend to be rather dull. Most stock lights also consume a disproportionate amount of energy.

However, there are a variety of aftermarket LED lights that can be easily used to replace them. LED lights offer a more attractive, modern look and reduce power consumption. They also come in a variety of colors, and some even change colors to produce an even cooler effect.

Pool Deck

There are few better ways to beautify an above ground pool than to combine it with other elements of your home. In this case, we’re talking about the deck. Decks offer the perfect complement even when they don’t fully surround the pool. In fact, some homeowners just build an extension that reaches its ladder. Using this design, plants can still be placed around the pool.

Some homeowners with sloped yards will even customize their deck to give the illusion of an in-ground pool. It can easily start at the top of the hill or ditch and maintain its height with support beams around the pool’s perimeter. Of course, this requires careful planning.

The deck cannot interfere with the pool’s functionality or prevent someone from accessing its components for repairs. Also, swimmers are more likely to climb out of the side as they do with in-ground pools, so stability and proper support are important considerations.

Your Above Ground Pool’s Interior: The Liner

We prefer to beautify an above ground pool inside and out. Most pools include a plain 20-gauge blue liner. While most liners are blue, you’ll find many that feature shapes and themes to help add a touch of style.

Some feature stylish patterns, while others provide an “under the sea” theme. As an added bonus, heavy duty liners can also improve your pool’s durability.