Embassy Above Ground Pools

Product Name: Embassy 18-Feet by 52-Inch Above Ground Pool
Brand: Embassy Pool Co
Features: Rugged, baked enamel steel — 9″ wrap-around top rails and verticals in creamy tan — Sophisticated; taupe-colored resin top connectors 52″; hot-dipped galvanized copper bearing steel wall in a soft elegant pattern — Corrugated pool wall for flexibility and vertical strength — Staggered bolt wall closure provides minimum strength and wall stability
Embassy 18-Feet by 52-Inch Pool

Embassy 18-Feet by 52-Inch Above Ground Pool


For someone looking for an above ground circular pool with semi permanent installation as a sturdy alternative, the Embassy Pool 4-1800 PARA100 is the wisest choice.

This is a very sturdy and high quality above ground pool that is built to last.

This pool fits into a small backyard and is ideal for most families. The wall comes with a heavy duty blue liner which adds to the level of sophistication.

Furthermore, the 1 HP PR omega pump, 17” sand filter and the skimmer supports in water purification and easy maintenance.

Best Features of the iPool Deluxe:

• Made out of baked, rugged enamel steel.

• 9” wrap-around top rails and verticals are present in creamy tan.

• The pool is sophisticated and considered a higher end model.

• Comes with taupe-colored resin top connectors.

• The wall is made out of hot-dipped galvanized copper bearing steel and consists of a soft elegant pattern.

• The pool wall is corrugated for vertical strength and flexibility.

• Minimum strength and wall stability is provided by the staggered bolt wall closure.

• The package includes a skimmer, Deluxe 52” Platform Ladder, 1 HP PR omega pump and a sand filter.


What did Customers Say About it?


In general, there are positive reviews about this pool suggesting that the customers were happy about purchasing this product. Many of them have recommended it for others as well.

There aren’t many reviews of Amazon but we found more throughout the internet on various websites. ​

The product is well packaged and the parts remain intact. Some of the customers had it for more than a year and said that they will not hesitate to buy it again.

The price seems affordable and totally worth it. The pool is of high quality and very well designed to suit the consumer needs.


    • The pool can be winterized without needing to drain or tear it down each year
    • The overall structure of the pool including the support beams and the side walls is flexible, yet strong
    • Easy to assemble and long lasting


  • Ground must be level before setting up the pool.
  • The price is a little high but you get what you pay for as far as quality with this pool



The Embassy Pool sets itself apart from most above ground pools due to the quality construction and rugged baked enamel steel.  If you’re looking for a pool that will last and is more durable than most other brands, the Embassy pool is for you.

We hope our review has been informative and will help you make a decision on the best above ground pool.