Benefits of Cold Water Swimming

Swimming in cold water may not sound very appealing at first until you realize the incredible benefits you gain from it.

There is proven research that shows taking cold showers, ice baths and submerging yourself in cold water will do amazing things for your mind and body.

It can literally “change your life” according to many people who practice this on a consistent basis.

Going for a short swim and being totally submerged in cold water will have the most dramatic effect of all. The water shouldn’t be freezing but it needs to be quite cold.

​This is a great way to continue utilizing your pool during the colder months of the year. You can also use your pool early in the morning while the water is still cold in the warmer months as well.

Just a 5-10 minute swim is all you need​ in order to gain tremendous benefits from it.

Give it a try and see how great you start to feel.  Some of the effects are immediate, while others will come with time and more cold exposure. ​

We came up with a fun way to list these top 10 amazing health benefits using the infographic below.

​We hope you enjoyed our article on 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cold Water Swimming!