Above Ground Pool Reviews

Summertime is most definitely upon us. The sun is frolicking, the skies are the clearest of blue and the temperatures are soaring. And during such a wonderful time period, what better to invest in than an above ground pool for your garden? Let’s see my above ground pool reviews to pick one.

Things to Consider

When searching for the perfect above ground pool, you must take certain things into account. One of the main things to think about in my opinion, one of the main questions to ask is: how cheap is too cheap? When buying a pool, in fact, when buying anything, you must ask yourself that.

If it’s too cheap to seem real, then it probably isn’t… The last thing you’d want is for your pool to arrive with pieces missing. Or to assemble it and watch the water leak out as you attempt to fill it. Always be realistic about the price.

Is the brand trustable? Reliable? This could again provide you with a quality issue. If the brand that you opt for isn’t well known and doesn’t have many reviews, then chances are their products aren’t exactly going to be of a good standard.

Instead, make sure that you select brands that you’ve heard of, or hat other people have heard of. Brands with lots of reviews. This way you’re more likely to receive a product, which maintains high quality throughout.

above ground pool in garden

How about is the size of your garden? This one may seem quite obvious but you’d be amazed at how many people I know who’ve bought a pool that doesn’t even fit in their garden. It’s no use buying a massive pool if you have a tiny yard. If you think that a pool might fit but you aren’t quite sure then just grab a tape measure and make sure that it does. May this above ground pool review help you.

Why Buy?

Convenience. Fun. Memory-making. There are three good reasons right there.

Above ground pool can grant those who have always dreamed of having a swimming pool, with the fulfillment of their dreams. They’re a ton of fun for the entire family – especially at this time of the year.

They’re a place to cool off and have some fun but also a place for the kids to practice their cannon balls. Versatility knows no boundaries when it comes to these wonderful creations.

Fun time with family in above ground pool

You can’t exactly put a price on fun and spend quality time with your family, but the best thing about an above ground pool is that they’re considerably cheaper than an in-ground pool and let’s not forget that they are way easier to run and maintain – with filtration and cleaning being a lot more complex in large, in-ground pools.

Another good feature of above ground pools – especially if you live in the not-so-sunny areas– is that when the weather begins to become unappealing when the skies darken and become dull, you can simply disassemble your pool and put it away for next year – if it isn’t overly sized of course.

The costs of running and maintaining a pool year round can get quite high and that can become a nuisance, especially when the pool isn’t even in use.

Who Can Benefit From One?

The entire family can benefit from the fun that you can have with an above ground pool – especially in the summer.

Whether it is used by the adults to cool off from lounging in the hot sun, or by the children to splash around and play in – everyone can experience the satisfaction of owning an above ground pool.

They make for great additions to the family barbecues and gatherings and small ones can even be filled with ice and used to keep the alcoholic beverages nice and cool. What more could you possibly ask for?

Playing in the above groung pool

But, the question on everyone’s lips, despite this information, is: what type of pool do I buy?

Well hopefully, the answer to your question will lie within this very article.

I will be reviewing some above ground swimming pools that can be purchased on Amazon.com. I will provide you with a list of pools so that you have a wide, varying choice and I will explain some of the positives for each one.

You’ll then be able to compare these products with each other, or maybe with others that you have found so that you can make sure that you are getting the best product that your money can buy.

Hopefully that way, it’ll make your life easier when it comes to buying your summertime swimming pool!


INTEX Wishing Well

  • Pool within a pool

  • Visually appealing

  • Has built-in water sprayer

Our Rating


INTEX Easy Set

Intex LED Pool Wall Light
  • Fairly large size

  • Strong and sturdy pool

  • Can be set up easily

Our Rating



  • Metal framed structure

  • 3,481 gallons water capacity

  • Unique rectangular shape

Our Rating

1. INTEX 12ft x 30in Metal Frame Pool Set

When shopping for that perfect above ground pool, you’ll almost always come across one that is designed and produced by Intex. Intex is one of the leading brands in above ground pool development.

Their pools are always designed to be strong and sturdy and the material is always tough and reliable, but even considering all this, they still don’t sacrifice on looks as the pool is visually appealing too.

Intex Above Ground Pool


  • The size – which is specified in the subheading – is fairly large considering the price of the pool

  • Reinforced laminated PVC sidewalls

  • The option to connect the Krystal clear cartridge filter pump to ensure clean water (pump included within the price)

  • An extremely convenient drainage plug which hoses can be attached to – giving users the ability to drain the water away from the garden or house area so that grass isn’t spoiled/flooded

  • Dual suction outlet fittings improve water circulation resulting in better water hygiene and clarity


  • Not really suitable for small children

  • Not deep enough for older adolescents and adults to enjoy properly

  • Can become a slight hassle to assemble and dismantle after usage

2. INTEX Easy Set 12ft x 30 in Round Pool Set

Another Intex pool, but this one is a lot easier to assemble and use. And here’s how:

This one is the same size as the previous one, but with an obvious difference. Instead of the frame holding up the pool, this one relies on the water to keep it standing.

Once the upper ring is inflated, it is ready to be filled and the more water that goes in, the more it will stand. Seeing as the upper ring floats on the surface of the water that will reach the maximum height of the pool, resulting in the pool standing erect.

Intex Easy Set 12-Foot by 30-Inch Round Pool Set


  • This one comes complete with an instructional DVD and also a filter pump, to make sure that you know how to assemble the pool and also to guarantee clean water throughout its usage.

  • The pool, just like the previous Intex, has strong, difficult-to-penetrate walls and is a fairly large size.

  • This one is more suitable for young children or families, who are looking for their first above ground pool or a pool that can be set up easily, hassle free.

  • And if it’s a simple, sizable, strong and sturdy pool you’re looking for, but also one that provides you and your family with bundles of fun, then look no further than this one.


  • Inflatable ring could be damaged during usage, causing water to flood out

  • Not really suitable for small children

You can pay a small amount additional dollars and get the pool cover too – which I would highly recommend if you plan on leaving it filled for a prolonged time period.

3. BESTWAY 56455E Power Steel Rectangular Frame Pool Set, 16′ x 9′ x 48″

Another of the leading brands in above ground pools is Bestway.

Bestway Above Ground Pool


  • Boasts style and size. It’s unique rectangular shape and metal framed structure help to set it apart from pools of a similar size – which by the way is fairly massive, just look at those steps that are needed to get into the pool!

  • Different in colour to the typical blue swimming pool, the grey exterior makes for a good contrast with the blue interior – making that cool water even more appealing in the hot summer sun

  • Heavy duty PVC and polyester 3-ply sidewalls

  • Rust resistant and sturdy metal frame

  • A massive water capacity of 3, 481 gallons

  • As with the Intex pool, it has the garden hose draining system so that you can drain the water away from your grass or garden

  • And it also includes: a 1000 gal filter pump, a 48-Inch pool ladder, pool cover and ground cloth


  • Too big for an average garden

  • Can become rather complex to set up and takes a long time to fill

  • Not suitable for small children

  • Can be difficult to maintain and manage once assembled and filled – in terms of hygiene and cleanliness

The price for all of these awesome features is not a few bucks and may sound like a lot at first. When you, however, consider the features, combined with the sheer size of this monstrous pool, it really isn’t a whole lot.

4. INTEX Wishing Well Swim Centre Pool for Ages 2+

Here’s one to keep the smaller children entertained and cool during the heat.

Intex Wishing Well Swim Centre Pool


  • This Intex pool is quite cleverly designed – it’s a pool within a pool. The smaller pool in the centre makes for a great pool on its own, but the larger outside pool adds to the experience by granting the children with more space to roam freely.

  • Visually appealing – especially for the younger children that it is aimed at. The walls are lined with little swimming fish and undersea features which will both add to the experience of a young child, making it more genuine for them as they play.

  • Built-in water sprayer, which attaches – very simply – to a garden hose. This will keep the children active and moving as they play.

  • And if one of them happens to cause accidental damage to the pools inflatable walls (maybe they just got hungry) then don’t worry, the pool comes complete with a repair patch kit to fix the air leak.


  • Only really suitable for smaller children

  • A little complex when filling with the air

  • Easy to deflate if you don’t pay attention to the outer string

This cute little pool only takes a small budget which when you really think about it, is a very cheap price to pay for something that’ll keep you and your children stress-free for a couple of hours!

Now Get Yourself A pool!

Now that you have read through my list and you have a greater understanding of some different pools and their key features, then it’s time to make a decision.

It obviously could be a totally different one to the ones on my list – it’s just there to give you a rough idea in terms of pricing and features and to give you some inspiration in your difficult choice.

Always remember to consider which type of pool you want based on who is going to be using it. And also whether or not you’ll actually get your money’s worth by making sure it is used enough.

If it is just something that’ll get used once and then be bundled up and thrown into the shed to collect dust for ten years, then I would advise against making a purchase.

And the most important thing: always, always, consider the size of your garden – that could end up being disastrous. We hope you find this above ground pool review helpful!